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  1. In most missions where we have CSAR I usually try and setup so that I give all patient statuses and conditions to the 2iC in order to let the SL focus on the LR and objectives. The SL almost always has enough on their plate that calling in the medevac can be dealt with the medic and 2iC where the medic basically tells the 2iC if the injuries are bad enough to warrant a medevac. Somehow? You had an awesome medic that kept most of your wounds closed with a combination of QuikClots and Packing bandages, that's how you survived If only I hadn't run out of saline your screen would not have turned grey.
  2. until

    MMG Assistant #1, Chuck Yeager was gunner
  3. I am not sure how but I actually managed to survive the that crash and spent around 3 minutes just patching myself up. All in all it was good fun.
  4. Bravo Autorifleman - 3rd Mission - Amphibious Island Assault Zeus: @warlordsh @Life010 @Weegie Platoon: @Nugget30 Squad: @thesecretgames @Vizel @Alecalec321 @Silver Snow @Amp Lister @Evolassassin @MorsCertum (cant find your forum name) We headed to the village of Blanco located on the island north of Chorra. Objectives were to rescue civilians, destroy a radio tower, kill the general, get his intel and then secure the beach resort. Good plan from platoon. Alpha were to take west of the village, Bravo middle and Charlie were assigned to east of the village. Due to the squads arriving at different times and the amount of EI in some sectors the plan altered which is perfectly fine. No plan survives first contact with the enemy. I was not on LR but orders were clear and came in at good frequencies. Our SL, @thesecretgames, was very thorough, making sure everyone knew their role by double checking and telling them what their fireteam was, what their main purpose is and so on. Good, informative leading with quick and clear orders. Big shout out to @Alecalec321 who did a phenomenal job as Autorifleman Assistant. Perfect example of how a good MG team is supposed to work. He provided bearing, range and reference objects to make sure I could find the target. He found better spots for us to deploy to and a fantastic dude to have around. Looking forward to playing with you again.
  5. We did a mission were we had a CSAR chopper team on call. Things worked really well. I played Charlie medic and kept up to date with the names of patients and what their needs were. As the CSAR touched down on our LZ I met the doctors and informed them of the patients names and their wound severity. I then proceeded to call them out on the SR to get to the chopper when their turn was up. This got me into thinking that the CLS/medic of each squad should always approach the CSAR, report how many Cat 1's, 2's, 3's or 4's the squad has and then be in charge of getting the most critical patients to them. Essentially they would be the link between the CSAR and the squad to make sure priority patients get treatment before those with lower priority. If there is no organization people tend to just hug the chopper and make for fantastic targets instead of keeping the LZ safe. When a CSAR is on scene, the CLS should basically be able to direct who goes to the chopper and who doesn't. This would likely reduce clustering and improve the overall effectiveness of the CSAR. If the CSAR have a limited time or get engaged and need to move away they know that the most critical patients were dealt with first. This extra authority should not conflict with SL or 2iC but it makes it so that they can focus on defense and planning the next stage while the CLS makes sure the squad gets patched up. The SL can of course give the CLS the authority on a mission to mission basis but its worth thinking about.
  6. I've got a volunteer project meeting this coming session so unfortunately I'll miss out I've also got SL training on the 25th I need a clone in my life, stat.
  7. Last mission before the Official ones - Alpha Squad Lead Zeus: @Oswald Platoon: @FireDad Squad: @Argon, @GingerRocker, @Conga Line of Neckbeards, @DiseasedPombear, @ChaosShadoWolfe, @Don The year is 2017 and the province of Chenarus had proclaimed that they no longer wanted to be a part of the Russian Federation. This would not be tolerated and the Russian military was sent to handle the enemy. Large amounts of air assets had fallen into militia hands and the goal was to lure them out by making a feint attack on Electro. Platoon did a good job with planning and splitting up our forces into a good manageable front. Comms were responsive and clear. I can't think of anything you need to improve on, you really handled it really well. Good job Firedad. Alpha squad were tasked with overwatching the town and due to the enemy movements we didn't get that much to do. Perhaps zeus could have sent a few jeeps of EI towards us from the town when we lit it up with all our grenades and rockets. The vehicles we also got were really slow in uphill terrain, suggest we get other ones in the future. Another minor note is that two members of the squad did not conform to the chosen uniform options despite being specifically told to change their headgear. I understand that people enjoy customizing their loadout but when squad lead tells you something you do it. Please don't do it again. I enjoyed the mission quite a bit. Keep it up Oswald.
