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    Well if there is still a spot open, or of there gets 1 opened. Id like to sign up for it 2.
  2. @Life010 my co-zeus apparently forgot they have to start a patrol before exploding the patrol For 30 minutes long there have been mainly civilians. outnumbering hostile ai 10 to 1 Yup the mission Idea was as followed. 2 squads would be patrolling in the town on there own made route. However my co zeus was apparently drunk and starting bombing you guys immediately. Leading this to go really slowly. For the entire set up I had in mind I had made a pastebin for my co-zeus https://pastebin.com/4wZVTf0X In the end no matter what happens the civi's where to get pissed get guns and start hunting you guys. I had them equiped with pp2000 pistols. In the end less people than I expected survived so next time they will have a regular handgun.
  3. @seishimaybeC @Conga Line of Neckbeards @Trahsi @Trinoc To the remarks of mission being borderline boredom I can only apologize, We didn't expect that at all the objectives would be taken down in a slow and secure way from over-watch positions. Each Zeus had made there own objective: Weegie worked on the town which was in a valley with good over-watch. I worked on the castle(sniper team shot a third of the units from 2 Km away) And life worked on the airfield which had a giant hill over-watching it. As such it was probably our fault for making the objectives to easy to clear. If we wanted to make it harder we would probably had to spawn more armor and infantry. However as Weegie say the squad had great over watch points. We couldn't spawn a lot more in cause they would just appear in front of you. And we don't want things to happen like Trinoc mentioned where units spawn behind them and kill them. Yes I did talk to a few people about just sitting there sniping, however I have not spawned any units behind them.(hard to believe I know) Probably something we could have done to make the mission more interesting was to limit it to 1 time scopes. But that's something we know for a next time. I can only say sorry for my inexperienced Zeusing in the mission
  4. Ill be honest I have no memory of you ever mentioning that. as I was the 2ic I might have missed it during radio chatter from either long or short range. But still it was my fault for not listening correctly to my squad mate. So sorry about that.
  5. I am glad you enjoyed the missions/interactions with us yesterday. It's no problem helping out a new person to the server as it will make thing's easier for both the new player and the more experienced ones. As for the first mission we had some though luck with our encounters and I try'd to make the squad move up faster so that we might get some action. However I was not the squad lead, the first mission squad lead was @Christian. Your second mission squad lead was @Frendum. In all cases I have been you're 2ic and as that is the role I primarily play on the server I do try to help leading the squad forward at times. And than we had 2nd Lt sabre @Sabre725 in the third mission to be honest he did a fine job as such eagle also had mentioned. People had pre mission judged him for being a new guy but he did a fine job leading us from place to place. The reason people are complaining is because he was very serious not like eagle say he was treating us like babies who's hands need to be hold. FK is known for it's less than serious nature and just overall having a fun time as such him being very serious kinda ruins the mood/morale for the people. Also In mission 2 we noticed you had some issues that's no problem and the reason we exploded was partially because we stopped to allow you in :P, When we stopped we took a rpg to the face from somewhere leading to several of us being injured or death. Of course you couldn't do much about that, it was more like @DHbatman and @cineafx if they where the Zeus had made a deathtrap by teleporting you to use and forcing us to stop. Cause everything was quiet nothing was shooting us, and the moment we stopped for you we explode.
