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  1. 1st mission Bravo Rifleman (Marksman) Zeus: @Wattsits Good mission. I like forced loadouts, even though it's a bit of a hassle to set up right. The objective was within reason so it could be done in time. I personally didn't encounter any bullshit, but that's probably because i died rather quickly. The only "negative" things were that the pastebin didn't work (not your fault), that the docs were wrong and that the marksman scope doesn't work with nvg. But it was a blast non the less.
  2. Having an uneven or not trough 5 dividible amount of ammo in my mag. This is driving me nuts if somebody tells me to hold fire and i know it. Also having any gear that is not 1, even or dividible by 5.
  3. Idea out of the PMC mission from yesterday: How about faction relation? During yesterdays mission we had a "decision" that was sadly made for us, but it would be intresting to give us a choice and it would change relations and change the outcome. As an example, let's take the last mission: Option A: Help the journalists. Relation with the americans goes down, but up with the independants/civilians. A new mission opens up. Secure evidence. Option B: Execute the journalists. Relation with the americans goes up, but down with the independants/civilians. Also mission end. Option C: Leave the americans to it. Not much changes and mission ends. Option D: Give the civilians back to the russians. American relation goes down hard and quite a bit up with the russians. We lose the promised reward from the americans and gain a diffrent reward from the russians. Also new mission objective. It might also be intresting to chose a diffrent faction to side with in the beginning of the mission to gain relation with them.
  4. Judgemans PMC on the 14.05.17 at around 4pm GMT+1 Bravo ARA Zeus: @Judgeman @Vipershell @capitolmoney170 TBH, this mission was hell for me. To much bullshit all around and it took to long to start and to long to end (almost 50min Briefing and finishing after the 2hr mark). The beginning was alright, until we started to get pounded what seemed to be AA. We pulled back and got the command to move to a compound between us and the AA. What a foolish idea. As soon as we dismounted BEHIND the building, where the enemy should have had no eyes on us, the AA started to wipe up Bravo trough the walls. As if that wasn't bad enough, there was a guy running around with a AK finishing us off. We had 0 Chance of survival as we got wiped trough a f**ing building. I was a bit mad at you guys, but shit happens and AI gotta AI. You gave us a free respawn, which was very kind of you. So we set out again to rejoin the other squads at the objective and there was a small field between us and them. As soon as we reached the field, we heard rockets incoming. Which hit near enough to us to completely wipe us again. F****ING GREAT! After the next respawn, we finally managed to return to the other squads. We finished the objective and were happy that it was soon ending, but OH NO a plot twist. The guys we were helping were the bad guys after all, so we had to search some intel for story reason nearby. I don't think the plot twist was to bad. I quite liked it, but the mission already dragged on for so long, i just wanted it to finish. But we had to move on. At least you were nice enough the "give" us a VIC. So we moved into town, just to get RPGd as soon as half the squad dismounted, i survived by my game bugging out and not letting me get out of the vic. yet sadly we were completely surrounded by that point and i got killed by a FAST AS FUCK russian running around the corner and one shooting me in my head. GfuckingG Now, the mission wouldn't have been to horrible, if the briefing wasn't that long. My 2 first deaths were also utter bullshit, as we got killed by russians with X-ray vision and a random lucky shot by a missile. So keep it up, but try to keep the amount of bullshit lower!
