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  1. 2ND MISSION - Squad: You guys all performed spendidly. You worked together really well, called out targets and followed orders, while still giving me suggestions, so well done MOD EDIT: Do not talk about other players in that fashion. Just don't bother. The FIRST negative post I have ever posted in this forum AND for a fair reason and you delete it! I have always been a fair person, but I will not play a mission that he is zeusing again if this is how he behaves. If he got so pissed off that he asked me a question and killed me without listening to my response then how I am not allowed to call him out for it is beyond me
  2. 1st Mission Zeus: Great idea, with the medivac's and advanced medical Platoon: From the time I was on long range PLT was fine Squad: @Rezonath was SL. Our squad did well although we came under fire from a lot of BTR's and our squad ended up 4 men, once I was SL we carried on, and did really well despite numerous injuries. It was my first mission back after a week long holiday and I had been driving for ridiculous amount of hours but still thoughly enjoyed the mission
  3. Unfortunately as I wasn't at the briefing, I was in the dark as to what we were doing. Our original SL essentially told me what he planned to do, and nothing about the mission itself. To the condescending tone, I didn't intend to be, however I was pissed of that we basically knew nothing other than the original SL's plan. Im not pissed off AT @Hewmew, I have kids and I knew RL stuff takes precedence. However going in relatively blind wasn't helpful, and also @Tomo I know you were trying to help, however your ideas as to how to proceed were sometimes pushy, and it certainly felt like you wanted to take over the squad, so I apologise I got a bit stern with everyone. Sometimes as SL you can't be gentle and nice to everyone. Having squad members try to lead just makes the whole squad less effective and more confused, and makes the entire squad less combat effective. Mission 2 - Alpha SL Zeus: As usual a great mission @Hekhal. Thouroughly enjoyed it, although I did feel that at the end at the air field, the time between crossroads calling in that the enemy forces were moving in, and the enemies arriving, to me was a bit too short. I barely had 5 seconds to decide where to dig in, and there was already an MBT mowing me down. Platoon - I felt like you lost control for a short amount of time as things got quite confusing in the end, and all squads ended up trying to help foxtrot but overall plt was fine! SL/2iC: @Leftymonster was a good 2ic, at times he appeared a bit lone wolf, not calling in his decisions to me, but overall he was a good 2ic Squad: I think Alpha did pretty well, you all followed orders and kept things in line, @Tomo our medic did extremely well with many injuries and squads to end up looking after, including platoon 2ic at one point! I enjoyed you guys as a squad. - I would be more concise but I am tired sorry >.<
  4. Yes, we found out about the minefield after 3 explosions as some miscommunication happened >.< Mission 2 - Bravo 2ic Zeus: Great mission, its a shame it crashed and ended early though Platoon: Platoon was good although occasionally it felt a little disjointed (The best word I can think of) where 1 moment it was clear and concise, then the next it wasn't. SL: I can't remember the name of Bravo SL as my memory is awful. Our SL seemed a bit pre-occupied, and didn't give many real clear orders and some vague ones, so about 15 mins after mission start, I felt like I needed to take control, and did so, leaving 2 rifleman with our IC however I ended up with the whole squad on me and our SL nowhere to be seen. Story1: We are driving towards the town, SL tells us to go east on the road, I tell him there is no east, only north or south, he says go SW ish, so I break down multiple garden fences heading to the road, then our medic driver Notconner, who I cant find in @ for some reason, smashes into the side of our vehicle seriously injuring us, and disabling our vic. Then whilst the concious people are running trying to get help, I hear someone shout btr then BANG, my vic gets hit a single time, however the vic doesn't cook off and I get healed and proceed with the mission. Story2: After our friendly fast mover (or helo) suicided and killed the last btr we decide to move into the town from its east, and move through the forest for cover... BANG our autorifleman gets hit... We assume it's the extremely green FNG in our squad accidently throwing a grenade, so we told him off and told him to change his keybind. It took a while but Notconnor managed to patch up our autorifleman and we proceed.... Then as we got closer to the forest BANG... Our assistant autorifleman and an LAT go down... NOW