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  1. Mission 3:charlie lat Zeus: @NeilZar & @Neroxen overall it was a solid mission, From the first objective to the last There wasn't a reason to complain. The first objective had a good amount of units to fight and I was happy to see that we got engaged during the objective by outside forces from the woods. This gave the squads who weren't directly approaching the objective a good time fighting back the enemy forces while protecting there team mates. Also props on the airfield encounter really enjoyed seeing the Russian para troopers trying to take back there base. Quiet a few survived and started fighting back adding to that the enemy choppers coming in, gave quiet a impact on the airfield objective making it a great experience. Platoon: @Derpy as I didn't had a long range I couldn't say I have a lot of feedback The only thing I would mention is that it all seemed to work out and we managed to do the objectives in a reasonable time. So good job on that. Squad: @PowerColour, @Jacob_Waltz, @Tomo, @Gditz, @warlordsh, @Blutze, @Winters(benji?) & @SuddenDeath This mission went decently for charlie we had a good time clearing the objectives, And overall we did a good job not getting more than 1 casualty if we even had 1. However we had a hurdle know as Alpha this mission which made a slight less enjoyable experience. All went well the squads had moved up to the first objective and started clearing. At this point we had received a order to go and help out alpha who lost half there squad reckless driving through enemy's. As 3 members of our squad the medic, me and another lat start to move to alpha we started getting friendly fired them. Lucky it only ended up being us wounded instead of dying. After we grouped up with alpha, helping them heal up and securing the compound. 2 members of our squad including me helped out alpha whose vehicle was wrecked to obtain new wheels by looting a cas with them and replacing the wheels on there vehicle. However the vehicle was to beat up and Zeus was nice enough to give them a new vehicle. After the other squads secured the objective charlie watched the surroundings and had a decent time trying to shoot the approaching enemy's. After everything was wrapped up we headed out to the next objective. However during our road trip to the next objective alpha decided to ram against the side of our vehicle while we where driving off road to allow them to pass. Leaving several of us injured and proceeding on. I don't know if you can call this a intentional attempt to murder the charlie squad who helped them out before idk. But it wasn't exactly a nice thing to do. Moving on to the airfield we started to clear out the compound before the airfield. With the battle-bus we helped out the other squad which was already under fire at the location. We had some hassle with claiming 1 of the 2 watch post on the hill but with the bus it was easily solved. Afterwards we approached the airfield and started clearing it, we had a decent time taking down the infantry with minor injuries. when everything was cleared out the mission was completed, alpha decided to end it with shooting charlie with the 50 cal on the bus. So F you alpha we will help you again sometime.
  2. FNG Mission 1 (same time as main mission) Platoon @PowerColour: He did a good job organizing the troops. The objectives where made clear and we had good orders. When we need vehicles for the next objective platoon took it up themselves to drive the alpha members towards the vehicles. Overall the mission come to a good end. Zeus: @gadsada: Performed a really solid job providing the squads with things to shoot. Especially appreciated the enemy ambush when we where waiting for some time at the first objective. The man made compound at the last objective was well made and there was only 1 thing I noticed http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913224223 A single guy glitching through the tower. But aside from that as alpha we had a good time sabotaging the vehicles at objective 1, and clearing the final objectives compound. Squad: alpha, @Rob, @Siri, @Conga Line of Neckbeards, @Silver Snow, @Pollock, @BaniKitsune, @Adept. @Crillekarl & @sha1 It was a fun time, The mission started off good with a perfect line up. And apparently it was my birthday. I got back from taking a shit, when I appear to be surrounded but 2 squads and platoon who than started to sing happy birthday. Thank you silver snow for sharing:the recording After the joyous moment we headed out to our first objective. At the first objective squad leads gave us time to scout out the objective first and than lead us into the objective. Which gave us a good time clearing the town without losing a single squad member props to them. after nearing the final objective I had to question our squad 2ic as our lead dcd. He wanted to make us dismount at a point without cover while being shot at from all sides. So me as the driver of second vic ignored command and took cover at a wall, fortunately the 2ic reconsidered and followed me from the wall of the compound we moved up to the entrance killing several ai and a technical. We lost adept in the process rip. At the entrance we where on a standoff the enemy was well bunker ed in there and we had a hard time taking the compound. resulting into bravo and alpha losing half there squad. and platoon driving in a tank I most also say props to our medics especially silver snow who try'd out being a assistant medic. He did a good job taking care of the survivors. Over all it was really enjoyable taking the compound and we managed to clear it out in the end leading to mission complete