  6. This I was dead and could see it happen right after that to the remainder of my blue team.
  7. I don't watch the tournaments etc, but I do play often.
  8. Main mission 2 - United Sahrani - Operation angophora Zeus: @Shoxe & @ThatWalder It was a enjoyable mission. Quiet a lot of infantry to shoot at all locations. A good amount of armor to deal with. And clear objectives to be found. Only issue I had where enemy's spawning behind us and running up to us. Especially the 1 case where they had run up with a civilian to 1 of our squad mates. Platoon: @seishimaybeC & @Forked 2ic It was confusing at times. Aside from the first objective where the orders were clear and adopted even with unforeseen problems, It became quiet a bit chaotic the later it was in the mission. Resulting in some unclear objectives. I think the organizing wen't well most of the time though. Charlie squad: @gadsada, @warlordsh, @Life010, @GingerRocker, @larsking3, @Shafty/mowag, @Tynakuh, @Dead Pirate, @jamiehoward430 & xagran? Objective 1 clear Ortego Under Gadsada supervision we split ourselves into blue and red team. We where warned beforehand by our squad lead:Zues is walder, prepare for MBT's . And that proved to be correct very soon in the mission. we approached from the south of the town, but before we entered the town we had to deal with 4 technical,s and 2 mbt's after finally clearing them out with the other squads. We headed into the town to clear the area's. All went well red team cleared there side blue team was clearing there side. However some of us died due to enemy's spawning behind us. Later on when we respawned we regrouped and cleared out the last part of the town. Afterwards we got vehicles and prepared for the next objective Objective 2 destroy vehicle depot in Dolores At the bridge to the town alpha got blow up by a rocket or ied. which killed atleast half the squad. After clearing this out from a distance we headed out towards the vehicle depot. We found the vehicle depot inside a compound. We placed a assembly and blew it up resulting in a nice clear area. after destroying the vehicle depot,there appeared to be another 1 so we headed south to the kill objective On our way there we had another mbt to deal with good thing Tyna took a nice shot and made the crew dismount After dealing with it delta managed to deal with the second vehicle depot. Extraction at Parato We where after ordered to move down towards the extraction point on our way there we found a half dead @ZentharTheMagician we fixed him up and made sure his squad was ok before we headed forward to the extraction. on our way we met with enemy resistance but we made our way through with little casualty. our last job was to hold the crossroad to let our teammates get to the extraction point. this gave us a good mission completed.
  9. Main mission 2 - Chernarus Summer - Yanking angels out of hell Zeus: @Hekhal, @Nugget30 & @Shoxe It was a good mission set-up the idea behind it was well done. We had a constant stream of enemy's to shoot at, The change every now and than sending in paratroopers or infantry vehicles, Make a good change of pace. The final enemy bombardment trying to take down bravo/charlie in the tower made for quiet the excitement. It was a good job done on a mission that took way to long. However that fault lies with the squads/platoon. So good job to you guys we should definitely retry this mission sometime. Platoon: @gadsada, @Siri 2ic I have mixed feelings about platoon. They did a well job organizing the squads inside the city. However completing the objectives was a disaster. Seeing how Echo/Foxtrot took a hour to evacuate the first out of 4 towns, it would seem something went very wrong. It might've been a good idea to send 1 of the defending squads to help them out or send them to 1 of the other objectives. From what I have seen no such action was under taken leading this mission to be 2 hours and only successfully extracting 1 town. Charlie Squad: @seishimaybeC, @warlordsh, @Life010, @Mrkosak, @R3NS3N, @Richard, @robotprobot?(Robo) & @Kreeper Charlie Main objective:Protect chernogarsk This was a interesting mission with a lot of action going on. As usual with Seishi she made us a list of things to remember. Which often are quiet useful. Seishi found us a questionable spot to over-watch from the town. Also we got stuck there as there was no ladder going down. It resulted into something like this. We all where on there trying to shoot at enemy's To be honest aside from the fact that it has no cover we can't move down and a potential fall to our death. It had a decent view. So most of the 2 hour mission was us up there shooting stuff. Several of us got shot but life did a good job keeping us up. We also had several people falling down hurting themselves. In total we had 3 accidents happen: R3ns3n slipped down and took some heavy damage, He managed to climb back up and life could save him. ROBO fell down and we lost contact. And Seishi managed to hurt herself by falling at some point which was less heavy. Overall Seishi made some questionable decisions this mission. Trouble at the tower At some point @Leftymonster decided to give us a visit as he needed a medic After he healed up he managed to glitch himself through the staircase with some minor injuries. So he had his freedom back and we where still up here. We kept over-watch for another 15 minutes at this point we where running low on supplies. Both ammo and medical. As such we decided to move down by glitching through the same staircase as lefty. However some of us had less success I got wounded all over, And the medic got stuck for like 5 minutes inside a wall unable to get over it. when he was finally free and the entire squad come down. we healed up while being under fire from several locations. The medic who had brought 80 bandages only had like 20 left so he did a good job healing us the past 2 hours. That was when a MBT decided to roll up. He parked himself right next to the wall some of us where hidden behind including left the medic and the squad lead. it turned its gun to us and rolled straight through the wall driven over several people. As I assume the where dead I moved back and took my lat. After telling clear I fired at the MBT and it blew up. However with that we also lost our medic who was apparently unconscious under it. In the end we had 5 members left after the accident. We started to move to the south of the town where delta was holding themselves in a tower. And oh boy was that a nightmare. We had to climb a very glitchy ladder, my guys lost at least 4 times the control over the ladder while climbing it. 1 time resulting me falling down a few meters and than getting back on it again. When I finally reached the top and climbed off it, I was made immediately unconscious by the ladder. Never again will I climb that ladder. So after the others helped me up we where holding up inside tower. That's when Zues had found us and decided to make a enemy jet bomb us several times in a attempt to bring us down. it resulted in quiet a few of us taking damage. However @Weegie did a good job keeping people alive as delta's medic. And that was when we got a mission failure. I would like to say good job to the people who managed to stay alive and sorry to life for finishing him off with the mbt.