we think the new guy is doing it deliberately... Our medic runs over and BANG our medic AND autorifleman get destroyed... THEN with derpy trying to heal our ic who also got hit by a mine on his way to us, that it was a minefield launched by friendly artillery by mistake. THEN the server crashed after attempting to heal our IC about 15 times. Mission 2 - Alpha IC Zeus: AMAZING mission!!! Platoon: Very good platoon, coms were nice, precise, and with a little dash of humour which wasn't lost on me and i think platoon needs a smidge of humour SL: Was me, Notconnor was my 2ic. Squad: We ended up with a 10 man squad after a few late joiners were fired upon(Next time you run out into a road in FRONT of the convoy, do the friendly dance FIRST lol), then picked up by Alpha. Alpha's job was to provide overwatch, mark targets, and take them out if possible. We didn't really have good eyes on the other squads so our help was limited to warning them about heli's and tanks. We fucking rocked our job!!! I don't know how many EXACTLY but we took down at least 3 heli's, at least 4 btrs and a few gaz's (We stole one later on) We went though 5 javelins, 3 stingers, 2 LAT and a few rpg's... As a squad we killed glitchy ghost EI from just shy of 1km away and had a LOT of fun doing it. We saw an EI glitching in and out of the H barrier, and we were all taking pot shots at him before he disappeared completely, then a minute later we see a rifle poking out from on side of the H barrier about 960m out, I had dmr scope and managed to hit him, then 2 appear, then 3 then 4 then 5 and we eliminate all but 1, who casually walked THROUGH the H barrier and back into the compound. After a while, the call to assault the airfield was called, we mounted up our squad split between a gaz and an mrap, and drive in formation down the airfield protecting our gaz after calling out twice to all squads that we had a gaz, we decided to hide it behind our mrap just to be safe We get outside the compound and get hit by an mbt from the far side of the airfield as it was moving to engage knight 1-1... So we are sat next to our mrap next to the H barriers... Then get utterly pummeled by EI shooting through the barrier, so after we lost our 2ic, zeus kindly vanished the culprit of the houdini shooting. We are then stuck trying to heal MANY broken legs, eventually people from Bravo and Delta show up in our little safe haven by our mrap, and we noticed a friendly under heavy fire hiding behind an exploded (By me and a javelin from almost 2km was FUN) helo. I decided to run a suicide mission and take the mrap to go save him, and end up saving 2 people. Get back and get out of the mrap... Waiting for our medic to heal my legs then out of nowhere explosion after explosion as knight 1-1 destroys the Gaz that is next to everyone in our little safe haven!! >.< After all of this excitemet I was just laying in the airfield taking out enemy squads on the edge of the airfield from about 800m until we had held the airfield for long enough. I want to say to ALL that were in Alpha for this mission, it was a real pleasure!! I had lots of fun, you all worked very well as a team, you didn't argue, you help me as SL set up trenches because my entrenching tool on 2 missions has been buggy and not worked, you called out and marked targets, it was just a perfect missions so well done to you all!! I would post your names but I don't remember most and would rather post none than only half
  5. First Mission - Foxtrot Rifleman Zeus - Really great mission, well balanced Plt - Although I wasn't IC or 2IC I feel like platoon didn't really think much about Foxtrot. After we destroyed the bridge, and cleared the camp + oil field, we were told to hold a hill, and then left to our own devices, and we watched Delta and Echo move up to the final objective, we did get one or two vics against us, but overall we could have moved to what WAS delta overwatch and we would have been able to cover MORE ground that way! In the end our SL decided move without platoons orders. SL + 2IC - Overall was okay. I wouldn't consider it stellar, but definitely more than adequate Generally orders were at a minimum, and fellow squad mates and myself found ourselves asking for orders. Overall although the zeus, and mission were great, it wasn't the greatest from Foxtrots point of view
  6. @SuddenDeath I think you should be formally awarded a medal for bravery and valor, and another medal for upholding the Alpha suicidal ethos I was in the middle of reassuring Mohamed that we would get him home to his family, when I hear "tank to the sw" so I turnt to the sw only for the tank to roll up from the ne and shoot me up my arse... I have NO idea how Mohamed survived that though, as our medic was the one transporting him, and our medic went down right next to me.
