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  2. Ello and welcome. Ask whatever questions you may have on the forums or TS. Most people will be able to help. Wanted to type more but tired. Hah.
  3. Welcome to the happy dysfunctional family that is FK. Feel free to ask any questions you may have (check forums first tho) on the TS. We play more games aside from Arma so don't hesitate to ask if people want to join a session of CS:GO or Rocket League to give an example. Hope to see you around, cheers.
  4. I will bludgeon you.
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  6. Mission 4 - Alpha Autorifleman Mission: Destroy BM21 rocket artillery batteries(Alpha's objective.), rescue Jesus. Zeus: Woody - Great mission, I enjoyed myself and didn't think Platoon: Not much to say here, I spoke to platoon maybe once or twice when I grabbed my 2IC's LR and I think they were getting torn up as much as Alpha was. Squad: I believe my SL was Sam41, he did a great job splitting us into two teams, it was just unfortunate his team didn't make it and died quickly by what I think was a Strider APC. Story Time/Summary: Being apart of Alpha was fun, we were on our own to assault a town full of hostiles and rocket artillery. After landing we split into two groups, our 2IC and red team heading through the middle and Blue team and SL attacking from the right. Blue team and our SL got chewed up and spit out early on but red team made good progress until our 2IC got his head blasted off. I took command of the squad afterwards and had us regroup at a nearby barn until we were pinned down. Eventually we cleared enough enemies for myself and another squadmate to push towards the artillery while the rest covered, @Painkiller300 provided great covering fire for us. The other guy with me got killed in close quarters but I was able to carry on and rig the arty to blow with his spare charges. At this point it was me and 1 other person in Alpha... The last thing I heard from him over the radio was that he was wounded and to detonate the charges when I asked him if he was clear. I never saw him again. We completed our objective however as I regretfully listened to my squad mate and blew up the arty. Afterwards I discovered that the team that had given us covering fire had died and it was just me left. I held my ground and awaited reinforcements in the barn and in a few buildings in the area for a while. Zeus kept me on my toes and I had to kill a lot of bad guys surviving on my own. I felt like rambo blowing up those BM-21's and murdering everything I saw with my SAW in revenge of my squad. Great fun and a great mission. I feel like some of our casualties were avoidable given more time but we had to get the job done quickly. So we did. Mission 5 - Bravo SL Mission: Clear 4 towns and assault the main enemy stronghold. Zeus: Did great keeping us on our toes, had fun dodging IED's and clearing our objectives. Platoon: Alpha was platoon for this one @beardedstate was in charge I believe, did a great job with the radio. Didn't talk to platoon too much but I didn't need too which was good. I gave SITREPS when needed and updated him on our progress. Good work. Squad: My squad did a great job sweeping and clearing our objectives, we had 1 casualty at our first objective and a couple at our second (Apparently standing on top of IED's and shooting them doesn't defuse them). I mem leaked midway through the final objective but I hope it went well for you all. We encountered a few civilians but they definitely had guns on them. Definitely. Summary: Fun mission, great job @Silberjojo commanding Hammer our Knight element and great job to Charlie as well for the overwatch while we cleared the first objective and trading that civ bananas for his Ural lmao(Always bring battle bananas). The mission took a while but we got it done and made sure we cleared all buildings in both objectives without many casualties.
  7. Mission 1 Zues: Great mission from @Monocled Badger ensured light land resistance but heavy air support from the IA. Platoon: @Urist McGLORY made sure a lot of coordination between squads while engaging on to the airfield from all directions. Squad: Our Bravo squad lead was @ZentharTheMagician did very good job ensuring that all member of the team wouldn't get ambushed or receive high casualties. ordered us to provide over watch while other squads were pushing in to the airfield. Mission: to clear Alpha, Bravo and Charlie objectives and destroy artillery. Summery: alto no plan was introduced while briefing in the spawn got short briefing while in the vehicles didn't had a chance to take demo blocks with us. Overall great mission! Mission 3 Zues: Great light mission no major casualties received. Platoon: Good platooning from @Wattsits using high grounds to push on to the objective. Squad: Yet again great leading from @ZentharTheMagician Mission: To find and destroy BM21 with in massive forest. Summery: Alpha and Bravo squads engaged the camp where BM was kept used demo blocks mission complete. Mission 4 Zeus: @Woody was very entertaining to watch from bravo death cam placing AI on a boat inside a church Platoon: Nothing bad to say here. Squad: Bravo lead @ZentharTheMagician took us at very close combat if it wasn't the IA shooting thought the walls we would have survived haha Mission: To clear Alpha, Bravo and Charlie objectives and find Jesus. Summery: While clearing Comms tower Bravo received high casualties at first objective by assumed non operational MRAP and then at the second objective a complete annihilation of the entire squad by AI shooting thought the walls where Jesus was kept as a hostage. Mission 5 Zeus: @Mopafid and @Ruekatu very fun mission AI spawns was reasonable, suicide bombers and hostiles plated with in the buildings! IEDs were scattered across the town where we found 6 tanks. Pt: Not sure who they were if we had them even. Squad: Mission had Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and a Knight. Amazing Bravo lead from @LTRampageX kept most of the man alive who haven't died while shooting at the IEDs lol @Sam41 and @Mister Magoo(Happiest Hippo).. Mission: to clear 5 objectives and destroy 6 tanks Summery: Used MRAPs to engage objectives and clear towns. at the near end our MRAPs wheels were stolen all 6 of them lmao,while Charlie buying euro from a civilian with bananas Rip SAM and Hippo