  5. 2nd Mission aka @Hekhal hates loves us all (Delta LAT) Zeus: Main Zeus was @Hekhal with 2 Co-Zeuses. It was fucking awesome. In the beginning you asked us if we wanted a hard mission and you delieverd. MI-8s dropping paratroops on our head, enemy hinds, mortar fire, some fast movers and a shit ton of EI. Holy shit, we got to shred so much stuff and you didn't make it easy for us. Please more, i need it more then drugs. Platoon: @gadsada Not much to say. Simple plan and i had no comms. Squad: IC @SABER, 2IC @LividThor (I think?), Medic @Weegie, AR @andyt90, ARA @Kingorrik (i think?, sorry i'm really bad with names), LAT @Trahsi & @xargan We had a awesome time. Constantly under fire and Weegie even ran out of medical supplies in the end. At the beginning it was relativly quiet. But then shit started to hit the fan. Nearly every minute a new LAV or MBT rolled into town as well as tons of Urals with Infatry. After around 50 minutes it started to rain paratroopers on our position. It was like skeetshooting. Also around the same time the enemy begann deploying hinds over the town and we had to start throwing stuff at them to. There was no moment of quiet for us and i was concentrated all the time. After the EI rain died down, we had a moment of quiet, but that didn't last long as now there was a lot of Mortar fire comming in. Saber and me ate a shell that threw him of the building (Which was even funnier as i heard @Hekhal evil laugther over local). He managed to crawl his way back up the ladder and weegie and i managed to keep him alive. It took so many bandages to stop all the bleeding but he survived to kill on another day. Now we were getting buttfucked from every god damn direction and if that wasn't enough, the enemy started to run fast-mover CAS strikes on our position. At this point we only could sit inside the building and shoot at whatever moves. But even that didn't protect us. I got hit by a explosion inside the building and went uncounciuss. I expected to die, as a pleb from Charlie declared me as dead, but i didn't count on @Weegie he managed to stabelise me ny essentaly ripping off strips of his uniform and bandaging me with it. But the mission ended before i got up again. Overall we only lost 1 guy. ONE GUY in a Hekhal mission. I bow to your squad leading abilitys @SABER and i bow to our crippeld yet heroic medic @Weegie. This mission was one of the best missions i had in a while. It was the squad and the literaly impossiblity of completing this mission that made it such a blast for me.
  6. 1st Mission Alpha LAT Zeus: @Sarissa For the first part it seemed to be a normal mission and i was kinda sad, because i expectedca very speshal mission. Then our withdraw started and i realized the special part of the mission. It was real fun to RTB under those circumstances. Our squad managed to "borrow" some boats as the enemy no longer needed them. So we were one of the first squads to reach the base. That was fucking awesome! Thank you Sarissa for that special mission. Need more very special missions for very "speshal" people. 21/10 Platoon: @PowerColour Not much to say tbh. Alpha didn't have much to do during the first partof the mission, but such is life. I heard some complaints about a first day regular taking PL, but the plan looked good to me and i can't comment on the LR. Squad: SL @Katla_Haddock, 2ic @mulletshock, Autorifle @UniDigit, ARA @Bumling, Rifleman/LAT @Vericht, @MR.F4SKIN, @thesecretgames , @seami (I'm sorry i forgot the last two members of alpha. I'm very bad with names) The mission itself was kinda boring for Alpha, but the people in the squad and boats made it a fun mission in the end. For example a @seami that mostly took stun grenades and every minute or so threw one in a compound. (He never team flashed, as far as i know). I made a stupid as well. I tried to open a fence with a demoblock, but we stood to close to it and i nearly killed the whole blue fireteam. Whoops. But i managed to hit a moving T-whatever at 420 meter range with my LAT. It didn't give a shit, but a hit is a hit. Overall it was good fun and challenging in the end.
  7. Mistakes happen and i'll happily join future mission from @Judgeman and @Vipershell, because you two are good Zeuses. Also thank you for trying to find your mistakes and owning up to them. That's the only way to improve. (And i like Judgemans spelling, it gives the missions a certain flair )
  8. Bravo LAT Zeus: The idea for the mission was ok. Nothing spectacular, but not to boring. I didn't get much action, because our squad got fucked by a recoilless rifle. Please don't give those guys full ammo, unless it's a hard/realistic mission. They just kept spamming us with it and there was no way out. Besides that it was ok from what you did. There were a lot of enemys, but that doesn't really bother me, it's more stuff to shoot at. Platoon: @ThatWalder The plan was, get in the town and do the thing, as far as i know. Which was just a horrible idea. You should have planned the approach or divided the city into sections for each squad to clear. I mean there were 0 lines or points on the map besides the Zeus placed ones. I mean yes, give the SL freedom, but don't just throw them in there. And you had more then enough time to make a plan. It took us 1 god damn hour just to get started. I don't know who to blame for that, but that is just too long. Also the LR was just simply wierd. Not bad, but wierd. So please for the next time, make a plan and try to get everyone going. Time = boredom = people doing stupid stuff and getting angry Squad: Our original SL dc'd quickly after mission start and poor @Schmorfson had to take over. He is relatively new and didn't SL before, so as expected he was overwhelmed by what was happening. I don't blame him, i had no idea either. But for the next time, try to give orders. You almost never talked on SR and didn't talk much to PL. Overall: It was a clusterfuck. The organisation was horrible and that was the missions downfall. I know you're a good Zeus @Judgeman and there wasn't any real bullshit. I don't mind getting gun restrictions and loadout restrictions. But the waiting at the beginning and then getting fucked by a mounted recoiless rifle 4 minutes in, made it for me personally, just hell.