  7. THIS was my favourite moment of the entire mission! 2 enemy vehicles BLINDLY charging towards our 6 or so trenches knowing they had NO chance to destroy us unless they got past us! Magically not running ANY of us over somehow, only to be anihilated by our amazing squad and then robbed of their rpg's by our squad >.> (Apart from poor sweet mohamed!!)
  8. 2nd Mission - Alpha IC ( @scout2win was the original IC but had to leave at the beginning of the first engagment) Zeus - Great mission. It was simple yet difficult, but not absurdly so! Platoon - Overall was good, although at points you were trying to rush things, repeatedly telling Alpha and Bravo to hurry up whilst we told you multiple times Bravo Medic was healing alpha medic, and at that particular point, no other squads had reached the airfield anyway. Squad - You guys did really well! @SuddenDeath kept things interesting as usual, @jamiehoward430 had issues twice with the stinger and heli's but I'll practise with him outside the server! All in all though you guys did extremely well, especially in that first engagment where the enemies UNDER the green building were almost impossible to see and we got hammered! Story time - We are heading to the last objective, I decide to be tactical, and whilst all squads were attacking virtually the same point on the east side of the airport, we followed the coast line and had a lower elevation than the runway so had a nice point to observe/call targets/plan... We get CHARGED by an mbt.. We all survive, we get 2 lat into it, it runs away.... @SuddenDeathhas the great idea to dig sand castles >.< Then 2 enemy vehicles (Begin with a G I forgot their names again -_-) charge right through our trenches and threaten to wipe us from our flank AND behind, but MIGHTILY ALPHA survive, then we realise each vehicle has LOTS of rpgs.... So we all take some, destroy the MBT then we found a Russian unconscious, so we decided to take him prisoner. Our medic decided that a good use of this Russian was as a meat shield, so we head to the rest of the squads to help them clear the last of the airfield (not knowing at the time just HOW much enemy vics there were left still!!) as we walked we talked to our prisoner and found out his name was Mohamed. Mohamed told us that he didn't want to be in the army and he was forced to, and told us that the Russians have prisoners at the compound that we could probably swap him for, so I promised Mohamed that we would get him home to his family. Other squads wanted to shoot Mohamed but NO! I was DETERMINED to get him home!!!! Theeeeen outside the last enemy compound, Alpha, Echo and the last 2 members of Foxtrot got flanked by an mbt (or btr??) and we all got DECIMATED! We were talking in the "death room" trying to figure out what decimated us all, and I heard someone say "the prisoner got killed by his own side"... I was very sad.... RIP Mohamed 3rd Mission - Alpha IC Zeus - Very simple, short (I reckon this kind should only take 30-45 mins MAX otherwise it would be boring) mission, and i really enjoyed it. True there wasn't a TON of action, but the FIND DESTROY EXFIL was very good, and as there wasn't TOO many EI people didn't get bogged down TOO much. Platoon - Very good, kept good comms Squad - Overall a very simple mission, you all followed orders well, expressed your minds and generally played very well there really isn't a single issue I can think of with you guys. It went really smoothly
  9. As far as I am aware, you don't "Magically" get a bi-pod. You lean on your elbow to steady your weapon which I believe works essentially the same as a bi-pod... I expect there is SOME difference between elbow vs bi-pod but I can guarantee the differences are negligible I really like this guide so keep it up
  10. Hey all, I attended @Slouchy Orc's training session last week and quite enjoyed myself, and I was wondering whether any other training apart from slouchie's is going to happen any time soon? I would like to do any training involving, rotary wing flight, tank crew training (Gunner/commander) advanced medic training, leadership training, vehicle identification, or advanced shooting e.g. 700m+ Thanks for the time CK3
