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  • Hi There! So Little JimBobxx194Xx, You want to join our Arma missions?

    Sure! But first, there's a few things we need to go over. I'll go over everything from what you need, to what to expect. So, in the words of The Joker - Here..we..Go!


    We have some rules, located here. Please read them over before you start playing, so everyone can get along!

    We're not here to hinder your experience. However - We are here to make sure everyone has a fun time as possible. This is why we have created these rules, and are constantly taking feedback on them. Thy're here to make sure everyone has fun!

    What do I need to get playing?

    The first thing you need is ARMA 3. You can get this from STEAM, obviously.

    As for DLC - It's not necessary to have any to play with us! The APEX DLC is needed when we occasionally play the 'Tanoa' map though, so if you want to play those missions, you will need it!

    As for the other Sniper/Heli/Kart DLC's, not necessary either, but sometimes useful!


    What about mods? I need mods, right?

    Correct! We use a load of different mods and files to make the gaming experience better. We currently recommend the Steam Workshop to get these mods up and running easily.

    To do this, Check out the link below for Katla's  "HOW TO: FK Mods". Following it is the quickest and easiest way to download the mods.

    Great! Time to start shooting!

    Wow! Slow down there, Little JimBob. There's a few more things we need to go over.

    1. You need Teamspeak. Teamspeak is how we talk to each other both in and out of game.

    If you don't have it, get it! If you're not willing to get it, then we can't talk to you. This means we can't give you orders or help, and you won't be allowed to play. Sorry


    Wait! This isn't sounding like the YouTube Stuff!

    Wellll... It is, and it isn't.

    We are a Semi-Realistic server. Meaning we like to have fun and a joke - But while playing in a semi-serious way. We have Squads, Squad Leads, and Platoon Leads. All orders go down the line. Not up. Check below.




    You can certainly ask your Squad Leader a question, or help out where needed - But in the end - What he says, goes.

    If he tells you to take a village by force, that's what you're going to do. If you don't like it, suck it up. 


    What about Sniping/Flying/Mortar?

    These positions are restricted to Regulars and above, not FNG's (The smiley face you may have on Teamspeak).

    After you play for a few weeks and we think you've played enough, you will become a Regular. From there, you can mess around in the ARMA editor or attend training to learn how to operate assets such as Aircraft or Tanks. Once you think you're ready, slot into an asset slot if Zeus has told everyone it is available.

    Be aware, make sure you know what to do as the asset, or we won't be happy!


    I want to join MrYouTuber200 and MrsTwitch3000's squad! 

    We try to enforce the whole "DON'T FANBOY!" thing. If we find ANYONE fanboying in which you keep joining a certain persons squad, or attaching to that squad, we'll kick you. People come here to chill out and play. Not to put up with fanboys and having people hang onto them the whole way. 


    How do I Join?

    Simple! Head back to the home page, and join our Team Speak channel. From there, wait around! We usually have bigger night-time missions starting around 7pm GMT. From there, we will give you the server IP and password. If we find anyone handing these out - We will change the server password and you will be banned. We're fine giving it out, but under a controlled circumstance. And don't say the password out loud! Missions are started in either the Main Mission start room or the Off-Hours/Side missions Room. Make sure you are in there if you wanna play. 


    I don't know a lot about ARMA though!

    Before playing your first mission we recommend you look for a basic training to get you up to speed on the calendar.
    You can also have a look at this subforum to help you out.

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