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    Forum, Teamspeak and Discord Rules


    Forum Rules

    1. Posting adult content is forbidden.
    2. Having multiple accounts is forbidden.
    3. Explicit content in your avatar or profile picture is forbidden.
    4. Overly large fonts or walls of repeating characters are considered spam.
    5. Excessive usage of @mentions is considered spam.
    6. Posting malicious links is forbidden.
    7. Make sure there are no existing posts on the subject you want to be answered before making a post.
    8. Any Think Tank member that discusses topics to a non-Think Tank member will have their privileges removed.

    Teamspeak Rules

    1. All Forum rules apply to Teamspeak.
    2. All members should have working microphones.
    3. Mic Spam, Constant Transmission without Staff permission, Mass Pokes and constantly switching rooms is forbidden.
    4. Soundboards and music may be played if no-one in the room opposes it. If you fail to stop after being requested to, you will be removed from the mission and/or Teamspeak.
    5. Don’t use inappropriate names.
    6. Don’t use the usernames of other members without consent.

    Discord Rules

    1. All Forum and Teamspeak rules apply to Discord.

    Platform Rules

    1. Streams/Youtube channels cannot be advertised on FK Platforms without prior permission from the FK Staff. Exceptions are made within the Twitch Clips/Videos thread, on the Videos/Stream Page and any CM approved charity events.”
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