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Mission Feedback.
Remember to tag the people you want to directly adress (eg. your SL/2iC, Zeus)





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Posted (edited)

1st Mission - PVP - Pirate PKM

Zeus - N/A

Platoon - N/A

Squad - N/A

Mission was amazing, most fun ive had on arma in a while! great mission and i want to see more of this, no criticism

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1st Mission - PVP - Pirate


Mission was super fun to play. I drove one of the technicals and managed to down the Russian heli. Cant remember the names of my pirate gunners but you where great people to drive around with.


Also im sorry for running @Sarissa over at the beginning of the mission. that technical was extremely lurchey and hard to control.


overall ridiculously fun mission, amazing ending with the Russian BTR getting ARMAed and then the tank crew driving a different Vic into an IED. ( @Nugget30 & @ZentharTheMagician responsible for that one). Would love to do more mission with {irates.


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Posted (edited)

First mission(Bravo)

Zeus: Not sure who :S

Such a great PvP mission, loved the setup.
Since we had an actual objective instead of blindly walking till you get shot, it gave the mission a lot more coordination and a very good style.
Maybe next time it should be slightly more balanced to give the Russians a bit more chance.
Other than that was good fun and definitely looking forward to the next mission.

Squad IC: @Callistano @Lenny @BlackJack @Brandon @GarySqueak @ghostsquid @Rezonath 
First thing of the mission was @Lenny telling everyone to keep the comms clear and not use it for shit at any point in the mission.
This is great stuff to see because that's how this game should be played in my eyes, no useless shit, focus on the mission and clear our objective.
From that point on we had a good plan, we did one attack and then switched to the other side of the island to flank them while they where distracted, love to see such plans to fuck with their mind.
Eventually i got taken out by @Craidus (Damn good flanking man, well done) because our right side wasn't being covered unfortunately.
All in all a great mission in which the lead clearly showed from the start off that they don't want unnecessary shit , which is how it should be done.

Second mission(Charlie - MAT Rifleman)

Zeus: @Forked @Argon @Neroxen
Well well.... what a mission guys! Seriously enjoyed this mission alot!
Had an unfortunate DC at the start, but when i got back in i dove right into the action that never really stopped.
We had a over-watch spot at the start, which got a lot more action packed since the enemy had a mortar team, not very accurate, but more dangerous after a while.
Really loved the add of the mortar team, added some level of danger that wasn't directly dangerous but sitting still too long was no option.
Good balance between enemy's to shoot at/take casualty's from, which made it all together a great mission.

Platoon lead:  @NeilZar / @Rezonath
Didn't have comms with you so not much to say, plan was clear and my squad lead always had good orders so it seemed good.

Squad IC: @andyt90
Well done Andy, was a really good time having you as squad lead.
Very clear orders, and always keeping the squad up to date on the objective and orders from up the chain.
Saw a lot of usage of the blue/red team which still isn't often used as good, but you definitely made a great use of both teams.
Thanks for the leading, was an awesome mission.

Squad: @Vizel(2IC)  @Linnet @Vesper Akiri @thePier @Craidus @Tynakuh @Toasty @Sarissa
Thanks for the mission guys, like said above this mission was a blast to play, also thanks to you all.
Throughout the whole mission everyone stayed serious and focused on the mission.
From the start of at the arsenal everyone stayed calm and had a nice talk, this continued throughout the mission, and till the end we had good/clear comms.
Good to hear at the end that no-one intended to shoot each other from our squad. Unfortunately i got shot by another teammate (Looking at you @Sora01 i believe D:< ) 

When a T-34 chases us and rolls down the mountain behind us, please give me a range on it.
It can only aim at 1 or 2 at once because we are spread out, so please someone else give a range on it so i don't have to guess it.
Lesson i learned myself out of this situation: I should have taken more time myself and had i taken out my rangefinder myself instead of guessing it, i might not have missed by a centimeter.

Edited by Lyecer

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1st Mission – Opfor Bravo Medic

Zeus: @Katla_Haddock  (?)

