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  1. FNG Vote tally at time of this post: 3 for option 1, 7 for option 3
  2. 70 man missions can still happen, they just need to be scheduled (if the new system goes to permanent). If you're looking to zeus one, ask your local @Katla_Haddock when and where you can get a slot.
  3. Hello everyone! The week of testing has passed, so as promised: The feedback thread for the new mission system tried in the past week. This poll will be a simple one, with three options. The titles should be self explanatory.
  4. Hello everybody! As some (Hopefully most) of you have seen and voted on by now, we held a recent poll for changing the missions sizes. The poll can be found here: Following the results of this poll, we are now going into a week of testing this new format (until Saturday 19 Aug). During this week, server 1 will be the "restricted" server, meaning priority goes to regular+ (with one FNG slot per squad), while server 2 will be open for all. Both servers will have a player limit of 40-50 players, depending on the amount of assets used. During this week of testing, we will also have a number of smaller things to look at, Including (but not limited to): Cycling stricter and more casual rule sets The effects of Headless clients There will be a specific feedback thread whenever we try some of the smaller points, as well as a global feedback for the new format. We hope to hear your thoughts, good or bad, related to the change in format. Normal feedback can still go in the post-mission reports, like before. We will see you in the fight and in the threads, Your friendly neighbourhood staff team.
  5. @Cavalierr second server IS the current test server. When mod testing periods arrive, there might be some interruption to regular missions on that, but this has not been discussed yet.
  6. Hello everybody! After having a look at recent mission formats of both official and local/externally hosted missions, we wanted to try a change in how daily missions are run. Before we do that though, we want YOUR thoughts! In the poll above, we've got two options available: The main server keeps being used for the big (~70) person OPS, with the second server being restricted to ~30 people. Each day, one of the two servers will get priority for regulars and above. There will still be a few slots for FNGs, but those will be one per squad. The "restricted" server will rotate daily. One day the 2nd server will be on regular+ priority, the other day the main server. The main server and 2nd server both get set up for ~40-50 people games, with the four HC's being split between the two to ensure equal performance. As with above, one of them would be regular+ priority. Thoughts? Emotions? As long as it's not shit flinging, leave it below!
  7. Greybeard Cannot do simple labour (hauling etc), pyromaniac, only researches and does pottery
  8. As you may have noticed in the meeting report Lenny has been demoted. I'd like to give a bit of information as to why this happened. When mavy chose to step down, I said my main priority was to stabilise what we have, and the transfer, and then regain focus on our ongoing projects. Parts of this transfer can be seen in the addition of the think-tank, as well as the upcoming new CM's. Another part of this stabilising was telling the community managers what I believed to be person specific problems for each, given I'd seen enough of their actions and behaviour to make a constructive claim. The plan with this was to allow them to either defend these problems, convincing the CM team that it is either not the case or will be improved. There was no lack of effort to attempt this from Lenny, and I informed him this meeting that I originally wanted to demote him today, but wanted to give him until next Saturday for fairness. I also informed him that that his points up until now were not in the right direction. Upon hearing this, Lenny requested to be demoted today instead.
  9. @DarkEliite Server will run new repo tonight
  10. You can ask but will not get an answer. You will have to experience
  11. Repo has been updated Changelog: Added: BAF Napf Island United States Army Burnes Challenger Project OPFOR Hoverboard LAV-25 Removed: VSM IFA Updated: BackpackOnChest Ares ShacTac RHS Lingor
  12. Updated forum to 4.1.19
  13. As you have been made aware of in between missions on the 8th of April, Mavy is stepping down from his position as an Admin and has been given the tag „Regular“ at his own request. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for the community, spending so much of his personal time working to ensure smooth server runnings, and keeping up the values of FK. As you all should know by now, most of the servers, licenses and other official things run in Mavy’s name. This is an impactful event, and as such there will be a great deal of work in front and behind the scenes. It is because of this that I ask to not inflate this issue, so the CM and Admin team can focus on handling this as smoothly as possible. All server and software will be transferred to me (Greybeard) over the course of the next week(s). Due to this, upcoming changes, in particular the tag system, will be on a lower priority until this transfer has been completed. However be sure that everything we wanted to implement in the near future will be dealt with - in time. Again, I would like to thank Mavy for the fantastic and numerous work he has done, without which this community would probably not even exist today. Furthermore I would like to ask that you direct questions to the CM and Admin team, as they will be able to answer your questions best.
  14. You will probably not get an answer to that here.
  15. Don't you dish my Maggie "kraken" De Block