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  1. 2nd mission Foxtrott Rifleman (LAT) Zeus: There was to much armor and helos for my liking, as we only had bradleys to support us. Besides that it was real fun an intense. Platoon: Can't say much. Squad: @Wattsits He got wrong/unclear orders in the beginning and died quickly twice. But he did good in his short life. If i might give you a advice, there is almost no reason for you to be so far in front. Let rifleman like me or others take the bullets. The SL is worth more then a rifleman. 2IC took over and handeld it well. Story: SL didn't really know what the hell we were supposed to bedoing in the begining. So we sat around a bit until we decided to go to the F marker on the map. We then got told to clear the enemy camp there, which was protectd by some EI and a BTR. We missed/pinged off the BTR and SL decided to move forward. He got intantley killed by the BTR. Our brave @Wattsits. 2IC took over and killed the BTR with his GL. After clearing the town we moved on to the second objectiv. The take was relativley easy and we got to restock after it. I took a stinger with some ammo, which was a really good call, as we got enganged by to helos mere minutes after the restock. I took two of them down . After the restock we moved towards the terminal and got under heavy fire by a btr, the previously mentionend helos, a mbt, a bdrm and 3 stationary mgs. We killed everything but the mgs and the bdrm. The bdrm killed all but 3 people with one shot. And so i got to sit out the rest. (Btw. The sneaky mbt was hilarious to watch, because it was what we 100% predicted to happen) @mrrbatty proof of Lennys driving "skills"
  2. 1st mission, Foxtrott AR Zeus: Intresting concept. I liked it very much. It wasn't as static of a defense mission as they usually are. Platoon: Coms seemed clear (took our SLs LR after he died the second time). Squad: SL died quickly, twice. But that's just how it is sometimes. The coms were good and we managed. So well done guys. Story: Sat in a can for a long time. Got out around Polana. Saw some infantry and btrs in town. Moved towards them and started to engage them. Got sniped by the AI trough the trees and died in 2 hits (they are crazy good shots). Respawned and drove back to the surviving squad. Literaly a few minutes after we got there our SL got hit by a mbt. We had to withdraw, but it took us a long time to get back to Berezihno. We got the job to resupply the other squads, but until we got rolling it was already mission ending. As a suggestion maybe predetermin a squad as a resupply squad beforhand.
  3. Completly understandabel. I think it's important that we would announce such a mission beforehand or do it outside the official missions. Maybe we could change the it to Insurgent against russians. As it was in afghanistan in the 70s and 80s. (–Afghan_War)
  4. Yeah my thoughts exactly. I think it would lead to some awesome and hilarious RP moments.
  5. I don't know if this has been done before, but how about a mission where we are the insurgents and have to prepare a town against US forces. I mean full on IEDs and suicide bombers. Maybe to make it a bit more challenging we also have to free a insurgent commander that has been captured by the US who will be moved trough the town, hence why we prepare a ambush in this town. I don't know if it's possibe to do such a mission as i don't know how to do it.
  6. Yes, correct. You might also need to disable @FA18X_Black_Wasp. If it still shows up (It has been deleted from the FK modset). Until there is an offical annoucment by any admin/cm, you should consider the missions on hold.
  7. I think this is a good point to thank all of you wonderfull people working on the issues. So i think i can say: Thank you, from many FK members, to all you people working on the servers and mods the get it going again. I hope you don't spend all your free time on it and at least get a few hours of sleep in the next few days. If not i suggest a Energy Drink/Coffee money fundraiser And i need my daily fix of Arma. I'm getting all itchy over here.
  8. We need a List of Country with no FK Members to check that. Welcome to the show my friend. Take a seat and enjoy the magic that is arma
  9. Wait a moment. Are you sure you aren't playing on the FK server?! I personnaly played the whole campaign, but only because i didn't have friends or a clan to play multiplayer with me. Goes into the corner and cries to himseld I would recommend to play the tutorials to get a feel for how guns behave and to fuck around in the editor.
