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    General Rules


    General Rules

    1. All these rules apply to all official FK platforms, servers and events.
    2. A new member of the community must be 16 years or older.
    3. English is the official language for all FK platforms.
    4. While playing on any FK server, presence on the Teamspeak is required.
    5. Any form of spam is not allowed.
    6. Don’t openly argue with other members in a destructive manner.
    7. Show respect to all members of FK. No matter the platform or in real life.
    8. Be as nice as possible. Use your common sense when making jokes, and do not make jokes at someone's expense without prior permission.
    9. Members are not allowed to “Backseat Admin” — Please report or contact a member of staff.
    10. Witch-hunting or provoking is seen as toxic behaviour.
    11. Don’t post personal information, share private communication or make jokes at someone’s expense without consent.
      • Any personal information or private communication shared with staff members will not be shared further without consent.
    12. Do not share any of the FK Server IPs or Passwords outside of our community, and do not say them aloud - Many people here stream our games.
    13. Advertising another gaming community is forbidden without consent from the CM team.
    14. Cheating or otherwise “gaming the system” to gain an advantage over others or to make mischief is forbidden.
    15. Your Player Name should be recognisable across all major FK platforms* to make users easily identifiable. Having multiple, easily confusing names is actively discouraged. For instance, having the name "MrWhiskers" on TS and "Whiskers" on the Forum is fine. However, having "MrWhiskers" on the TS and "JimmyT" on Discord is not acceptable.
      *The major FK Platforms include TeamSpeak, Discord, the FK Forum and our Arma3 Server.
    16. No-shows to events will be punished by staff.
      • If you can't make it to an event you signed up for, notify the event creator asap.
      • People that reserved a slot but didn’t show up should be reported to staff by the event creator.
    17. We expect a serious attitude from all our members when on an FK platform. If a lack of seriousness compromises enjoyment it will be punished.
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