  11. We were Bravo Don Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback Mission 2: Bravo 2IC Zeus: F**king amazing missions!! The atmospherics and the panic of not knowing what was going to blow up next, and the fear of random sporadic civvies attacking us... Story: Town, Delta battlebus was destroyed, we took 3 civvies hostage... We all had to load up on Bravo battlebus and unicorn.... Wasn't enough room for hostages, but we didn't want to turn them loose incase they turnt against us so we made a tactical decision to fuck the Geneva convention and execute them... Better 3 civvies than letting that bastard priest escape!! Went through minefield, lost Bravo battlebus, made a conga line! Screenshots and much fun, THEN oh holy shit hit the fan, we descended into a valley and visibility went from 100-150m or so down to barely 30m!! Unicorn got destroyed by rpg but 2/3 crew survived, we "Magically" found transport in the town, Delta take 2 for their squad plus unicorn survivors... Then proceed to go FLYING into the enemy compound and ALL die, but at the same time took out roughly 10-14 enemies all bar 4 or 5 in the compound... I had my grenade launcher zero'd and ready, shouting on long range to try and see if delta had survived whilst under fire... Then I saw a few muzzle flashes and bang... dead... Was SO much fun!!! Then after death we see Bravo LAT take out the priests helicopter as it was taking off! Cracking shot! SL: Good squad lead although me and some of the squad felt like the SL really couldn't be arsed and didn't want to be SL, but apart from a little grumpyness we were all happy to follow him into the unknown. One piece of advice though. You all nearly got wiped out because you went from one side of the compound to the other without checking in ANY of the barracks on your way, leaving your flanks AND backs open to enemy fire. Mission 3: Bravo IC Zeus: Very good match, and I appreciate you being a lot more forgiving than usual with so many FNG's trying out new roles, so thank you for that SL: Me >.< @Silberjojo Made a very good 2IC and questioned me or made suggestions when I was busy concentrating on other things and hadn't noticed, so well done. Platoon: I apologise for occasionally not replying when called out, Despite having coms in different ears, sometimes SW gets too loud to understand both. Next time I intend to turn SW down a little. I think platoon felt a little unsure at first but by the end they seemed to have it figured out a little, although we WERE asked to clear the mosque that Alpha SHOULD had said they had cleared. Squad: Overall very good squad, you all did your jobs very well, although at times you did become too spread out despite my warnings not to drift too far apart whilst clearing buildings. At one point one member of my squad, I didn't get the chance to catch which, argued with me for some 20-30 seconds about engaging enemies in a field. In our briefing we decided to avoid engaging enemies that weren't engaging us, until we could engage them in a more though out way to avoid civilian casualties. WHEN your commander tells you NOT to engage, DONT argue with them! I told you to hold fire unless fired upon, to which your response was "We are being fired upon" then followed that up about 10 seconds later saying "They are in search mode"... So obviously "We are being fired upon wasn't exactly true now was it? Finally once you said they had gone prone and probably noticed us THEN i said engage. PLEASE don't do that again. Story: 2 First time IC's and Platoon was built into Alpha. We were making our way to our dismount point where the 3 squads would each go a separate route south, whilst staying relatively parallel through the town. Every argued this and to be honest it isn't a huge deal, but from my perspective Alpha battlebus gunner opened up fire on the enemy despite being told ONLY fire if fired upon. A few people maintain there was small arms fire before they engaged, however I was looking at Alpha battlebus and saw nothing. Regardless, a chunk of Bravo got wiped out by an enemy rpg from god knows how far away. We got respawned and got organised. After the above argument and once we had moved across open ground, things started going smoothly after that. Was a little bit stressful but I enjoyed it and I want to thank everyone for a good game despite the hiccups
