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  1. I won't be on until at least Friday, due to the move.
  2. Which key are you using for PTT, and are you launching TS as admin?
  3. @Ruekatu Don't think I filled out the form and I also had to get a haircut which wasn't reschedulable.
  4. campaign


    First pick: FAC Second pick: LAV Commander Third pick: Co-Pilot
  6. No clue about the carrying/dragging, but I doubt it. I'll take a look in the code though. There is a Zeus module in Ares Achilles that let's you injure specific body parts with specific types of injuries of specific magnitude.
  7. I did that, as Digby wanted Plt but his game crashed.
  8. Maybe add basic medical skills as well.
  9. Are you using our mods?
  10. TLF


    I'll take any medic as well.
  11. oh god not again
  12. anden3
  13. until

    No worries, just remember it next time
  14. until

    I can schedule another one at a different time next week (:
  15. until
    Event details This is the first step to attaining a Medical Tag. We will be covering : Your role as a squad/platoon medic Equipment you use/carry Triage Treatment Advanced Wounds Places reserved to 8; do not sign up if you have already attended training.