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  1. hon hon hon baguette omelette du fromage hon hon
  2. tbh, I messaged the guy working on TFAR, and he told me that it will probably not be implemented
  3. I really wish you could set different volumes for different ears on the same radio
  4. Common bug, should fix itself once you get the proper radio in the arsenal.
  5. As the writer of the radio script, is this after using the Arsenal, or when being spawned?
  6. The good thing about Advanced Stamina is that there's no hard cap on when you can jog and not. For example, my 70+ kg Javelin loadout with 7 Javelin missiles + launcher would not be possible without Advanced Stamina. However, being above 35 kg makes it difficult for you to keep up with your squad, which forced them to leave you behind, or wait for you.
  7. Generally I'd say 35 kg is the upper limit, but you can easily go lighter in most roles. My SL loadout is for example 23 kg, and my medic loadout 27 kg.
  8. until

    Pretty sure it's General Training.
  9. hi blob
  10. no
  11. 10/10 for effort
  13. TS, and make sure to launch TS as admin.