  8. Just a heads up. On Thursday my flight back home lands 30 minutes before the session is planned to start. I will be there but probably a bit after you've all warmed up and got things rolling.
  9. UN-Official Mission 1 - FAC - AA destruction & FOB takeover Zeus: @gadsada A really fun mission from Zeus. A few conditions on a possible QRF so stealth was the most obvious route for this night mission. We managed to not alert the QRF force so I call this a success even if I feel you were a bit lenient on us. We had some loud shots going off and we also blew up the supplies which probably should have alerted nearby forces. Regardless, it was great fun. Platoon: @PowerColour Did a good job with planning, split up the squads to different tasks and kept comms clear. Would trust him with platoon again. @WigD was 2iC and did a good job driving the platoon vehicle. Squad lead: ^ Big props to @Chuck Yeager who was Eagle and was very patient with my first time FACing. He also did a spectacular job decimating the enemy FOB and the enemy Urals on their way to reinforce the FOB. I'm glad he's on our side. The other squads did okay but there are some things you can all improve on. A few times radio calls had to be repeated 3 times until platoon got a response. Being SL or 2iC means always listening for your call sign and responding with either a "send it" or a "wait one" if you have pressing matters to attend to. Another thing for drivers and passengers. A few times the drivers turned onto the wrong roads or bunched up a bit to tightly which can lead to deaths if de-syncs happen. As the front passenger its very nice if you help navigate for the driver by looking at the map and telling them what way to turn in the next crossing. Other than that, it was good. Keep it up and we shall all become better. Also big thanks to @PowerColour and @ChinaEmporer for hosting the server. much love. ~Gditz out
  10. First mission - Alpha Autorifleman Assistant - Night boat raid Zeus: @Urist McGLORY Very nice bit of action for alpha. We never had anything that was impossible to attack Platoon: @Forked I had little interaction but as soon as alpha reported mission success on current orders you retasked quickly. This lead to little down time for us and we got to provide help to other squads. Excelent platooning, keep it up! Squad: @Cheflawas our squad lead and did a splendid job guiding us through the waves and incoming enemy fire. We went from target to target pinning down the enemy just long enough to plant charges on the supplies and then move on to the next target. When we got to San Arulco and met up with Echo at the last remaining supply, they manged to rig it up with explosives first. Im not sure how or who (It really doesn't matter) but they managed to blow up half of Alpha and most likely a few of their own members. From what I understood post-mission, Echo called out to Alpha to clear it but the proper procedure when friendlies are danger close is to wait for confirmation from other elements that they are clear of the explosives. This is a thing we can all get better at. Once we got patched up we got a heli evac but it flew away before we could board. A heli piloted by @seami came in and then proceeded to drop us off in a field. I believe this was at the request of FAC and have no complaints, we got taken out a dangerous area and ended up somewhere safe. Only problem for the people who got out was that only one person of the three squad remnants that had a long range and could get orders. Again, orders passed down quickly and we proceeded to the church for final evac. There were a lot of friendlies, lots of incoming enemy fire. The chaos was very fun to deal with. I distinctly remember @Linnet providing ultra suppressive fire while the evac chopper was boarding the injured first. This is also the last memory as it quickly blew up behind us and mission completed. Good stuff. Big shoutout to @Neroxen who was our medic and sacrificed his legs in order to patch me up after a boat glitch left me broken and bleeding from 5 body parts. Second mission - Bravo 2iC - @Katla_Haddock's "Marriage" Zeus: @anden3 Lovely mission with a very creative love story. Made me swoon. Platoon: @NeilZar Good amount of enemies and level of armor. Bravo and Foxtrot would have been able to deal with more if comms had been better but apparently Foxtrots long range was not working. Squad: @Rezonath was SL and did a really good job. A few times you sent traffic on short range instead of long range. It happens to all of us and you often realized your mistakes yourself. Clear comms and orders throughout the mission to all of the squad. Big props to @PowerColour @Fanto and @GrimZ for helping share the load of us missing an ammo buddy after @WigD got kidnapped by Zeus at briefing. We fought our way towards to the last known location of Katlas wife alongside Foxtrot and our Knight asset. Knight kept our backs clear of all the enemy armor while we moved up on the compounds and the harbor. We got some tips from crossroads that the wife to be loves water and went to the quay. Lo and behold, a boat circling around. Chase her! Unfortunately she was so unwilling to marry at this time that she instead chose to end her life by boat suicide. RIP. Third mission - Alpha Rifleman (LAT) - Hill combat and town liberation Zeus: I'm not sure who was zeusing but alpha had a decent amount of stuff to shoot at even when we were mainly overwatching for the most of the mission. The town we liberated was a bit too small for the amount of squads we had. Not sure how to solve it except having more than one final target. Platoon: @Rezonath was platoon. I had no direct contact but the mission went very well. Squad: @Nugget30 was my squad lead and carried us to victory. Everything went very well. You split up the two firing teams while we were on overwatch in a good way to provide 360 protection. A few words of respect to our medic @DreamOfCheese who spent the remaining 10 minutes unconscious in the back of our MRAP.