  10. Main mission 2 - United Sahrani - Charlie 2ic Zeus: @Hekhal, @UniDigit, @Nugget30 & @Crump The mission wouldn't be a Hekhal mission without surprises & IED's It made for a enjoyable experience for most of the squad as we had quiet a few things to deal with. This was the first time (I think) we had to deal with a anti tank gun it blew me straight into pieces(at impact, remains) platoon: @Alexander & @seishimaybeC 2ic Platoon did a questionable job. I was dead for the first 20 minutes or so so I cant say anything about that. However when we get called to the town of Bagango we would've liked to know, That the town of Mercalillio which we had to pass through. Hadn't been cleared yet by bravo who was supposed to do so. Resulting in having us slow down a lot and do there job for them. This made it take quiet longer for us to actually move out and go to Bagango. Aside from that I think the other parts of the mission was quiet well organized. So props to that. Squad: @Habivi, @warlordsh, @Neroxen, @mekboy_4000, @Olsen, @Mister Magoo, @larsking3 & @Igi Mission start objective 1 Investigate Tlaloc As the mission was a investigation mission, Not a lot was known beforehand. Us charlie was ordered to investigate the town of Tlaloc. To get to our objectives each squad got a lunchbox. Charlie had a decent ride along the beach although half of us had this view. So when we almost arrived at our destination some us shit there pants as our vehicle got hit by a anti tank gun. So we all dismounted and took positions to fire back. At this point I decided to poke my head out to see if I could take down the gunner of the at gun. Resulting in this along with me 2 other members of charlie had died. And this was all that was left of me:Bloody remains The remains of charlie, under Habivi's command did a good job reorganizing and take over-watch position of the town Clearing it out with the help of @lemuel1 who was the knight 1-2 driver. After Charlie had cleared the town which had another 3 at-guns We were called back to regroup at Bagango. Objective 2 - Clear out Mercalillo A respawn happend I got back in together with the other 2 members of charlie. Zeus was nice enough to give us another lunchbox and we headed back to regroup with charlie. After regrouping we proceeded on our way with knight 1-2 to Bagango. To our objective we had to pass the town of Mercalillio. Which was bravo's objective and should've been cleared out. However when we arrived at the town we where met with enemy forces and a bunch of EID's Seeing the situation we called of the route to Bagango and started clearing out the town. A few fire fights happen and a close call with EID'S(Props to mehkboy on that reflex) Bravo showed up at this point and helped out clearing. @Siri (Squad lead bravo?) told me to enter there vehicle and continued the meme of it being my birthday. After the town was clear they gave me a ride back to charlie and both squads started to head out to Bagango. On our way thereour driver managed to flip the lunchbox. Ending in me getting stuck on it( @Neroxen thx for the screenshot) This was really bad as we where about to get mortared on our position. After Struggling and hurting myself to get free I jumped ship with bravo and made a run for it with there lunchbox. When the mission ended successfully. Mission 3 - Takistan - Charlie assistant zeus: @Habivi, @Natnanny & @Mister Magoo It was a weird mission, that personally felt like it took to long. Overall a nice amount of enemy troops where there to fight inside the enemy base. which gave us a hard time but doable to take over the enemy base. however there was a long pause in between the phase of having it taken over, and when the enemy's arrived trying to take it back. Which made the mission just feel way to long for what it should've been in my opinion. platoon: @Nugget30 Didn't had a long range so I couldn't really tell how it was going. I think the troops got there orders and took over the base. 1 thing I might find it worth mentioning is that when there was a re spawn. It took a awful long time for the squad to get back. Requesting a tp pole or vehicles for the squad would've been helpful to make the mission go faster. Squad: @Tomo, @Olsen, @Life010, @Gditz, @warlordsh, @flying spaghetti monster, @larsking3, @Hobo, @PowerColour & @Chukase Preparations It was going to be a interesting mission, The squads where to dress up as the Taliban. And Alpha was a suicide squad who would blow themselves up at the objective. We (Charlie) where to take over-watch at Feruz Abad. And would wait for the sign to engage(which was alpha exploding) Over-watch Feruz Abad As we all loaded up in our vehicles(some in Suicide sausages) We headed out to our respective positions. As Charlie we went to our over-watch point together with prophet @Jacob_Waltz & @Smeghead. When arriving at the over-watch we come to realize 2 problems. 