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    Staff and Ban Rules


    Staff Rules

    • General
      1. All staff members are to follow all rules at any time.
      2. Every incident has to be viewed objectively. If this is not possible, the staff member should not involve themselves.
      3. Abuse of powers will result in dismissal from the staff team.
      4. All incidents and bans are to be logged in their appropriate forum sections.
    • Server Administrators
      1. Must report all changes made in the appropriate forum sections.
      2. Must inform other staff members of any changes that are not of interest to the public.
    • Community Managers
      1. Meetings are mandatory and must be attended until the chairperson concludes the meeting.
      2. The inability to join a meeting or attend it fully must be communicated before the start of the meeting.
      3. If there is no majority presence possible, the meeting must be rescheduled.
      4. Forums are to be used for discussions; meetings should only be used to come to conclusions.
      5. Have to respond to bans pending review within 24 hours.
    • Moderators
      1. May not hand out bans longer than 24 hours.
      2. Are to inform Community Managers when a ban requires review for possible extension.

    Ban Rules

    1. All bans must follow the guidelines.
    2. Repeat offences increase the ban length.
    3. If there is no guideline for an infraction, an agreement on the ban has to be reached by at least three members of staff.
    4. Any ban not following the ban report format is invalid.
    5. Any ban enforced without trying to talk to all parties involved is invalid.
    6. Any attempt to evade a ban, be it by lying or leaving, will worsen the punishment.
    7. A ban dispute may only be posted in the ban disputes section.
    8. Trying to circumvent a ban will result in a permanent ban.
    • The Strike System
      • Each ban is associated with a temporary or permanent warning point(s) on the forum.
      • When a member has two warning points, they are on their last warning.
      • Getting a third warning point means an immediate permanent ban.
      • Warning points given for a ban that is overturned will be revoked.

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