  11. The easiest way to join them is to sit in the FNG room and stay around a few minutes after people have been picked for the official mission. Someone will come into the channel and say something along the lines of "If you want to the FNG mission, go to the Game Lounge X teamspeak room".
  12. Again, I don't know exactly what happened so I can only make statements about what the general norms are for talking etc. When it comes to briefing, you listen to your SL and stay silent until they ask for questions. If you are a SL or an asset leader you listen to platoon and stay silent until they ask for questions. If the RTO or FAC wants to coordinate radio frequencies it's common for them to move away from the briefing spot and talk so that no one else is bothered by what they are saying. Same goes for anyone in general, try not to have conversations near briefings or other people talking about mission critical stuff. I agree that a "shut the fuck up" is a poor choice of words. A simple "Please be quiet or go somewhere else to talk about that" is better. Yes, as SL the safety of your squad is of high priority but that doesn't mean you can just ignore the long range when the stress mounts up. What if someone outside of the squad sees a BTR moving up on our rear? What if platoon needs us to fall back or reinforce another squad? The function of a SL is to follow any orders given to the best of their ability while also keeping their squad safe. If platoon says "Gditz squad, move up" and we are taking heavy fire, I have to respond to platoon and tell them that I cannot comply and why. A "Gditz squad is heavily pinned down and cannot advance" means platoon knows whats up and can revise their plans. Maybe they send an asset to help or another squad to help us out. Anyway, this problem usually never happens during stressful situations because by then everyone is spread out and too focused on hitting the MBT with their AT instead of talking shit on the short wave. This is strictly a problem during briefings or during transports when everyone is in the same vehicle. The only solution is to be respectful of each other (this includes everyone) and try to not impose your conversations on people who don't want to listen. This doesn't mean that I want people to be mute, I love arma and the conversations you get to have with people. It's one of the main reasons I play it. It just needs to be balanced is all.
  13. @Loradas I dont know all the details but in general, when someone says "break, break, break" they have nothing personal against you. The problem that most squad leads and platoon often faces is that there are too many conversations happening at once. I once had the "pleasure" of sitting in an APC as squad lead and had the following: Information coming in on long range radio My 2iC talking from another vehicle about our sitrep over short range radio Vehicle crew communicating with their RTO Talking crew members in my vehicle Someone playing loud music This got very frustrating really fast and I told everyone to break break break in my squad and I was now left with only 2 things I needed to hear and 1 thing I could ignore, making it a lot easier. Joking around with people is fine when nothing is happening but when shit hits the fan, its time to focus.
  14. UN-Official mission 1 - Medic - Airfield capture & Tank Capture Hosted by @PowerColour and @ChinaEmporer I was the medic for this mission with @Tennin as SL and @Nirwana was our 2iC. Our squad was mainly tasked with staying on overwatch while the other squad moved up onto the airfield to destroy/capture the enemy tanks. I had very little time to actually engage any targets since I had plenty of patching up to do. Overall, most people called out when someone was hit AND also who they were. This is critical as it allows for easier locating of patients. One thing that was a bit annoying was when I was tasked to run over and help the other squad when they had lost their medic. I ran towards the actual marker and made contact with a a few elements of the squad. I patched up a guy who was pretty bad off and when I was done, I asked "Is anyone else hurt in your squad?". The answer that came back was "I don't think so" so I started moving back to my squad only to be called by my SL asking for status on getting to the other squad. I said I finished with them but was told that this was incorrect. Apparently the squad lead was also hurt. I headed back and fixed him up but in the future, if a medic who isn't in your squad asks you if anyone else in your squad needs help, call out on your radio that a medic has arrived and that they want to know if anyone needs assistance. The alternative to this is for the medic to always head to the squad lead and then head to the patient. This wastes both the SL's attention and puts the patient at risk of dying before the medic can get to them. Other than that I would say the mission was a success. We had plenty to do and the level of difficulty was just right. UN-Official mission 2 - Platoon lead - Town clearing, HVT capture & Airfield clearing Hosted by @PowerColour and @ChinaEmporer I was platoon lead since I was alpha squad leads. We ended up having 2 squads in total ( @JPlett was bravo lead I think), 1 air asset (I don't remember who) , FAC (I