1. as we stayed in character most of us didn't had scopes. 2. as we made a new load out for this a lot forgot there entrenching tools(Including prophet) As I was 1 of the few to bring a entrenching tool, I had to build a lot of sandcastles for the team including prophet while we where under fire unable to shoot back accurate. Alpha finally exploded themselves. And charlie aside from auto rifle team moved to the compound. Only to lose half our squad during the assault of the compound As our squad lead had died the organizing went in dismay. At some point red team took a armored vehicle and moved into town mowing down a few remaining forces. after things appeared to be clear. Defending Feruz Abad our squad lead had re spawned and was trying to get back to us for like 15 minutes, ordering us afterwards to clear the cleared town looking for more enemy's which was questionable. After he was happy we had orders to take positions in the town as the us forces where planning to take it back. Gditz and me as the ar team took position facing the main roads. After waiting for 15 minute's we finally got to do something again as the enemy forces had send in paratroopers and infantry vehicles. as we had a clear sight we Shot down whatever come to us. During this I had run out of ammo. It was a good thing though that everyone had a ak as such I was able to loot some ammo from a dead teammate. After fighting for another 10-15 minutes the mission ended. Aside from it being a slow mission we lost quiet a few man at the start making it overall pretty hectic. We also had several point where we had to wait quiet a time before anything happened. Overall I definitely had better missions. P.S I know this post is quiet late as it was 2 days ago, But I felt like completing these reports and hope that it's useful to some people.
  11. Main mission 1 - map Isla Duala - Operation Dune Crawler Zeus: @Sarissa In my personal experience I found the mission really enjoyable, it went fast, all squads seemed to have objectives and most squads had a good time, which might indicate that the difficulty was a bit low seeing how we only lost 1 guy. and he had a unfortunate died under a tank. Nothing less we had a enjoyable time. The fact that the bridge was blocked and we had to fly back over to defend our base, Gave a nice unexpected touch to the mission we had a lot of action trying to defend it and extracting in the end. So good job and props to @Katla_Haddock & @Lenny who have helped you make the mission. Platoon: @PowerColour & 2ic @Crump Platoon did a good job organizing the different squads to there respective objective. During the course of the mission I hear them doing a good job guiding the squads. When bravo had dealt with there objective they were send to support other squads. and when delta had a objective complete covered by themselves, he had send charlie to the next 1. This made the mission go really smoothly and we had done the objectives in a good time. Charlie Squad : @FireDad, @warlordsh, @avian, @Trahsi, @Life010, @Trahsi, @Billy The Kid, @wafflehammer, @Duke Knutstrand, @Tike, @Kalagen Charlie squad had a good start, we all know Powercolour likes his lines so we made a perfect single line for him at the tp pole. Charlie had a initial 3 objectives and accompanied with our objectives come some usefull info provided by @seishimaybeC. First objective on Isla Vexina Destroy supplies/liberate civilians together with Delta. Charlie moved up to the first position while delta took up over-watch. At the compound we fought our way in and secured 3 civilians. After clearing it delta had seen a 4th 1 in a house nearby. So we brought him in, and called platoon for a extraction. After @cyanide extracted the civi's we headed out to our second objective Objective 2 destroy vic depot in Camara At the town of the second objective I had mounted the gunner on the mrap. We had the squad minus the driver/gunner move with the bus through the town After a fire fight at the hospital clearing it out, We got notification from platoon that delta had it under control. And we where ordered to move up to the third objective together with bravo. Objective 3 capture HVT in Ramons Plantation At the compound we joined up with bravo and started clearing. As we were fighting we got confused on a potential HVT as we had no info on how he looks It injured some of us and after confirmation from platoon confirmed that it was not the HVT so we could finally shoot him. After clearing the compound we got confirmation that echo who had joined us found the HVT. So we joined up and blew up the HVT's private heli, and attempted to evac with our vehicles Objective 4 protect FOB gold As we wen't back we got confirmation that the bridge used to get to the