  12. [Copy and pasted from previous thread, didn't realise the airfield assault mission was gone midnight >.< Alpha 2IC Zeus: Again, perfect mission. It felt like a long hard push for a while, you gave us plenty to shoot at and made sure we couldn't move too fast, although towards the end I think Zeus tried TOO hard to push us to evac and there REALLY wasn't much time between the warning of mortar fire and actually being hit by it! Plt: I think platoon was slightly lacking during this mission but I feel like perhaps most of the people playing platoon didn't really want to do it. When we got dropped off by the chinooks, it was a LONG walk to Alpha/Bravo overwatch, but even looking on the map in the back of the helo we could see the overwatch position was pretty much 100% useless as the elevation was lower than the airfield, so Alpha/Bravo decided to move the overwatch position before we even started walking. SL: My SL was @Tennin We had fun busting through the walls and clearing the compound. I think I have 2 highlights of the mission. First being a certain drunk player using an AA to destroy an unarmed fixed wing in a bunker, JUST as alpha had finished clearing it, destroying the ENTIRETY of Alpha in the process! Second: After the officer was captured, Zeus decided to drop 2 paratrooper regiments LITERALLY right in front of us, I was clearing the graveyard after the first to make sure there werent any straglers, I hear our SL telling us to double time it as theres another paratroop drop, I look up to see them already only 10-15m from the ground, so I tell him I'm pinned down and start spraying the enemy, I hear one team mate saying "leave him" and my squad lead say "NO we are not leaving a man behind!" One squad mate came and helped me take out the remaining enemy forces and took a hit, so I covered him while he patched himself up. We started walking again and immediately here "You better double time it, mortar fire coming in" and about 3 seconds later BOOM... I think ALpha Delta and Charlie ALL got injured to some capacity! I got seriously injured and prophet used him quad bike to drive me back to PltHQ to get medical help. After being healed I found out our SL was dead and 100% to whichever squad mate made sure to pick up his long range (Me and SL DID brief them before hand on procedures if one or both of us die". I then went back to check they were coming in.... Then we are sat in the chinooks... Waiting... Boom... Screen goes slightly white.... Waiting.... Boom.... we are all screaming to go, and then FINALLY we lift off!! 100% Footnote: I would like to add that the last mission was almost ENTIRELY FNG's and it wasn't a small amount of FNG's either, and I want to say that BOTH missions went smoothly, everyone had A LOT of fun and overall you guys should be proud of yourselves
  13. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the extra post, but I JUST remembered by FAVOURITE part of Mission 2!!!! THE IED GOATS!!!! OMFG.... Hearing platoon and then our bradley, and then our SL talking about goats with IED's in them... and then after the convoy passed by they blew up!! It started me on a laughing fit that I struggled to stop for about 3 minutes!! GLAD we didn't have to dismount during that time!! 999999/10 Zeus for that one!!! Would LOVE more comedic/deadly moments like that >.<
  14. 2nd Misssion Echo 2IC Zeus: PERFECT mission, PERFECT execution. You managed a GREAT balance between action for vics vs action for infantry, although the fps took a HUGE dive once we started clearing the town near Police HQ Plt: Very good clear commands... Not much else to say really, went smoothly. SL: Correct me if I am wrong but my SL was @Redcoat. He was a great squad leader, and we worked very well as a team, him making tactical decisions/talking to platoon and then giving me the room to execute and make sure Echo was following orders well. To my squad, you all performed excellently, apart from one short period where you were ALL looking at police HQ and nowhere else, you maintained 360 vision, spacing wasn't amazing but it certainly wasn't bad all in all you were great!!
  15. until

    Hey all, I am RSVP'd but my daughter was admitted to hospital last night. I have someone coming to view our house at 2 and my partner thinks my daughter will be discharged at 4-5 so if i'm not there at dead on 3 just give my slot to someone else [Edit] My partners Nan is bringing her home whenever Kairi is discharged, so if the people viewing the house don't turn up late I will be able to stay for the whole session! Woop!