Liked the mission a lot. We had great fun and it managed to only take one hour. Preset loadouts were on point, at least for the medic. Maybe a little more ammo for AR for suppression? No scopes is obviously the way to go in PvP in my experience. The map was great also, as it limited the approaches to the town and that avoids too complicated and time consuming maneuvers. Big PvP missions of late have been really fun compared to the smaller special forces vs. Russians -type PvPs.

Platoon: We didn’t have one, I believe.


Squad: SL: @Callistano   2iC: @Lenny

@BlackJack @Lyecer @Brandon @GarySqueak @ghostsquid @Rezonath 

Nice leading from SL and 2iC in my opinion. We had an actual plan and did change it when it was called for. Alpha I believe were almost wiped earlier and the rest of them joined us, just to get themselves killed. At the southern approach, we were surprised by an enemy attachment that wiped the red team and that was pretty much the end of us. Blue team courageously flanked the docks with the support of our BTR and managed to take some pirates down, but alas, there were too many. As a last infantry survivor, I decided to try cloak and dagger tactics with a smoke. Of course, that went horribly wrong, but at least hastened the end of the mission on my part.

To all: I did notice that some people didn’t really grasp the difference between AI enemy and player enemy, even though our squad leads reminded us of that many times. I saw people acting the same as they do with PvE missions, which is worrying. AI will probably see you crouching in front of a bush, but player may not. And sky lining yourself against enemy if like a beacon in a dark forest for the enemy (I saw that a lot especially in the pirate side). Standing on top of a roof is actually a terrible place to be if you don’t have any background. Also, spacing, smokes and suppressive fire actually matter in PvP with instadeath on. I like the immersion that you get from actually having your heart race a little and being jumpy when you are that last survivor of your squad and can hear the enemy talking around the corner.  All in all I had a great time, great mission and thank you all for it.



2nd Mission – Platoon Medic

Zeus: @Forked @Argon @Neroxen 

A working mission. Simple enough objectives and just enough enemy to kill us few times over. Also, liked the spreading of the enemy as watching your back was necessary even in platoon.  Of course, that might also be because Echo might not know how to clear an area…

Platoon/squad: @NeilZar @Rezonath (PltHQ in training) @Doctadoone

Heard platooning for a change as I didn’t lazily park myself in squad medic role without a long range (which is probably best with my SL skills and confidence). I felt it was good platooning by Rezo even with the comms trouble and squads getting killed all the time. Neilzar picked up the slack of RTO and at times PLT lead. Even platoon managed to die apart from Neilzar as SOME squads don’t clear areas too well… (jk, jk)


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Mission 1 - Pirate PKM Autorifleman

PvP mission, Somali pirates vs Russians. This mission was fun as hell, surprisingly well balanced for a pvp mission with all the tension and hilarity you would expect from FK. So I was in squad 4 'led' by @anden3, in reality we all kind of mingled and did our own thing as their wasn't much need for structure and since when did pirates have structure anyway. So me and my ammo buddy set up on a building with good sight lines but enough cover so we wouldn't immediately get destroyed. Things were fairly quiet for a while, the enemy heli circled us doing some gun runs and we spotted some pesky Ruskies running across the ridges to our East. As you do with an LMG I sprayed them down hoping to hit someone with accuracy by volume, it seemed to keep them at bay as they took their time to advance. After a little while though our first objective to defend got blown up and at this point we were starting to take fairly heavy casualties, also the enemy BTR now had sight lines on my position so I was a bit stuck and slowly bleeding out wondering how I should proceed. Luckily @lemuel1 randomly showed up and he happened to be a medic so we got patched up and made a run for it south where most of our survivors were. Unfortunately in an attempt to take out the BTR @lemuel1 died to his own back blast so we were down another. By this point we must have only had 7 or so of us left alive with the rest of the enemy Russians pushing towards us, we managed to catch a few out but the main problem was the BTR, which I failed to hit with our last rpg. It was rather tense as I sneaked around trying to avoid crossing paths with the BTR while also looking for something to deal with it. Thankfully god was on our side this day though and it got blown up thanks to Arma, then @Nugget30 drove the crew right over an IED leaving the pirates with victory, hooray!