island, Got barricaded and we had to evacuate with heli's back to the base. Seeing how the base was under attack @MikeDoubleU brought us fast and safely back with the heli. At this point we also had a encounter with 1 of our members being a walking bug. Apparently any vehicle that Knut entered, made it so no member could enter the vehicle anymore until he left it. Giving us quiet some difficulties at some points At the fob gold we had a harsh time defending it, We had even enemy tanks flying around. After this happened waffle who you can see holding a launcher shot a tank which ended up driving over him before it cooked off. Resulting in the only casualty aside from dc's I would also like to thank Tike who brought me to safety after I broke my legs. During this mission our medic saved me quiet a few times fixing me up. Final objective evacuate the airfield As we started to get overrun platoon called in, everyone needed to evacuate to the other airfield. After we failed to get away by car as it got shot to pieces. we bunker-ed down waiting for our savior @MikeDoubleU to picks up with the heli and bringing us away to safety.
  12. Mission 2 : VODKA Zeus: @Vericht & @UniDigit It was a really enjoyable mission I only drove around but I really enjoyed it. Platoon: @andyt90no interaction at all but mission complete great! Squad: @PowerColour, @Kalagen, @Life010, @Wolfgram, @Winters, @Trahsi, @LTRampageX & @Waggy As charlie squad we where the mvp under our squad leads command. We recoverd most of the vodka. A vodka truck for every member it was a glorious convoy. It was very enjoyable guys good job.
  13. Mission 3:charlie lat Zeus: @NeilZar & @Neroxen overall it was a solid mission, From the first objective to the last There wasn't a reason to complain. The first objective had a good amount of units to fight and I was happy to see that we got engaged during the objective by outside forces from the woods. This gave the squads who weren't directly approaching the objective a good time fighting back the enemy forces while protecting there team mates. Also props on the airfield encounter really enjoyed seeing the Russian para troopers trying to take back there base. Quiet a few survived and started fighting back adding to that the enemy choppers coming in, gave quiet a impact on the airfield objective making it a great experience. Platoon: @Derpy as I didn't had a long range I couldn't say I have a lot of feedback The only thing I would mention is that it all seemed to work out and we managed to do the objectives in a reasonable time. So good job on that. Squad: @PowerColour, @Jacob_Waltz, @Tomo, @Gditz, @warlordsh, @Blutze, @Winters(benji?) & @SuddenDeath This mission went decently for charlie we had a good time clearing the objectives, And overall we did a good job not getting more than 1 casualty if we even had 1. However we had a hurdle know as Alpha this mission which made a slight less enjoyable experience. All went well the squads had moved up to the first objective and started clearing. At this point we had received a order to go and help out alpha who lost half there squad reckless driving through enemy's. As 3 members of our squad the medic, me and another lat start to move to alpha we started getting friendly fired them. Lucky it only ended up being us wounded instead of dying. After we grouped up with alpha, helping them heal up and securing the compound. 2 members of our squad including me helped out alpha whose vehicle was wrecked to obtain new wheels by looting a cas with them and replacing the wheels on there vehicle. However the vehicle was to beat up and Zeus was nice enough to give them a new vehicle. After the other squads secured the objective charlie watched the surroundings and had a decent time trying to shoot the approaching enemy's. After everything was wrapped up we headed out to the next objective. However during our road trip to the next objective alpha decided to ram against the side of our vehicle while we where driving off road to allow them to pass. Leaving several of us injured and proceeding on. I don't know if you can call this a intentional attempt to murder the charlie squad who helped them out before idk. But it wasn't exactly a nice thing to do. Moving on to the airfield we started to clear out the compound before the airfield. With the battle-bus we helped out the other squad which was already under fire at the location. We had some hassle with claiming 1 of the 2 watch post on the hill but with the bus it was easily solved. Afterwards we approached the airfield and started clearing it, we had a decent time taking down the infantry with minor injuries. when everything was cleared out the mission was completed, alpha decided to end it with shooting charlie with the 50 cal on the bus. So F you alpha we will help you again sometime.
