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  1. Bro, that is FUCKING awesome! I love my character!
  2. until

    Dibs pilot-o slots? Is that a thing?
  3. People are choosing to criticise the overwatch positions. Fair criticism. From my end, they weren't really meant as overwatch as much as they were meant for.. Advancing in a "spread out" fashion. I don't like having 5 squads advance in a single line as much as I prefer having the squads spread out so we have a larger "surface area". I also didn't expect the darkness to be that bad. To the members of Charlie, you were sent to dig in to a town and wait for the armored QRF to arrive. I did mention taking anti-tank mines and heavy weaponry, however, it seems you were engaged by a BMP before even reaching the hold-area. From what I could see, you literally could've reached out and touched it before you saw the damn thing. No fault of yours, just bad luck and shitty visibility. @seamiYou are getting a lot of flak for this mission, and that's unfortunate. It was a hard mission, true. Perhaps, next time, before beginning the mission, you mention the parameters, so people who don't want to play in such conditions can sit it out.
  4. until

    Any pilot slots going?
  5. *burps*
  6. Noted. Will continue to do.
  7. From a personal perspective, as an "asset" guy: I've made it clear I will engage any and all armored assets, despite having knowledge of a squad occupying said assets, due to the impossible nature of PID-ing a T72B, a BTR, etc, and the immediate nature of these threats. I am, however, careful with techies and the like, especially having received intel about them, as they are far less dangerous to me and pose no immediate threat. It is also possible to PID a technical or Humvee, as operators are generally exposed and you can check the gear/uniform. That being said, I have high-powered optics, @Lenny did not. I am, however, curious about the circumstances. Was the Humvee's .50cal being utilised by us? Was the .50 not being used? If the .50cal was out of action, why was it shot at with a SMAW? Surely that's super, mega, ultra overkill? Humvees can get shrekt by bullets pretty damn quickly. Were you being shot at by the Humvee? If someone was on the .50cal, and you ranged it with a rangefinder, surely you would have seen the uniform? If the Humvee was unmanned, why shoot at it with such a valuable weapon? At the end of the day, all these questions exist in my mind, but, in the heat of things, we all sometimes make decisions are not optimal, and I guess that's important to remember.
  8. To everyone in the mission: I'm terribly sorry it seemed like half arsed PLT work. I was unfortunately plagued by various issues, chief of which included losing 7 to 9 helicopters in the opening 15 minutes. Our logistical backbone was crippled and hence, I had to improvise with the movement orders. Yes, I said 7 to 9. The first wave of helicopters, their respawns, and then the respawns for the respawns were all destroyed. Some due to shitty landings. Others due to bugs. Others still to airlifting issues. Our artillery went offline shortly after due to a bug with their piece. Everyone was meant to receive a Jackal to expedite their movement. That didn't happen, unfortunately. The plan is only as good as it's weakest link, and in this case, the weakest link was almost certainly our logistics.
  9. Which is BS, because I have final authority and control over my aircraft, and you can be goddamn sure I'm not going to crash it because of ridiculous orders. IRL, the commander of the craft or vehicle has the final say over the safety of his vehicle, orders be damned. You can rest assured I'm gonna be teaching everyone the phrase: "Unable", because too many times I've seen FK pilots crash trying to achieve the impossible.
  10. I was just trying to follow order of march Also - feedback for the mission, it was good fun. @Sarissa, fantastically balanced for realism and fun, it was really challenging, and I enjoyed it. Not so sure about the really long range AT though. Felt difficult to use a vic when we were getting sniped pretty good. Were they Javelins or SMAWs? SL - Woodman. Well done, it was a clusterfuck in the squad but enjoyable nonetheless. Additional note: Fired a TOW at some rando squad that nicked a Jackal from us. Was just fun. No one died. Just a little cheeky scare for banter. Apparently the stick up @Radio's arse thought otherwise. Lighten up a little, and pull it out mate. If you're gonna wave about your big ol' ban stick, have a good reason for it. I'm quite well aware you aren't afraid to ban me, but the reminders during the mission really helped, I have a bad memory sometimes. ;-)
  11. Addtional: RPG-7, lul. Even the fucking Abrams just shrugs this shit off. Just looks around like: Wut, who tickled me?
  12. I disagree with calling the Chally broken. Front plate on, pretty much nothing is gettin' through it. Remember - the Chally took a MILAN anti-tank missile and around 14 different RPGs with some optics damage ONLY. It is, IRL, disgusting. It's fantastic. Prior to the Streetfighter upgrade, the lower plate armor could've been penetrated by an RPG-29, but EVEN then, all it ever did was injure the Driver, not cook off the vehicle. After the Streetfighter upgrade, where the "Dorchester" armor was applied to the bottom-side of the vehicle, it basically has an invulnerable front plate. Hit this thing in the side or rear with an RPG-29, using the PGV-29V tandem charge warhead. Stop using RPG-7s and 26s if you're going to try killing a Chally. It will laugh at you, and then kill you. I'm so glad we've finally got a decent representation of modern armour, because I'm fucking tired of RPG-7s impacting my front plate and then cooking off the entire vehicle. That shit is fucking stupid. That being said, Zeuses, the Chally 2 has 3 pretty weak spots front on. There's a flat armor section behind the driver's hatch, the gunner's sight, and the commander's cupola. Hit any of those with the right 120mm shell, you'll do enough damage to disable it. Also, since we do not have the RPG-29 in the game, use the RPG-32, which is the A3 version of the RPG-29. Ensure you're using the AT ammo. I've personally confirmed that the RPG-32 will send the ENG to red in one shot to the rear. This is a repeatable result. One shot to the side of turret WITHOUT THE ERA PLATING will also send it to yellow. Stop calling for a vehicle to be banned from the roster when you're not using the right things to kill/disable it. It's like shooting a person with a Nerf gun and complaining it ain't doing any damage.
  13. I've no idea what you're talking about.
  14. 1st mission. 107 infantry kills in the Apache. 7 helicopters destroyed. 2 armor platoons destroyed. 3 AA missiles dodged. G fucking G. I love this thing.
  15. The correct way to do it when in urban combat. The infantry goes first. The commander needs to asses the situation and slow-push the tank a safe distance behind.