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  1. until

    How is it with FNGs??
  2. Thanks. I already got it fixed.
  3. So i wanted in zeus try some random things with friends (we all use FK Modpack) and i can't see addon units in the spawn menu or something like that (I can see them only in editor or virtual arsenal) . Im running on newest update of Arma 3 and FK Modpack.
  4. until

    I know but first time i wasnt home. Today my internet wasn't warking so i couldn't fix addons and other shits
  5. until

    I hope i can fucking make it in time now. Beacouse if not....... I will kill somebody who is messing with my timezone.....
  6. until

    When is best time to join TS?? I guess 10 mins before event Edit: Im sorry but i can't make it to the session in time.