think it was @gadsada or @Galactic) and a prophet team (@Jacob_Waltz & @Loradas) . I have mixed feelings about this mission. We were tasked with taking a town, secure an HVT and lastly a neighbouring airfield. We were told that if we went in and managed to take the town quietly, the heavily armed QRF forces to the north would not engage us. I chose for us to go in quietly and this unfortunately meant that our air asset had very little to do for a large part of the mission. I appologize that you guys and our FAC got so little to do due to this. I feel it was very illogical to offer us the choice of going quiet or loud since there were multiple enemy BTRs. These cannot be handled quietly thus making a quiet solution impossible. A fair part of responsibility falls on my shoulders, I should have planned for a backup plan in-case going quiet wasn't feasible when prophet had scoped out the AO and I shall plan better next time. A sidenote i'd like to say is that even if we always expect a fair share of enemy vehicles, 4 BTRs to go against 2 non-full squads is a bit much. Alpha had 2 LATs and they were quickly used. CAS was a no-go since the enemy had AA that would need to be taken care of first. Again, most of the responsibility falls on my shoulders since I should have ordered both squads to bring more AT in their vehicles in case the QRF engaged us. I tried to fix an ammo resupply but our forces could not reach us so we ended up having to take a fair amount fire while we scavenged for enemy ATs. Both squads performed really well. Bravo held overwatch and acted as our protection against pincer attacks and gave us plenty of info to work with. The only bad thing I can recall is that most of my squad were very slow in responding to my orders to "move up to alpha actual marker". This command essentially means that I want us to regroup on my location and most of the times no one came from what I could see. For next time try and make your way over fast or get on the radio to explain why you cannot get there. Maybe you are suppressed or seriously injured which are good reasons but your SL needs to know why his members aren't moving. This was my first time platooning (even if it was a small set of squads) but I did my best to respond quickly to any requets and confirm that intel was received when it came in over the long range. I gave most assets and squads permission to move according to their own initative and I feel that everyone performed really well. From prophet moving on their own accord to different overwatch points to Grifon doing reconnaissance. Good job and thanks for sticking it out with me. Feedback about my platooning would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I would like to stress this so more people see this. If you are looking for something to do while you wait for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd offical mission to end, DON'T join these missions. It is not good if half of all squads just bail in the middle of a mission just to try and get a slot in an offical one. The UN-Offical missions are for people who want to play a full mission of ARMA, not bailing midway. Thanks to @PowerColour and @ChinaEmporer for hosting, you guys are awesome.
  15. Mission 1 Operation Hammerhead - by @Sarissa, @Lenny & @Radio Foxtrot Autorifleman Zeus: I am not sure who (Maybe @Sarissa?) was zeusing but those bloody Yankee troops sure gave us hell. Resistance was tough but not impossibly so. Platoon: I had no direct interaction with platoon but from what I know comms were good. Squad: @Wattsits was our squad lead and led us into glorious battle. Our first contact with the enemy was in the south eastern part of the town of Rogov. Bravo and Foxtrot parked our vehicles and sprinted for cover. We started getting engaged from all over, suffering heavy injuries. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, we managed to get partial cover and tried to move to a red bricked building to the direct north. I had quickly used up all my supplies on other people and scavenged for more while fighting off the enemy. Before we were able to take full advantage of nearby cover, both @Wattsits and @Shoxe were downed but not killed. Having no real option, I dragged our squad lead into the safety of the building and got shot from the outside just as I was putting him down. @Chukase was luckily still alive and patched up both me and our squad lead while @Tomlolo kept guard for any US remnants. With only 5 members remaining of the squad, we were given a spare BMP and headed out towards the next target. On our way there, we encounter heavy enemy armour on high ground while we were stuck in a kill zone. What little cover we had was quickly blown to pieces by the friendly BPM cooking off. People were falling left and right and I patched up several more people. The most magic moment was when @Wattsitswas downed again and he had 4 red body parts and a great loss of blood to start with. I'm not sure how but it was a good thing I collected so many tourniquets because that's was ultimately saved him from certain death. Said death happened 2 minutes later when the server crashed. I spent most of the time shooting, rooting and tooting. Love the fact that we got to play as Russians, would love more of these types of missions.