  3. Mission 2 - charlie lat Platoon: @NeilZar charlie got there orders and succeeded them didn't had a lot going on so we keep it short. Zeus: @UniDigit & @anden3 It started of as a solid mission just having the mission suddenly fail made the good mission come to a sudden end We had a nice amount of enemys to kill at our objective, and the objective was also easy to recognize Squad: @nikolov216, @Weegie, @Life010, @GingerRocker, @Fraiche, @warlordsh, @Trahsi, @LastRanger37, @DiseasedPombear & nian The mission started out with people driving out there lunchboxes, our squad almost had our objective in sight when the vehicle took a sudden rocket to the face. Leading in us having to walk and our squad lead exploding. Weegie however did a good job taking over and leading us towards our objective. The objective went smoothly with us finding the ceremonial master almost instantly. I had a good time taking out enemy ai around the objective and was enjoying the mission. However after waiting for 10-15 minutes we all of a sudden got a mission failure. Apparently katla's wife died in a unfortunate boat accident. https://gfycat.com/CorruptQuestionableIrukandjijellyfish and that was mission end
  4. Mission 3 - Alpha AR Zeus: @Edelweiss compliments on the solid mission, Alpha had a good time this mission. We enjoyed our ride with the btr's and had a good amount of ai to shoot at. I don't think there was a moment where we had nothing to do. The only thing I would point out would be, That we were using btr's and fighting btr's at the same time which might get confusing at times. Platoon: @Alexander good job organizing the troops, All the squads had fine orders and everything seemed to run smoothly. No extraordinary wait's to move out or get new orders. We just went to our objectives and cleared them. Squad: @nikolov216, @Life010, @Don Haka, @warlordsh, @falxon9, @BaniKitsune, @Trahsi, @LastRanger37, @wyvern & Maroon Alpha had a good time riding around to there objectives thanks to @seishimaybeC & @PinkMunn. They where the driver/gunner of banana 1-1 (Btr). During our travels they performed a good job avoiding IED's and bringing us safely to our destination. Alpha had a considerable enjoyable ride thanks thanks to bravo's comedic act. Bravo's Btr drived by @Vector didn't expect a sudden slow down for a IED and did a nice front flip against our btr. After Bravo appeared to be healed up again and almost ready to leave, We get to see half the bravo squad get blown up by a guy walking into a EID which triggered a second EID leaving the poor bravo squad led by @ZentharTheMagician with atleast 4 less people. Fortunately the Zeus took mercy on bravo and re spawned the dead members and let them return with the tp pole. After the show was finally over and bravo almost left behind 1 of there re spawns we finally headed out to the first objective. At this point our 2ic had a unfortunate glitch leading him being left without a uniform. And that's how he looked like for 3/4 of the mission.(thx life for telling me to make a screenshot) At our first objective as shown in the background we had fun forming up a line with AT and all fire at the enemy btr's . After that we cleared the town without a hitch and started to move out to our second objective. The second objective we first took over watch where I had a good time shooting the enemy's with my AR, We cleared out a few of them before we moved to a different position to shoot more enemy,s However we had some setbacks at the new position. Due to a potential sniper we lost our medic and had several injured people. At this point we also had Wyvern dc and another member of squad going naked. By this point we had the tag line of being the naked squad (NikoTM) After we had the bravo medic heal or squads legs, we went for our final objective. this time we had Pinkmunn the btr gunner fire a nice barrage of explosive rounds at the enemy compound leveling a few buildings and taking care of some of the ai. When the barrage ended we cleared the northern side of the town and that was when the mission was successfully completed. Overall it was a really enjoyable mission which had good squad leads leading us, and a good Btr crew who kept us alive during our travels. It was a enjoyable experience people and I will see you guys in the next 1.
