Server Upkeep

Goal starts 28/02/17

Welcome to the donation page! Seeing as you're here, I presume you're interested in donating!

The money you donate will go towards helping us keep the severs on! Currently we host one ARMA 3 server, where we play all our ARMA games, a repository server which
allows us to distribute the mods to the people that play here, our website which contains all our forums and information, and our Teamspeak.

Our current goal is set to €150 a month, as this is what we currently spend on the servers. Most of this goes towards the ARMA server itself, at €60 a month. The rest is split between Minecraft, the FK Website, Teamspeak and ARMA 3 repository.

For a full break down please take a look here.

The more donations we get, the more servers we can host, and the more servers we can host, the more fun you have!

Thank you for playing with us!

The Fuck Knows team.

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    425.00 EUR of 150.00 EUR goal reached.