  9. Whoops. Then i'll edit it.
  10. 3rd Mission Bravo 2IC Zeus: @Wattsits @Tike pretty tipical mission to be honest, but it was great fun nontheless. I enjoyed the timed element of blowing up the powerstations. There could have been more EI as the northern Powerstation. The town after that took us by surprise and i liked that very much. You don't always know where the enemy assests are moving to. And last but not least i was happy that we accomplished our goal even by exploding the plane. I would also have been fine by failing, but still winning always feels better. Platoon: @Rezonath the plan was really simple and we cleard the powerstation with ease. I liked the more freedom we had on our approaches to the objectives. Squad: SL was @anden3. He is a very good SL. He once again kept his cool and helped us accomplish our task. There isn't much feedback to give for me, as he did very good in his position. Overall Squad Performance: We had a FNG that needed help setting up her equipment(@Hadassa), but as soon as the mission got going she was very proficient in shooting people in the face. I have one thing to add to that, i like that you apologize, it's a good habit, but you don't need to apologize for me talking over you if i need to say something on the LR. You did the right thing and stopped talking for a sec so i could say what i had to say on LR. Keep up the good work and welcome to FK. Also the @NeilZar trying and failing to take of in the plane was hilarious. Maybe next time we clear it a bit more first. But hey, you tried.
  11. First mission Echo Rifleman Zeus: @Sarissa That was a very fun mission. It was a nice switch from the usual SpecOps'ish missions. It was paced well, but i honestly excpected more enemys coming from the east to fuck with D, E and F. Also the framerate was really horrible. I can't really tell why that was the case, but i think it had to do with the Schwemlitz map. Also in the end it started to fuck with TFR and everbody became really static. I still had a good connection, so that was a new one. Besides those technical issues i have to give this mission a honest 8/10. (Pls no crying Sarissa it was really good) Platoon: @Forked A really nice plan with D, E and F pushing up that way. Felt really epic. I had no access to coms so no idea how you did. Squad: @Radio is a really quiet and stern individual. This helps him beeing a good SL. I mean we had Woody and Lenny, and he kept them under control at all times. I sometimes have trouble understanding him, as he is quiet, but that is a me problem (might turn him up in TS). Also overall i felt really welcome in the squad and in the end @Lenny even saved my life by draging me out of the enemy fire line.
  12. 1st Mission Alpha LAT(2IC) Zeus: @V1rU5 and @NeilZar. It was a pretty commen mission, but you still kept it intressting. The amount of EI and armour was about right, might could have done with more EI in the final village. Also i love the new IEDs. Platoon: @Forked coms were clear and the plan was simple. You managed to adjust the plan and moved the resources to their needed place. Props for that. Squad: @HolyNEvil was supposed to be SL, but due to him having problems with his mods he had to disconnect. So @anden3 took over the SL role and i took the up the 2IC role. Andre was once again a good SL and kept his cool. In the beginning we took a OW position over the first objective. My vic got hit by a shell on the way to the AO and we somehow survived that. Literaly the whole vic was orange and the fuel was red, but it was still operational. The OW was relativley uneventfull, besides getting shot at by a ZSU. After the town was relatively clear PL sent us towards the second objective. But before we got on our way, we spotted multiple MBTs driving towards town. They were at around 600m distance and i missed my shot, but luckily our other LAT nailed the shot. After getting to the next objective, we found out how strong the new IEDs are. Because andre managed to hit it straight on. With the help of our medic @Loradas we only lost 3 people and even managed to save poor @Life010 who was fully red. After that not much happend and we succeded with the mission.
