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  1. 1st mission Alpha LAT Zeus: @cineafx interessting idea which looked like it would give platoon a lot of freedom on how to deal with the objective. I'm a bit sad it didn't work out. Maybe the next time. PL: @Digby Tatham-Warter no idea what went where wrong. So i'm not blaming anybody involved. All i have to say (again for all the people involved) is, that people need to search for their own mistakes that they made and learn from them. As this is the only way to get better and be able to avoid making the same mistakes again. SL: Nothing to say. 2nd mission Echo LAT Zeus: @Tomo, @Leftymonster and @andyt90. Lovely mission and great fun. Just enough contacts for us, so we didn't get overrun or bored. PL: No comms and solid plan. SL: @Callistano good as always. Maybe a bit low on comms. You might have needed to check more often on Squadmembers over radio as we were quite spread out. But overall very good and fun.
  2. TLF


    Charlie Rifleman LAT please (Or any Rifleman/ Rifleman LAT)
  3. Well nevermind me then, seems like nobody cared about the explosives and i was the only one worried about it. Fair enough. Then i have to apologize for talking over you guys and i have seem to misinterpreted the comms. Btw. it never exploded because i decided to defuse it, after nobody moved for a moment.
  4. 1st Mission Alpha Rifleman Zeus: Decent mission, i think having so many choppers was fun. We didn't have that much to do, but when we got into an engagement we got mowed down. I don't think that is to blame on you, it's just the way it went for us. So no tags. Platoon: Good leading, i like the phaseline thing more and more. No tag necessary. Squad: Honestly it was a lot of fun with you guys, especially @anden3 who did the whole mission with a steering wheel. He somehow survived a lot of it. 2IC accidentally took the wrong long range and at some point managed to drop a live explosive on our position, while we were giving OW for the other squads. But you know, mistakes happen and nobody died because of them. So i aint mad about it. @MrVantage @Spooks @ZentharTheMagician @SGz_Eliminated @Sanddude @Winters (i think?) @Gomez919 But this point in the mission brings me to the biggest problem i had with this squad. There was a lot of chatter on the SR and people kept talking over each other, which i find really annoying. Especially as there was a LIVE explosive at our feet and i tried to tell them that, but they didn't hear me or talked over me. Which is you know, not a good thing. I went a bit into rage mode after that and yelled at them to listen to people if they say something important. I hope you guys can understand why i got a bit angry there and i do apologize for overreacting, but i hope you can understand my point. As i said earlier, it was fun with you nonetheless.
  5. 1st Mission Delta Rifleman (and RTO/2IC for a bit) Zeus: @cineafx Honestly, the NVG script didn't bother me at all. It was bright enough to fight without NVGs, so i rarely used them. When i had to use them, for example in the forest, i didn't feel the need for a scope as it was CQC anyway. It's an interessting idea and i like creativity in mission as it can make them very enjoyable. 10/10 for effort and creativity :D. Platoon: Comms were decent and plan was Ok. So no tag. SL: Leading was good and clear comms. Again no need for tag. All i can say is that i don't like being a SL as i get overwhelmd easily by the comms and my brain goes into panic mode. I hope it wasn't horrible.
  6. 2nd Mission Zeus: @Lukas honestly i like doing something different every once in a while. Being police was interesting. But i think the mission you made was not really appropriate for a police force. Attacking a fortified location using 9mm and zip ties doesn't really work. I think if you made it more along the lines of clearing a town and searching for weapons and explosives, it would have been way better. It would have given us the chance to play like the police. For example throwing in a flashbang before entering the building, while yelling "Police, to the ground" and if they didn't obey we could have shoot them or zip tied them. The straight up attack from yesterday didn't really give me the chance to yell that, because they started shooting me first all the time. It was a ok mission non the less, but it could have been way better and more imerssive. I would like to play more as the police and rp as them.
