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  • Zeus Training and evaluation



    by @Tomo and @Vericht for FK community. July 2018

    Zeus tags description and advantages:


    A person who is able to assist main Zeus in the mission or run a simple mission by himself. Has a decent knowledge of most useful modules, but not necessarily able to consistently design solid mission from scratch or/and run it single-handedly.

    • Has preference over non-tagholders if main Zeus requires a Co-Zeus
    • Has multiplier of 2 over non-tagholders on Zeus picker
    • Not allowed to run calendar mission alone, requires at least one co-Zeus


    Has an excellent knowledge of Zeus modules and controls. Capable of running mission all by themselves even more complex ones. Able to backup a mission with a good backstory, provide context and immersion. Capable of managing co-zeuses.

    • Has preference over all others if main Zeus requires a co-zeus
    • Has multiplier of 4 over all others on Zeus picker
    • Allowed to run calendar missions alone

    Evaluation Process:

    Requirements for tags:


    Two evaluations total:

    • 1x private exam session (to check technical abilities)
    • 1x mission pitch for upcoming eval
    • 1x main mission with assistance of Zeus trainer


    Four evaluations total:

    • 4x mission pitches for each eval
    • 4x main missions with observation of Zeus trainer

    The order of evaluation:

    1. Evaluee must apply to the waiting list, so trainers will be capable of tracking the queue. A person must get co-zeus tag first and only then apply for the Zeus tag.
    2. After application evaluee is able to request an eval (either private session or main mission).
    3. For main mission eval person should provide a mission pitch and have it approved by the Zeus trainers.
    4. Eval should be requested at least two hours before the picking of zeuses that day so Zeus trainer will be able to book a mission beforehand.
    5. A Zeus evaluation of any kind may only occur every 5 days.
    6. A singular evaluee may only take an evaluation once every 7 days.

    Evaluation requests links:

    To be announced. No applications will be considered before that.

    Mission pitch structure/requirements:

    • Platoon layout (squad layouts and assets)
    • Restrictions
    • Map of the AO with a marked objective
    • Backstory
    • Objective description (with pictures if feeling fancy)
    • A layout of the enemy forces
    • Win/Fail conditions
    • Scaling possibilities (mission should be possible to play as for 30 people as for full server)
    • Step-by-step mission scenario (how the mission should unfold, peak and end)

    Evaluation parameters:


    • General Zeusing
      • Module knowledge
      • Controls knowledge
      • Communications
      • Performance monitoring
    • Mission design
      • Knowledge of assets capabilities
    • Balance abilities
      • Pace control
      • Assets balance


    • General Zeusing
      • Module knowledge
      • Controls knowledge
      • Communications
      • Performance monitoring
      • Co-Zeus control
    • Storytelling
      • Immersion
      • Planned players involvement
      • Zeus/Players cooperation
    • Mission design
      • Knowledge of different mission types
      • Planning of objectives
      • Knowledge of assets capabilities
      • Scaling abilities
    • Balance abilities
      • Pace control
      • Difficulty control
      • Assets balance
      • Restrictions

    Personal skill coefficient (PSC):

    Each person will have a personal skill coefficient range. It depends on person’s efficiency as a Zeus and overall quality of his missions.

    This coefficient value varies from 0.5 to 1.5 for each person. The initial coefficient for any person is 1.

    • Coefficient from 1 to 1.5 will give a person a small advantage over other tagholders within all groups.
    • Coefficient from 1 to 0.5 essentially pulls tag holder towards lower tag group and after breaching 0.5 will result in demotion (see Promotion/Demotion rules)
    • The coefficient of 0 means that a person is banned from Zeusing completely.

    *Top coefficient value may be changed during the test period.*


    If the person’s coefficient drops below the 0.5 - a person will be demoted to the previous tag and his personal skill coefficient will be reset back to the value of 1. After that, he will be able to gain better coefficient but still will have to take evaluations to be promoted to the next tag.

    After achieving a higher tag skill coefficient will be reset back to 1 as well.

    Rating system:

    • by the AAR thread
    • Evaluation/Observation by trainers (in the mission)
    • Discussing privately with players, including Asset/Platoon leaders and other trainers
    • Zeus trainer experience, based on the following:
      • personal experience with the player, including as co-zeuses
      • current tag level
      • experience playing within the player’s missions


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