Can't really comment on zeus/platoon/squad as there wasn't really any.

Overall an incredibly fun mission and actually my first proper PvP mission in which I am proud to have survived, despite somehow not killing anyone with the 600+ rounds I fired.



Mission 2 - Alpha LAT

A more standard mission following the PvP mayhem. We were the US fighting African Militia with the task of destroying some vehicle depots before taking out the Warlord. Mission started out with us loading into M113's and proceeding to the vehicle depots, drive there was rather hilarious with @Nugget30 slowly losing his mind and our M113 deciding to have a bit of a dance all on its own as we tried to ford the river to our objective. Once we got to where we needed to be we dismounted and started engaging the multiple hostiles inside the town before slowly moving up to clear it. This all went rather smoothly until I got complacent and stopped paying attention to my surrounding as we got to the vehicle depot thinking it was all clear, I payed the price with my life unfortunately as there were two enemies in front of me I did not see and as I tried to take them out I ran out of ammo and took a bullet to the head. Not too long after we got a re-spawn wave so I linked back up with Alpha and we cleared the rest of the town before waiting for Delta to catch up so we could proceed to the next objective. Between us and the warlord however was a town in which lay an enemy MBT. I prepped my LAT but held off briefly as I tried to range and waited to see if the person in Bravo with the javelin was going to shoot first since I did not have the clearest of shots. In this brief moment however a single tank shell took out half of Alpha leaving us with just 4 people with our SL and 2iC dead. The rest of us moved up as planned and cleared the town in front of us and proceeded to the final objective where it was mission complete.

Zeus - @Forked Overall fun mission and pretty well zeused as a whole, gave us plenty to shoot at without leaving us overwhelmed. Few things I was a bit confused by though were the decision to spawn EI about 20m outside of base which shot us immediately as we left, as well as the spawning enemy M113's that were identical to our friendly ones resulting in quite a bit of death and confusion. Besides these things though the mission was good.

Platoon - @NeilZar Good platooning as would be expected. Plan was good, briefing was good and execution was solid. So from my perspective it was all fine, though I am not sure how comms were since I was just LAT but I didn't hear anyone complain about them so I will assume they were all fine too. No complaints.

Squad - @Nugget30 As per usual, great leading, the use of 3 separate fire teams seems to be working well. Comms were clear, orders were clear and followed. Overall squad was great.


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10 hours ago, Lyecer said:

Good to hear at the end that no-one intended to shoot each other from our squad. Unfortunately i got shot by another teammate (Looking at you @Sora01 i believe D:< ) 

If there was a loud bang, that was me :^) I wanted to fire my Ilaw I picked up from biscuit 2.


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12 hours ago, Shroomzeh said:

@lemuel1 died to his own back blast so we were down another.

I'm actually not sure what killed me in the end it sounded like gunfire but when I zoomed out in spectator cam there was no one around me?

Anyway it was a good PvP mission and I look forward to playing some more HINTHINT @Woody


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Second Mission
Zeus: @Argon @Forked
Delta TL: @andyt90
Delta 2iC: @Vizel
Role: Assistant Autorifleman ( @Vesper Akiri )

Mission went really well, with no flaws of any kind. I want to say sorry to @Vesper Akiri about me being separated from him since we salvaged a friedly armored vehicle and an enemy technical ^^"

Third Mission
Zeus: @Digby Tatham-Warter
Alpha TL: @andyt90
Alpha 2iC: @wyvern
Role: Rifleman AT

I'm a bullet magnet as stated by Andy xD Jokes aside: mission was smooth but I expected an enemy assault sent by Zeus at the friendly military base when we were there rescuing our allies.


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Posted (edited)

1st Mission- BTR Commander- "Bad things happen when I drive..... -BOOM!!!!!!!!-"

Zeus- What zeus??? We had no Zeus!!! I have no idea whose mission this was though.

Platoon- Communication with the squads was good, just wish we had a better position at the beginning so we could've prevented Alpha being wiped.

Squad- We did good, even with myself suffering from sound glitch issues, and the absolute shittiness of the BTR. Again, I'm not allowed to drive because bad things happen and that was proven during this mission.