  5. Mission 2 - Echo Medic Zeus: @ThatWalder & @UniDigit, overall solid mission was happy to see enemy armor preventing us from a smooth ride to the objectives. It gave people a bit of a thrill and something to shoot at. Overal. I was happy with the amount of enemy force including btr's and infantry However the enemy (MI8?) heli was kinda overkill seeing how we didnt had any AA it almost wrecked the entire squad. So the heal was appreciated. What wasn't exactly appreciated is the sorry for the trouble challenger that you gave us to a squad of 7-8 people. Resulting in half the squad going upfront shooting everything and other half cowering in a lunchbox. Platoon: No clue, We had our orders and we followed them, aside from hearing the platoon being grumpy I think he did a fine job. Squad: @anden3, @Crump, @warlordsh, @mavarick14, @Trinoc, @coloneljack1234, @Weegie, @Cheese248, @larsking3, @Cosmo & mrcheese Echo had a interesting start, Andre dc'd during the convoy leading Crump to be launched out into the air and somehow surviving without any damage. afterwards I took over driving the lunchbox and we continued to our object. We lost some vehicles of other squads however the 1337 scripting skills from andre made himself get back in the car, so we got our squad lead back. Unfortunately we had a disturbance called btr taking down our vehicle so we continue the mission on foot. After we used both of our lat to try out and take a btr and fail jack thought it was smart to blow it up with a demo block. So he moved up managed to place it and on his way back to stay clear of the blast zone, He gets shot in the back by the btr. Gave us a good laugh. Moving on we managed to reach the town and clear it out I had some fun as medic healing people up. Crump was a really good bullet sponge taking a lot of shots for us. We unfortunately lost our squad lead in the progress but our 2ic crump took over quiet well and we moved on to the next objective. After a while we almost got team killed by charlie, But we continued on to our objective. During our approach we had a awkward encounter with a enemy Russian saluting us from behind. no clue what it did there but we shot it. Than at the next objective it become hell, several members got injured and when I try to heal them I got injured 2 and all of this thx to a enemy chopper shooting us down. Fortunately Zeus had mercy on our souls and healed the ones who survived. That's also when he gave half the squad a toy in the form of a challenger they had fun clearing tanks with it on the airfield when the mission ended. It was fun in echo would do it again.
  6. Mission 1 - delta attach. Zeus: @V1rU5 overall as delta the mission felt utter lacking. Aside from blowing up a non active mbt and shooting at 2-5 ai in the town. we had nothing to do aside from watching you blow up bravo in the town with artillery. Platoon: @DHbatman can't really tell, we didn't had any order aside from providing over-watch and extracting. Squad: @seishimaybeC, alex cooper, @Moriar, @Cr0wnless, @Forked, @Fraiche, @Triple, @SuddenDeath & @coloneljack1234. Seishi did a good job testing/leading us from the chopper to the overwatch Overall delta had a rough time keeping themselves occupied at our overwatch we waited 10 minutes before bravo finally got engaged, Which was the sign to follow up shooting ai and a mbt. On a different sign alex or 2ic shot flares into the town where bravo was resulting into it getting artillery fire blasting away at it. we had a good show and our squad lead was smart enough not to send us into the town as it was bombed another 4-6 times. In the end we regrouped with the only 2 remainder members of bravo @Vipershell & @ThatWalder and made a evac with the chopper. and that's when the server crashed.