  7. 2nd Mission Delta Rifleman LAT Zeus: @Sarissa i'm still completely pumped with adrenaline. Fuck me that was crazy up there. Getting sourrounded, suppressed and knowing that i won't survive this. Give me more. Please. The only thing i didn't like during the mission was that it felt like the AI was coming from behind us, which we cleared. You said after the mission that you flanked us with them, but during the mission it felt like they were being spawned in behind us. So i'm not salty about it, but it felt weird. Platoon: Not much to say, maybe warn us next time about what we are walking into. We didn't expect that much resistance. Squad: @andyt90 well done Andy. You were a fantastic SL. You adjusted well to any situation and changed your plan accordingly. Just marvelous! @ZentharTheMagician best medic ever? You patched up more people in 2 hours than any real medic would have to patch up in his whole career. You kept your cool during the entire mission and calmed me down thanks to that. I mean hearing your calm voice while bullets were wizzing by, was surprisingly relaxing. @Mihax209 & @Suprec great job as our AR team. You two killed and suppressed so many god damn russians. You worked better together than a swiss clockwork. Well done. @ChaplainNirwana Well done to you to sir. Kept your cool and shoot many russians. @missy? Couldn't find the tag either. You poor soul had a bug that blocked you from hiding with us. Damn you Arma! But you were fantastic as well. Kept cool, listened to orders and jad good coms on the radio. Keep it up. @SGz_Eliminated & @SuddenDeath i love playing with you guys. You both are like a grumpy uncle that knows how to have fun and did we have fun. You two fucking shredded those russians and made it a hard as possible for them to even get to us. Fucking loved it. Story: It is summer of 2017, it has been 2 years since the Russian invasion of Finland. It has been a relentless march through northern Europe. Their new plan, only known as the "Rush B"-Plan, has left Europe in shambles. We were left to our own merit, without any help from our long term Ally, U.S.A., as they have been busy debating if "Mother Russia" was sexist. Yet about 3 months ago we finally had a breakthrough with our new defense strategy called "Torched Vodka". The Russians have been slowly bleed out from their steady supply of vodka and together with the scorching heat of the Southern European sun, they have finally been slowed down. Our last fully standing Ally in the form of Britain has been accepting more and more refugees from northern Europe. Those who want, can join the BAF and fight back the Russians together. This has spawned a new BAF Branch, the Soldiers without Borders. This following battle report has been taken from such a front-line soldiers dairy after the first battle of Switzerland. *First entry* 28th of June 2017, time unknown. I have been deployed into central Switzerland together with my new Platoon. We are a crazy mix of different nationality's, but we all have the same goal: Stopping Russia and taking back what once was ours. We have been supplied with British uniforms, weapons, vehicles and even a tank (God bless the queen, dare i say). Our task is to take back several key structures to our north, including a International Airport. I truly hope this will go over well. *Second Entry* We have finished the first part of our assault. The two towns have been taken. We worked together well and managed to only lose one guy, may his soul rest in piece then he took several Ivans with him. I don't even know how he got killed. Everything just started exploding around us. I'm scared for what is to come, then the towns were surprisingly undefended, but our Intel suggested that there was at least 10 Platoons of Russians in the AO. May god be with us, as we need all the help we can get. *Third entry, it seems to have been written very hastily* We have been picked up by a friendly chopper, to support our units to the north. We heard over long-range radio that they were getting surrounded by Russians, but we thought at that time, that they are exaggerating. Boy were we wrong. As soon as we touched the ground we rushed out of the chopper without any contact. We started moving towards our surrounded brethren. As we were moving we found more and more Russians just sitting in a nearby compound that we would need to attack, but they still didn't engage us. As soon as we came close to the friendly building, we started getting shot at. A lot. It was like a typical rainy day in Britain, but instead of water there were bullets raining down on us. We hit the deck and started shooting back, but it was near impossible to see those guys hiding inside the forests. After sitting there and getting shot for a moment, we started to hear a armored vehicle moving around close to us. At that point we realized that we would need to get into cover quickly. During this phase of the mission our IC, Andy, took so many bullets. It was trough a sheer wonder and the work of our Medic Zenthar that he didn't die. We were really lucky to have that guy. I think we would have failed hard without him. We finally reached the building and rushed inside it, to see the true horror of war. Several of our men had been slaughtered by the Russian forces and we slaughtered many of them. There was pile of bodys blocking the entry way. Inside we found only one survivor of Echo Squad. Private @Shroomzeh survived as the only one. The poor guy was shacking in horror, but kept going. He must have killed at least 30 Russians by himself. At this point we received a call of SR from our Pilot @Woody. He got shot down by a Russian Manpad. We wish we could have saved him, but we were getting suppressed to hard to even think about moving. I'm sorry my dude, i wish there was something we could have done for you. We are now setting things up in his building and by setting up i mean lying on the floor and hoping that we don't get shot by the platoon of Russians outside the door. It's scary to hear their shouting so close to us, but they are not the only ones shouting. Our only female Squad member couldn't get inside the building, due to unforeseen circumstances. It was like a invisible shield hindering her movement inside. We know, that she won't survive, but there is nothing we can do. I hope this goes over well, but i'm feeling that i won't survive this onslaught of bodys. *Fourth entry, the page is scorched and it is written hastly* We have been inside this building for such a long time. We lost so many good soldier in here. I think Zenthar is running out of bandages and we are running out of places to put bandages. This is crazy. The Russians are piling into us so hard and they just keep coming. We lost IC and 2IC. There is blood all over the floor, it's hard to not slip and fall. With no more pilots left, there is no way of getting any support from the rest of the Platoon. I took over LR and tried calling for help. I got told that we are fucked and have the permission to surrender, but we have decided against it. I don't even think the Russians would let us. We are fighting like men with no fear of death and we are slowly running out of ammo. I had to switch over to my pistol and an other guy had to pick up an AK. Now there is also a chopper circling over our heads. It shot a rocket into the building and we didn't lose a single guy to it. This must have been divine interventions if i ever saw one. There has also been a call that Russian QRF will arrive in about 30 minutes. We have to be done by then or it is a mission failure. I don't think we can hold any longer in this broken building, so i gave the call to rush over to the next one with a thick cover of smoke. I don't think i will make this, as i'm out of blood, have several broken bones and only 8 shots left in my pistol. But i have to do it, so the others can survive. *Fifth and final entry. The page is soaked in blood* It has been an honor serving with this squad. I made a mistake by rushing the next building. We lost two more guys, because of this and i'm dying as well. I have been a walking dead man anyway, but the others should have survived. I'm sorry. If anybody finds this please tell my love katl*blood drips have washed the next few lines out*ove doing that with you. I feel my strength fading...bless you al... *End of the final part. There are no more entry's* From reports of the rest of the Squad we know what happened next. They managed to secure the building somewhat, but many more got killed by other Russian soldiers. They also finally got sent some reinforcements, which all sadly died during the landing. Because they touched a building in advanced flight (Great meme). The only final survivor was Shroomzeh. Who got picked up by the rest of platoon, shortly before they failed the mission. This was one of the hardest fought battle in the history of this new Unit of foreign soldiers. May they have many more victories and hard fought battles.