  14. FNG Mission 1 (same time as main mission) Platoon @PowerColour: He did a good job organizing the troops. The objectives where made clear and we had good orders. When we need vehicles for the next objective platoon took it up themselves to drive the alpha members towards the vehicles. Overall the mission come to a good end. Zeus: @gadsada: Performed a really solid job providing the squads with things to shoot. Especially appreciated the enemy ambush when we where waiting for some time at the first objective. The man made compound at the last objective was well made and there was only 1 thing I noticed http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913224223 A single guy glitching through the tower. But aside from that as alpha we had a good time sabotaging the vehicles at objective 1, and clearing the final objectives compound. Squad: alpha, @Rob, @Siri, @Conga Line of Neckbeards, @Silver Snow, @Pollock, @BaniKitsune, @Adept. @Crillekarl & @sha1 It was a fun time, The mission started off good with a perfect line up. And apparently it was my birthday. I got back from taking a shit, when I appear to be surrounded but 2 squads and platoon who than started to sing happy birthday. Thank you silver snow for sharing:the recording After the joyous moment we headed out to our first objective. At the first objective squad leads gave us time to scout out the objective first and than lead us into the objective. Which gave us a good time clearing the town without losing a single squad member props to them. after nearing the final objective I had to question our squad 2ic as our lead dcd. He wanted to make us dismount at a point without cover while being shot at from all sides. So me as the driver of second vic ignored command and took cover at a wall, fortunately the 2ic reconsidered and followed me from the wall of the compound we moved up to the entrance killing several ai and a technical. We lost adept in the process rip. At the entrance we where on a standoff the enemy was well bunker ed in there and we had a hard time taking the compound. resulting into bravo and alpha losing half there squad. and platoon driving in a tank I most also say props to our medics especially silver snow who try'd out being a assistant medic. He did a good job taking care of the survivors. Over all it was really enjoyable taking the compound and we managed to clear it out in the end leading to mission complete
  15. Mission 2 - charlie lat Platoon: @NeilZar charlie got there orders and succeeded them didn't had a lot going on so we keep it short. Zeus: @UniDigit & @anden3 It started of as a solid mission just having the mission suddenly fail made the good mission come to a sudden end We had a nice amount of enemys to kill at our objective, and the objective was also easy to recognize Squad: @nikolov216, @Weegie, @Life010, @GingerRocker, @Fraiche, @warlordsh, @Trahsi, @LastRanger37, @DiseasedPombear & nian The mission started out with people driving out there lunchboxes, our squad almost had our objective in sight when the vehicle took a sudden rocket to the face. Leading in us having to walk and our squad lead exploding. Weegie however did a good job taking over and leading us towards our objective. The objective went smoothly with us finding the ceremonial master almost instantly. I had a good time taking out enemy ai around the objective and was enjoying the mission. However after waiting for 10-15 minutes we all of a sudden got a mission failure. Apparently katla's wife died in a unfortunate boat accident. https://gfycat.com/CorruptQuestionableIrukandjijellyfish and that was mission end