  13. Thanks for the names and by starting problems i meant the unspecified reason Woody wanted to help zeusing.
  14. Mission ?? Charlie Squad AR Zeus: @Mister Magoo plus 2 Co-Zeuses @Ewido @dream. It was really obvious that the main zeus was new to the whole Zeus-thing. The things you spawnd in seemes to be reasonable and that part was alright. You also had some starting problems, but that happens. Try again and fuck around during the day in the zeus slot. Platoon: @Natnanny also, as far as i know, has never done Platoonlead before. You will need to get a better grip on your SLs and work on your comms. I had a LR for most of my time in the mission and i barley heard you talk to the squads. Also as PL your job is to be reasonable. If somebody suggests something stupid. Say No. You are the one keeping it together. Be stern and try to keep a leash on troublemakers. Try to keep the briefing time shorter. It took to long to get going and when people get bored, they start to do stupid stuff. You still need to learn a lot to be a good PL, try getting in Platoon 2IC slots to learn more. SL: At the beginnig it was supposed to be @Woody, but after 40 minutes waiting and 20 minutes into the mission he simply DCd without a word and went into the lounge. I understand that it was boring, but atleast tell us that you are disconnecting. Overall you would have been a good SL if you weren't that bored and tried to entertain yourself doing disruptive stuff. At least you didn't hinder anything important and just shot at the ground and tried to suggest to PL to blow the nukes (which didn't happen). After woodys DC our 2IC took over (don't remember the name, sorry i'm bad with names), who was pretty quiet but tried to keep it civil and prevent to much shenanigans. Things that happend (Story): A short while after spawning in, @Spazz realized he had to leave early. So he decided he wanted to go in a epic way. He and Woddy got the permission, apparently from PL and Zeus, to load him with explosives and give him a Deadmanswitch. So he put his gear on and went to a nearby field to get executed by Woody. Which i thought was a funny idea and alright if he got the permission. He got to blow him self up twice as Zeus accidentaly respawned him. Also during the preparation and briefing phase it got apparent that the Zeuses were pretty inexpierienced so Woody wanted to help them, which was nice of him. But as all Zeus slots were already filled he rejoined us. After finally mounting up and moving out, there wasn't much going on. So people got bored, which is why i think Wooy DCd. At this time the chaos begann. PL was knocked out for a moment and stopped answering for a moment. After that point i never heard from him again despite him beeing still alive. Nobody really answerd calls on LR so @Craidus begann answering them as Platoon and giving them confusing orders. Which would have been no problem if Platoon had told him to shut up. But as PL was missing from LR it was just pure chaos from that point onwards. After 20 more minutes i decided to disconnect as the mission dragged on too long and there was too much chaos for me to enjoy it. I know people get bored and i think it's okay to fuck around a bit. But this mess made the mission just annoying and hardly enjoyable for all the other people (around 45 other people). In my opinion the breakdown happend because there were too many unexpierienced people in important roles. I think there is still a need for regulars or expierienced FNGs as 2ICs or Co-Zeuses in later missions. So that those missions can still be enjoyed.
  15. 1st Mission Echo AR Zeus: @Verich awesome mission with the briefing in text and timed enemy reinforcements. Makes it realistic in my opinion and a hell a lot of fun to try to beat the timer. Platoon: I think it was @Alexander. Not much to say for me as i was just a simple soldier, but the plan was solid and what i heard on the LR was clear comms. Squad: @Callistano was a good SL as always. He keeps his cool and gives clear orders. I was surprised that he let me drive after the SMAW inccident. But he made the right decision as i didn't crash the car, even in the ruff terrain. @anden3 was my Assistant and he is also my big bro. He helped me sort out my equipment so that i wasn't to heavy. He ranged me in pretty well and during OW provided me with target info. Thanks to that i handeld the role pretty good.