Overall- I am not allowed to drive, ever... I have been banned by the community from driving. Not the CM's, the community in general. Also, none of my crew told me the IED was in front of us. I also had no idea what had happened when we died because my sound wasn't on. I thought the mission had just ended.

2nd Mission- Alpha SL- "You'll never get your SL Tags until I survive one mission in your squad.... -dead-" @mekboy_4000

Zeus- @Forked mission was good. I really have no complaints for you mainly seeing as how my squad never made contact with the guys you spawned near the base.

Platoon- @Rezonath and @NeilZar, mission plan was good even though it lead to most squad being beat to shit. And 1 squad in particular being completely incompetent.

Squad- We did good. I was getting kind of frustrated with everyone as thy weren't sticking with their fireteams during our assault on the Vehicle Depot, which lead to our squad taking several casualties that could've been avoided.

Overall- Enjoyed the mission. Did not enjoy cresting a hill and getting blasted in the face by a T-34.

3rd Mission- RTO- "Digby has lost his fucking mind."

Zeus- @Digby Tatham-Warter did a great job as always on your missions. I'm not sure if you are actually losing mind or it was just because it was late for you, but you were fucking way out in left field.

Platoon- Bagpipes 1-1 did a good job, so I have no complaints for you guys. @Wattsits and @ZentharTheMagician, sorry things got confusing near the end of the mission. Orders were coming to me in a confusing way and i did my best to give the orders in a less confusing manner.

Squad- We all carried the same weapon then myslef and @ToffRocket became really scared of @Doctadoone as he was getting extremely pissed off.

Overall- Mission was fun and I found a new gun that I like so were good.

4th Mission- Alpha LAT/RTO- "Warlord... My squad fucking ditched me."

Zeus- I know it was @warlordsh and somebody put I can't put my finger on it. Mission was, I was AFK for the first part of it but the last part was really good up until my fucking squad ditched me.

Platoon- I originally wasn't RTO but I took over because the current RTO had no idea what he was doing. Sorry to Retard 1-1 at the end, I could not hear shit from @Wattsits after he died.

Squad- @Wattsits did really good as SL. I'm sorry I went off comms after Feruz Bad, I was extremely pissed off by being ignored and being told I was taking to long to respond even though I had told them several times where I was and I even marked it on the map, yet they ditched me still. I also could not hear a word you were saying after you came back from being dead and nobody was inclined to tell me. I also sat on 69 for a long while and heard nothing but silence even from Bravo. SO I joined up with @LTRampageX because he appreciates me. So @Silver Snow pay attention when you are a medic because I said where I was 5 fucking times. PAY ATTENTION REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Also, I know that ditching my squad is bad but nobody told me I couldn't and it wasn't because of conflict with SL, it was because  the Squad didn't listen properly.

Overall- I drove a go-kart into a fucking bush then my go-kart blew up.

5th Mission- Alpha SL- No Quote

Had fun with this, not gonna do a whole debrief because there is no point.

Edited by Nugget30

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Zeus: N/A

Platoon: N/A

Squad: Rode around in the gun on @mekboy_4000's technical, until I got sniped out by the first shot from the Mi-8 on one of it orbits.

Overall: Most fun I've had in a mission yet. Being PvP made it a lot more entertaining than just going against enemy AI spawned by Zeus.


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Zeus: @Mister Magoo

Platoon: @ObeseSkyDiver

@Pest @ZentharTheMagician 


Have to say a really good mission by @Mister Magoo, It was the perfect balance between enemy forces and the small squad that was assaulting. Well paced and enjoyable for myself and hope the others felt the same. 10/10 should zeus again although is incompetent.

 The highlight for the night was when @ZentharTheMagician (acting as the local police force) Pulled me over for speeding in a helicopter he proceeded to arrest myself and those on board the aircraft. One of the squad members executed him and therefore he reincarnated as another police officer and handcuffed us all. He loaded us into his police vehicle and drove us into the ocean. Best ending to a mission by far.

Thanks for the ridiculousness


[email protected]




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