  10. Could be worse. The pool could be closed as well.
  11. Hello everybody I have been playing for 2 weeks on this server. So i decided it would be time to introduce myself. I'm BigT, i come from the great small country named switzerland. I started playing Arma after i bought it to play DayZ and i fell in love with it. I have been in a MilSim Clan before, but we played a diffrent game. Also "I'm friendly don't shoot"
  12. First mission Echo LAT Zeus: Good mission. Hard but not impossible. No frames left in the evac zone. SL: Good as always. Not much to add. Story: Went on a to secure an enemy base in the north. Expected some EI and maybe one or two armored vics. Oh boy was i wrong. As soon as we dismounted and started to move trought the forest we started getting hit by light infantry fire and armored vehicles started comming down the hill. I got downed at least 4 times and broke my leg, but i survived. Lenny blew a hole on the wall and we poured in. Without our knowlegde Bravo pulled back and we started to secure the compound. Some sneaky infantryman used our hole in the wall to get in behind us. I saw him but didn't react fast enough. At the same time a tank moved in the compound and gunned down every man of Echo. We got wiped. Not even a minute after our death we get a respawn and we head out once again. We move back towards our objectiv yelling "Heil Lenny" from the depths of our hearts. Sadly we were to late and had to stop our charge to get back to zelenogorsk. As we enterd the outscirts of the town, our eagel eyed SL spotted enemy vehicels around our objectiv. We got out our launchers a shot at them. We missed. So we moved on foot towards the objectiv. We reach it and start to clear the area. I missed the call of the SL to stay near the building and wanderd of to far. I get mistaken as a EI and receive a grenade by launcher from Lenny as a gift. Survived barley and managed to get to the medic. Not much more happend until we reached the evac zone. We start getting attacked by many tanks and other armor. We got the job to secure the lz until everybody except us got lifted. To our demise we take to long and the choppers the shredded as well as our glourious SL. Batty assumes command. In a strike of brilliance hed decides to evac with and eney vic. So we mount up and drive as the sole survivers into the sun set. 11/10 i don't know why but i greatly enjoy suicide missions. Might need to talk to my therapist about that.
  13. Time to give my 2 cents about the first mission: Delta Rifleman Zeus: To be honest, i fucking love the idea of this mission. Shit was going down around us and we couldn't see shit. The only sensory input i got in the bradley was the commander shouting orders to the gunner and driver as well as RPGs and sporadic gunfire around us. FUCKING TERRIFYING. Keep it comming! PL: No clue what to say, as i never had direct contact to pl. The only thing that comes to mind is: Feel free to yell at people for stopping the convoy without a reason. SL: Orders were clear and you tried to keep us alive. Sadly many memleaks and low FPS made it understandebly annoying for you. But if possible try not to get annoyed to openly. It effects your whole squad and we start an echochamber of annoyance with each other. I don't blame you for anything. We had a good time in the end. General: The biggest problem of this mission was, for me atleast, to many people stopping without reason. You held up the whole convoy and we took way to long to get to our target. Yes sitting in the bradley for a long time isn't fun, but if we took less time it would have been ok. The psychological terror was real by the time we got inside the final town it was intense. People died left and right insde the bradley. We barley kept panda alive. In the end i spent 3mins outside the bradley before i got shot. I pushed with panda and some other people inside a bunker and some EI came around the corner. He was 2m away from us. I shot him and missed every shot (i only had 4 shots inside my mag left fml) and had to reload but panda got shot and was bandaging. So i got up and played meatshield so the other guys could kill the EI. I died with a smile on my face. Tl:dr Good concept, but some drivers had problems following orders. Please more. 8/10 would die for my fellow men again.
  14. Played first mission Zeus: Mission was intressting. I like the idea of searching for friendlys. SL: Good coms. But sadly SL and 2IC died almost at the same time got confusing. Story: Driving in a nice convoy, got off multiple times because someone shot at us. Walked a bit. Got on again. Shot some more. SL and 2IC died. Only a few people left. Joined up with other squad and CIA contact. I saw 3 IEDs around the place. Told it to the squad multiple times, got no answer. I tried to move outside of the compound, because i got scared. One was hidden in a Bush. Stepped on it. FFS Good thing: Got a new personal kill highscore. Bad thing: Moslty friendlys. Lesson: GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM PIPES! Also sorry for that.