  7. Mission 3 - Charlie 2ic Zeus: @Argon, @Weegie & @LvL decent Mission, Charlie had a good time clearing there first objective we had some infantry to shoot. and had some fun target practicing with the paratroops. However it felt like the amount of enemy,s forces delta/charlie had to deal with at the defend point felt lacking. we heard how alpha and bravo where dealing with main battle tanks while we where just sitting there. Of course delta got wiped but that was just cause they didn't look up. still overall it did felt like a solid mission. Platoon: @PowerColour Did a good job ordering the troops to there respective objectives and all in all we managed to follow them and get a mission complete. Also managed to stop delta from shooting us. Squad: @nikolov216, @warlordsh, @Life010, @Ninjatank, @Trahsi, @Vector, @Wattsits & @dementedzombie.....? Charlie had a good start with Demented being afk at the arsenal when we started to para drop. I must complement charlie also for being 1 of the few squads to not lose any1 during the drop. During the mission we found several body's who failed there parachute jump. Not to mention the D E F squad members falling down at the wrong lz. We organised at our 2 strafed off members and than head to our first objective where we got support from Wattsits attaching to us. We had a good time clearing the airfield aside from a wall hacking Russian pilot we managed to clear it out and head for the intel. Unfortunately at that point we got friendly fired by delta, after shooting each other for a moment we had cleared things up and a pissed off Wattsits. So to let of some steam he placed a timed demo for the plane in a hangar and (informed platoon) so we went out just to hear a frustrated platoon later on. After finding the Intel and fucking around with mounting up in vehicles for 15 minutes we had a nice road race apparently to get to the next objective.(no casualty somehow) After organizing at the second objective we had a fun time shooting paratroopers, and seeing delta die due paratroopers that where right above there head. The poor delta squad led by @Igi had only 1 survivor @R3NS3N who joined up with us in our endeavor to protect the base. Later on we lost Wattsits who died in 1 of the 2 towers of the compound (apparently by falling of a ladder?). and with that I would like to say that Niko did a good job leading charlie, with minimal loses we did our objective, platoons objective, helped secure the intel and defend the final objective. Good job charlie!
  8. Mission 2 - charlie 2ic Zeus: @cineafx @BagOfOtters & @Shoxe. as charlie I can say we had a whole bunch of enemys to fight on the island. We walked over a hill and several where like wow thats a lot of enemy's. we also had btr's and planes to shoot at. only minus point would be the bugged enemy's shooting through smokes but aside from that a solid mission. Platoon: @Forked Good orders, we got our objectives and we took care of it. Squad: @nikolov216, @warlordsh, @Life010, @ravstar52, @Bobblehead, @rolando5005, @Weegie, @Tynakuh, @Vizel & @Vietnah Charlie had a good ride to the island by @Redcoat who made us go dolphin spotting at 5-10 meters above the water. He did a good job of bringing us over to the island. Charlie's lead Niko did a good job deciding our "plan" of approach to engage the enemy's we had some issue with the enemy's breaking our medics legs, and almost killing me the 2ic trying to save the medic. We also had some issues where we try to call platoon for air support but in the end it was the enemy's who actually got the air support. Atleast thanks to @Loradas of echo sending there medic @Vados to safe us we managed to stay alive. And thanks again for the bandage Bobblehead We managed to secure the friendly in the enemy town and made our way back to the lz, Niko also finally realized he was bleeding out and almost dying so good job to him. Rest of the mission we had a good time clearing the town and in the end we managed to all survive props to charlie.
