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  1. That popup is realy anoying. I've checked my player id and deatails multiple times. Atleast the kill list will update eventuly.
  2. got a Freelancer, Avenger Stalker, Aurora LN, and a Dragonfly Yellow Jacket have it installed but i get less frames than Arma. so not untill i get new gear
  3. Im down for a mach or 2 or 10 time zone is the only issue for me
  4. other AT was me. Survived with @Tomlolo got slamed with units untill we took the brdm and drove off to alpha and crashed into a low wall. good overall but too short
  5. until

    missed the one last weekend. not doing a late one this week so should be all good
  6. Lookin fucking sweet. cant wait to spend all my free time practicing
  7. until

    hopefully i can get off work on time. alltho it is a meat head piramid scam cocktail party so i may not make it back in time.
  8. Yay missions i can play that dont start at 2am. Now just to convince the boss not to roster me on weekend mornings or mornings i genral