  8. I seem to have misunderstood what @Silver Snow meant by War Games. He meant it as a large joint military ops, but i remember seeing a video a while back of several nerds playing Crossfire together, which they called "War Games". One player essentially played for a while and then gave his command over to the next guy in line (the command went literally around the world). So this way a group of people could play the same game, but just at different times. So we would play the same game, just at different times and maybe as different factions. The only thing that carrys over are the "stats" and the consequences. This way we wouldn't need any unified mod set, as we play on our own servers. I hope i could explain myself a bit better.
  9. Not really, i would suggest that the missions are run on each respective server, but the thing that transfers are the gamestats (i.E. which towns have been taken, which assests have been destroyed, etc.) I would suggest that we played as different factions in a joint ops (like IASF), so the mod set wouldn't matter.
  10. I have heard of War Games before and that would be pretty damn awesome. So we essentialy work together on a common goal, while everbody plays their own games. Maybe even make a common HQ that plans the mission together and then the zeuses set it up accordingly. Would be a hell of a lot of fun!
  11. Sorry if i didn't state it clearly enough. But i'll edit it in. I'm in no way representative of any of the mentioned groups. This is merely a suggestion/idea i had, to get more interaction between different Arma community's and have some fun together. I don't know how good Nopryl is, but i think to that it would be somewhat of a fair fight and if it isn't then we have a challenger to overcome. We have a secondary server, where the event could be hosted, but this is a valid concern and i don't want to leave anybody out. But that's how it is with most events, even without other people, anyway. Sadly we can't just jam 200 people on the servers for any event. So on most events there will be some people left out.
  12. Yeah probably, but as i mentioned before, it isn't really about winning. It's about getting together and having a bit of fun. I mean we could make it a longer event, with some more fun games as well. For example Helo Vs. Helo. I would propose something lika the FK festival, with LAMBS invited and at least one TvT match
  13. First of all, i'm not a mission maker, so this is a suggestion to them and the people of FK. To see if anybody is intressted. As some of you might know and many have witnessed, NoPryl LAMBS is essentialy the birthplace of FK. We played some of their scripted missions and some people here play on both servers. Now i had the idea for a event, where we try to find out who has the better players (in a fun and enjoyable way, it's not really meant as a true meassurement). We make a team of FK play against a Team from LAMBS. Maybe someone is intressted enough to make it possible. *Disclaimer* I'm in no way representative of any of the mentioned groups. This is merely a suggestion/idea i had, to get more interaction between different Arma community's and have some fun together. It is just that. An idea.
  14. 1st Mission FOX4-A Rifleman Mission creator: @aizen Great mission. Was really balanced and we had just enough resistance. I had at some points very low FPS, maybe try to do something against that, if possible. Also please keep bringing missions over from LAMBS, i thoroughly enjoy them. (Same goes for @Rorkiy) Platoon: No comms, no complaints, no remarks, no tags. SL: Had good comms, no complaints, no remarks, so again no tags. Callistano just knows his shit. (Sadly i had to drop out early, as my game kept crashing. I have had to for a while, but it's usually just once per mission)
  15. 1st Mission Operation Tropic Storm Zeus: There wasn't really a "Zeus" but the mission was made by @Rorkiy. Honestly, this was a good mission. I enjoy scripted missions very much, so please do more if possible. One thing that seemed odd to me was how little resistance we got in the last town. Maybe shift some from the airport over to the town? Besides that, it was really great and fun for me. Platoon: Good. No complaints, so no tag. Squad: @Lenny was SL. I like you as a SL, but sometimes you make rookie mistakes. You sent us over an open field under enemy fire, with no suppression what so ever. And to no ones surpirse, we got mowed down. If i can make a suggestion for a better approach, i would recommend using smokes, suppresion fire or the MBT that was near us, to provied at least some cover. Calling everybody from red team dead without checking bodys upset me a little, as i was lying there in the grass slowly bleeding out for a good 5 minutes. You gave this reasoning on the debrief. And i understand the reason, but just maybe yell at them to not check bodies until they are no longer underfire, instead of saying that we are dead. You could have saved a life or two. But the rest was good leading as usual.