  9. Mission 4 - charlie Lat Zues: @Nugget30 & @Weegie Overall solid mission At the objectives there where enough guys to shoot and take care of. Aside from that the mission felt really slow paced we have fought maybe 20 minutes out of the 2 hours. But that's more on platoon which they couldn't really be blamed for either. The only Thing I would've liked to see was is sending some more units or mortar fire our way when we were all just waiting, by giving us either things to kill or giving us the incentive to move forward. Platoon: @Rezonath but mainly @SkullOG. we had clear orders from platoon but as mentioned before I wished we moved out faster to do the objectives instead of waiting around however, that was hard to do for platoon as most of them died. I would like to compliment skull though for doing a really good job of taking over and organizing the troops towards the next objective and holding say'd objective. Squad: @PowerColour, @Tomo, @Godzi, @Gditz, @Life010, @warlordsh, @Nick Aryson, and nikit_000. Charlie had a decent time in this mission, with minimal casualty's powercolour and tomo leaded us towards the objectives. Me and life where mainly driving around the battlebus killing everything in our way. we had some fun driving through walls and over ai. Now the squad lead and 2ic did a decent job guiding us where to go, but I have to mention though that they where a few times quiet slow with responding to platoon. Either not hearing it the first time, or taking there time answering, lets not forgot the this is bravo remark :P. Aside from that they did a good job leading the squad itself. After the first objective we had quiet the boring time though, only receiving some action at the end defending the last objective, Where we got our order of building sandcastles everywhere (YEAH!), it was just as fun as replacing car wheels for a good 10-15 minutes At the last objective I also had a encounter with a sniper breaking my legs twice and making me unconscious it was agood thing the new guy nikit had me in his eyes and managed to save me. It was unfortunate later in the mission though the last thing I hear from him is :oh shit. and than seeing his dead body next to me. still had a good time with the charlie squad we only lost 1 or 2 people who got respawned.
  10. Ah yes garry's mod would be fun to do with the community, that would seem like it would bring hilarious moments and chaos. I have spend a good amount of time on Garry's mod before I started to do arma. got 960 hours currently into it and all worth it for a 10 dollar game. I hope that arma is going to last me that long 2
  11. Mission 3 - Charlie lat:Save Echo Foxtrot Brits. Zeus: @Leftymonster & @BagOfOtters good job guys charlie enjoyed the mission we got a lot of action at our first point, we got surrounded from 2 sides and had a though time fighting back but in the end we managed to get through. So good amount of enemy's, cheers lads. Platoon: @Rezonath good job charlie had clear orders, and we enjoyed the mission. Squad: @PowerColour, @Tomo, @Life010, @Godzi, @Gditz, @warlordsh, @Wolfgram, @Korpp1, @Maie, & @wyvern Powercolour and Tomo did a good job leading us to our first objective, however at the first objective we started to get gunned down like the degenerates we are. A enemy ambush from multiple sides made sure that we got quiet a few wounded and lost 3 members including the 2ic Tomo, Wyvern and the assistant Gditz. However I had a good time shooting the enemy's down and helped Maie who broken legs to get to the save zone where Life could heal him. After everything was cleared I took the long range from Tomo(and his GPS, Thx!) and we regrouped with delta led by @seishimaybeC? and moved forward to the airfield for our next objective. We cleared out the airfield quiet efficient so good job charlie and delta. Also I think it was @Wolfgram who saved me from a enemy by driving it over thx for that! Afterwards we found echo and foxtrot and defended the position against tanks and infantry which the squads took good care off. And than we won the race to the boats and enjoyed our deserved rest on the boat. Gj Charlie
  12. Mission 2 charlie assistant. Zues: @DHbatman, @Cyico & @cineafx overal had a good time fighting the enemy ai and tanks, as charlie we were in the middle of things and got to shoot at tanks and heli's 2 So had a good time but the sudden mission end felt awkward. Platoon: I haven no clue Squad: @Sam41, @Galactic, @Maie, @Sora01. @warlordsh, @Korpp1, @BigT, @Jackal, @Doctadoone & @R3NS3N Charlie was led by @Sam41 & @Galactic, Sam41 had some connection issues so soon we had only galactic who did a good job getting us to the first point. On arrival we managed to take cover and started to clear out tanks left and right. Than we had a issue where @Doctadoone shot a nice shot at a heli, a very nice shot almost killed 3 team members with the corps. Injuring us and making me break my legs still nice shot, it made us take cover in a building and got stuck in it while it cooked off. after getting healed by @Maie we try to take out a mbt which somehow disappeared. Afterwords we noticed that half our squad died due to a btr. We ended up with 4 people left @Sora01 @Maie me and the fresh new guy @R3NS3N. Good thing we managed to retrieve the long range and I managed to call in our predicament to platoon. Afterwards we got shot a few times and @Sora01 crashed, and the medic broke his legs. Left with 3 people we managed to survive to wait for reinforcement. In the end we did get to shoot a good amount and we somehow managed to survived before a sudden mission end. Good job squad
