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    ARMA Rules

    • General
      1. ARMA sessions start at 7 PM UK Time and at 2 AM UK Time. 
      2. These missions are called EU 1st/2nd and NA 1st/2nd
      3. Always follow orders given by superiors, unless that order will result in breaking the rules.
      4. No intentional discharge, or throwing of throwable items in the spawn area during the briefing.
      5. You are not allowed to place objects in or around spawn, unless given permission by superiors.
      6. * No intentional team killing.
      7. You are not allowed to leave mid-mission without appropriate reasoning if Zeus has announced respawns.
      8. All calendar missions are to be made at least three days before the intended mission day.
      9. Side chat is not to be used unless it is for technical issues.
      10. Meaningless drawings on the map are not allowed.
      11. Your in-game name must be the same as your TS name.
      12. You are not allowed to build trenches on the road.
      13. Remove all trenches when leaving an area.
    • Slotting
      1. Slots are non-reservable. They are first come, first serve.
        • 1st and 2nd missions will be slotted following the tags procedure.
        • Calendar missions can have asset/tag roles as reserved slots.
      2. FNGs are not allowed to join the server before being pulled into ARMA start room during 1st or 2nd missions.
      3. Tags procedure should be taken as follows:
        • Tagholders
        • Regulars+
        • FNGs.
      4. During 1st or 2nd missions, a slot may only be taken before it is called when requested by a trainer for evaluation or training.
      5. When attaching to a squad, you may only take on the role of a Rifleman.
      6. If the destruction of an asset is considered a failure condition or a Squad is designated for a ‘Special Purpose’ which will fail the mission if not completed, Zeus can prohibit evals on these assets/squads.
        • Evals are prohibited during TvTs.
    • Assets
      1. Only Platoon Drone Operator or units designated by Platoon Lead can take drones. The Zeus decides what drone is available.
      2. Once you have played an asset for a mission, you will not be allowed to take that asset in the following mission. Assets include:
        • Vehicle Crew
        • Pilots
        • Mortar
        • Prophet
        • NOTE; A tag holder can take a slot if no other tag holder wants it.
      3. If you have played the same asset for multiple days in a row, you lose the right of tag holder of that asset for that day.
      4. Enemy assets are prohibited from being used unless explicitly permitted by the Zeus. Motorized softskin vehicles such as Humvees, GAZes/MRAPs, URALs and similar are exempt from this and may be taken freely. Essentially, any enemy vehicle that would require tags for slotting are not to be commandeered or taken. A softskin does not include Armoured Personnel Carriers (BTR/BRDM/M113/etc) or Infantry Fighting Vehicles (BMP/Bradley/etc)
    • Zeus
      1. Zeuses for the 1st and 2nd missions are called out by a Bot one hour before the sessions start.
      2. People willing to Zeus must apply for a mission by:
        • Using the Discord Bot or
        • Making a calendar event.
      3. Calendar events are only for heavy gear-restricted/thematic missions.
      4. Abusing calendar events for ensuring Zeus slot is prohibited.
      5. Only the following restrictions can be applied by Zeuses for non-calendar events:
        • Medical system
        • Unit tracking
        • No Night Vision Equipment
        • No GPS
        • Ammo limits
      6. The following restrictions can be applied by all Zeus and Co-Zeus tag holders for non-calendar events (The faction is defined by what Zeus provides with. This can be a Wikipedia article with a list of equipment or other sources):
        • Faction specific weapons
        • Faction specific launchers
        • Faction specific optics
      7. Zeus decides the side and assets for the platoon.
      8. Zeus is allowed to enforce a faction as which the platoon must play.
      9. It is prohibited to take a Zeus slot in an ongoing mission without permission from the main Zeus.
      10. Zeuses are given a time limit for missions that they need to adhere to. The time starts once slotting is completed and they are given 2 hours to manage their mission. Once the time limit has been exceeded, the Zeus is given 15 minutes to wrap up the mission. This means they don't force the players to complete several new objectives and instead focus on concluding the scenario in a plausible manner. If the mission is still going once 2 hours 15 minutes have passed, any player that needs to leave is allowed to do so. This does not apply to calendar missions which are booked in advance.
    • General squads
      1. Stick to your given role.
      2. Stick with your squad, unless permission or instructions were given by the Squad Lead to do otherwise. (Lone Wolfing)
      3. When the briefing is being given, anyone not giving a briefing should not be heard at the briefing.
      4. Unless explicit permission has been given, only the following roles should be at the briefing:
        • Platoon HQ
        • Squad Leads
        • Asset Leads
    • Weapons/Additional Gear
      1. ** All players must take side- and role-specific weaponry.
      2. ** Weapons must not be able to use ammunition which exceeds 7.92 mm, except for shotgun and pistol calibers. Bolt action rifles and Anti-Materiel Rifles are not allowed.
        • Prophet is exempt from this.
      3. ** Magazines with a capacity of 42 rounds or more are only to be used by Autorifleman. Pistol caliber weapons are excluded from this rule (P90, PP2000, etc).
      4.  Squads are allowed one Designated Marksman at Squad Lead’s discretion. This Marksman is to be one of the Rifleman slots only. This is to prevent people from playing multiple roles at once.
      5. * Squads are allowed 3 UGL at Squad Lead’s discretion (SLs UGL cannot be transferred to other squad member)
      6. Scope limitations are:
        • Regular infantry is allowed up to 4x magnification.
        • The Designated Marksman is allowed to take up to 12x magnification.
        • Prophet can take any magnification.
      7. * Thermal vision scopes or goggles are not allowed.
      8. * Laser Designators are limited to Leadership roles.
      9. Explosive ammo for firearms and doomsday buckshot is not allowed.
      10. ** Rocket launchers are limited to Rifleman (LAT) and Rifleman.
      11. * The following combinations of rocket launchers are allowed:
        • Up to three LAT-Launchers. (LAT is a single shot launcher)
        • Up to one AA/ MAT/HAT-launcher with up to 1+3 rockets. (MAT is regular reloadable launchers and HAT is lock-on AT
      12. Squad Lead Tagholders are allowed to restrict all members of their squad to all weapons that take a specific magazine chosen by the Squad Lead. This is in order to ensure all members of a squad can share magazines. In addition to this, they may also limit their squad members to how many explosives and magazines they can take with them.
      13. Only SL have a Long Range by default, but a SL can designate one extra LR to one of his team leaders.
    • Clothing
      1. Platoon decides the camouflage or uniform used by all squads.
        • If Zeus has specified a faction, the platoon must take a camo of that faction.
      2. ** Helmets, vests and backpacks have to fit the camo and role.
      3. Squad leaders are allowed to enforce types of helmets, vests and backpacks, given they fit the camo.
      4. Non-protective headgear may be taken at your own risk unless the Squad Lead has enforced headgear.
    • Mission Uploading
      1. Missions must be thoroughly tested before being submitted.
      2. Missions must be submitted through GitLab.
      3. Missions must be thoroughly tested on the testing server by at least two mission testers, before pushing it to the main server.
      4. Missions must be tested and approved before a calendar post may be approved.

    Rules marked with * can be overruled at Zeus’ discretion with the intent of improving the mission.
    Rules marked with ** can only be relaxed by Zeus.


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