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  1. more pvp!
  2. I too like the idea of iron sights only
  3. we should do pvp more often
  4. id be down
  5. lol apex expansion is more expensive than the actual game
  6. ask the turks, they still use 7.62 for standard infantry
  7. the aircraft carrier is free update for all though with the jets dlc. you dont have to pay for that
  8. heres mine. I think the stats are a bit off.
  9. https://arma3.com/news/arma-3-jets-dlc-releases-on-may-16 the carrier is a non premium content update for everyone too
  10. woooooaaaaaah. are we going to use this and the jets dlc in missions?
  11. why was vsm removed?
  12. Mission Feedback. 1st mission Zeus: ? Platoon: ? Squad: Charlie and sl was rocketmandan. Alpha bravo and charlie all got wrecked by that btr inside the warehouse that was wallhacking and shooting people through the walls. Would suggest that enemy armor and ifvs be positioned at a reasonable distance from friendly troops instead of within ambush distance so there is a better chance of fighting back with lat.
  13. Mission 4 I was in I think alpha squad but I can't quite remember my sl's name, it was not something like nottom or something like that. anyways he was pretty good at squad leading. Also a shout out to the squad medic Maier for being awesome as always (all medics are awesome). I really like non standard non nato missions as I really like being able to use ak's and non standard uniforms. The change in pace is always welcome. more of these types of non standard missions are always welcome.
  14. not a "zeus" composition request per se but it would be nice to have a ready to go pvp template that players can use especially later on into the night when there are only 20-30 players left if folks want to do pvp.
  15. interesting, the air to air mechanics arent that good and kind of wonky imho so maybe they will fix that in the new update