  13. Mission 3 - charlie 2ic zeus: @cineafx did a good job good amount of enemy's and btr's to shoot. Gave charlie a harsh time but it was a good mission non the less. Platoon: good orders didn't had a lot going on the long range so it was good and clear communication Squad: oh boy where do I start. @Igi was our squad lead for a short time, we managed to get to our first objective and immeditly getting shot to pieces losing 4 members including @Igi thx to memleak, @Life010 our medic for trying to save him. and in the end we ended up 4 people with 2 people having broken legs and no medic. Good start, luckily we had a re spawn happening soon after, and the bravo squad led by @ZentharTheMagician brought us @Habivi to save our sorry asses. After regrouping with our lost members and again losing Igi to mem leak we headed to the second objective. At the second objective we again got lit up by the enemy but this time we survived @Princeofmellon had a fun time killing the enemy in the compound while we where patching our wounds. after patching up we had a good time pushing into the compound with the other members, @Ttm, @Schmorfson, @ToffRocket and vaguedragon? Almost getting blown up by knight killing a btr right next to charlie, and almost getting drive over by bravo who at the last second realized we where friendly, it somehow worked out and we managed to post ourself at the west gate destroying the incoming btr's. it was fun.
  14. Second mission - charlie 2ic zeus: @Hekhal & @NeilZar Liked the ambush would've been more fun if we didn't get the warnings at the start. But we had fun shooting at enemys that where trying to kill us. Aside from the ambush though charlie had nothing happening aside from having a wild ride past a btr. Wished that there was more to do (most of the squad agreed) and than at a new form up point mission failure.... we where overrun..... while nothing happen. That was quiet confusing but that might be more on platoons side. Platoon: @seami Good responsive to questions, but would've liked it if we would actually receive orders. a good part of the mission we didn't had orders would've loved to have them. It was quiet confusing seeing how we where send to clear 2 towns which both where empty. and than get a mission failure at the end for not having cleared a base. Squad: was lead by @seishimaybeC and me as 2ic. At the first road block/ambush we had good orders from @seishimaybeC to take cover in the forest on the left side of the road. After which we took point and cleared the area. After a while taking over watch at the form up point of bravo/charlie we had the unfortunate accident of our squad lead dying which was 1 of the only people to die the mission. So I took over squad lead and was told to group up with the remainder of bravo(@Princeofmellon) he was the last unfortunate survivor of bravo, so he grouped up with us and we got ready to move out to piskal. Before heading out @Schmorfson and the others managed to commandeer a lunchbox which they managed to get across to Piskal and the objective after that before told to leave it behind R.I.P Lunchbox From this point the mission was quiet bland we got to clear 2 town which where empty together with foxtrot. So our medic @Life010 didn't had anything to do just like the other squad members though, well @Jovo had some excitement being almost crushed by me under the car(Sorry). Also honorable mention to the other charlie squad members @Vericht @KiwiTheIguana @Fidelias and @tacolinio
  15. @Trinoc @Silberjojo I kinda must respond to that a little though. Blue team was in fact told to watch the rear, and to be honest blue team did do that (kinda). after it was concluded that the enemy's mainly come from the left side of the mountain they had set up barricades there and kept diligently watching there. they kept watching in that direction and stayed true to there position. So when the 4 squad members all where killed in complete radio silence without mentioning they where all dying they kept there position. They probably needed to spread themselves out more and watch more sides. But seeing how before the event happen a single guy was proclaiming he was getting overrun, they probably wanted to huddle up a bit more. But yeah the only way to completely cover you guys would've been to make a 4-5 man half circle behind you guys. Which would've been the correct way to ensure our safety but this all talk after the mission so its only speculations at this point.