  8. Yesterday
  9. 2nd Mission - Bravo Rifleman Zeus: Fun and challenging mission. I believe @Hekhal was the main Zeus. I really like the infantry + MRAP combo for squads and the opposition we met was on a good level to match us. Platoon: Did perfectly okay from what I could tell, I didn't have any direct contact with them beyond seeing their last known position being fought over by friendly and enemy armour. Squad: @Rorkiy was Squad lead, @Popper was 2iC. As has been mentioned above by Rorkiy, when Bravo entered one of the early objectives (compound with enemies) our SL was shot multiple times by friendlies and was dead before his still warm body hit the ground. The only thing I can think of (besides Charlie squad checking their targets first ) is to send more "disposable" personnel first into tight unexplored spaces instead of charging first at it yourself. Even if we can all appreciate the bravery of a leader who actually leads from the front we were a bit lost after you got shot. A good squad lead is worth more than one of red or blue team members and I would personally be happy take a bullet so that you can live on. Popper did an okay job filling in for SL once the shock of losing our beloved SL passed. I had a ton of fun clearing buildings and gunning down choppers with a .50cal. Bravo squad for life. 3nd Mission - Assistant Autorifleman (Ammo Buddy) Zeus: I don't remember who but was the Zeus but the mission was very creative and original. I particularly liked the fact that the nearby villages actually got hit with artillery while we started the mission. It's a small detail but it added to the immersion of the mission. Platoon: Did a good job setting up orders and making sure that squads did not engage unless absolutely necessary in order to minimize the harm from potential QRFs. Squad: @ZentharTheMagician was Squad lead and did a good job in organizing our scouting, traversal of the surrounding hills and setting up red team on overwatch where we could provide the best cover. @Trinocwas my Daddy our autorifleman and did a splendid job mowing down EI. I also got to use an SSW kit properly for the first time, yay. Gditz out~
  10. @Yason, yeah, all I could do was Scouting with my HuntIR
  11. THIS was my favourite moment of the entire mission! 2 enemy vehicles BLINDLY charging towards our 6 or so trenches knowing they had NO chance to destroy us unless they got past us! Magically not running ANY of us over somehow, only to be anihilated by our amazing squad and then robbed of their rpg's by our squad >.> (Apart from poor sweet mohamed!!)
  12. 2nd Mission - Alpha IC ( @scout2win was the original IC but had to leave at the beginning of the first engagment) Zeus - Great mission. It was simple yet difficult, but not absurdly so! Platoon - Overall was good, although at points you were trying to rush things, repeatedly telling Alpha and Bravo to hurry up whilst we told you multiple times Bravo Medic was healing alpha medic, and at that particular point, no other squads had reached the airfield anyway. Squad - You guys did really well! @SuddenDeath kept things interesting as usual, @jamiehoward430 had issues twice with the stinger and heli's but I'll practise with him outside the server! All in all though you guys did extremely well, especially in that first engagment where the enemies UNDER the green building were almost impossible to see and we got hammered! Story time - We are heading to the last objective, I decide to be tactical, and whilst all squads were attacking virtually the same point on the east side of the airport, we followed the coast line and had a lower elevation than the runway so had a nice point to observe/call targets/plan... We get CHARGED by an mbt.. We all survive, we get 2 lat into it, it runs away.... @SuddenDeathhas the great idea to dig sand castles >.< Then 2 enemy vehicles (Begin with a G I forgot their names again -_-) charge right through our trenches and threaten to wipe us from our flank AND behind, but MIGHTILY ALPHA survive, then we realise each vehicle has LOTS of rpgs.... So we all take some, destroy the MBT then we found a Russian unconscious, so we decided to take him prisoner. Our medic decided that a good use of this Russian was as a meat shield, so we head to the rest of the squads to help them clear the last of the airfield (not knowing at the time just HOW much enemy vics there were left still!!) as we walked we talked to our prisoner and found out his name was Mohamed. Mohamed told us that he didn't want to be in the army and he was forced to, and told us that the Russians have prisoners at the compound that we could probably swap him for, so I promised Mohamed that we would get him home to his family. Other squads wanted to shoot Mohamed but NO! I was DETERMINED to get him home!!!! Theeeeen outside the last enemy compound, Alpha, Echo and the last 2 members of Foxtrot got flanked by an mbt (or btr??) and we all got DECIMATED! We were talking in the "death room" trying to figure out what decimated us all, and I heard someone say "the prisoner got killed by his own side"... I was very sad.... RIP Mohamed 3rd Mission - Alpha IC Zeus - Very simple, short (I reckon this kind should only take 30-45 mins MAX otherwise it would be boring) mission, and i really enjoyed it. True there wasn't a TON of action, but the FIND DESTROY EXFIL was very good, and as there wasn't TOO many EI people didn't get bogged down TOO much. Platoon - Very good, kept good comms Squad - Overall a very simple mission, you all followed orders well, expressed your minds and generally played very well there really isn't a single issue I can think of with you guys. It went really smoothly
  13. 1st Mission- Bravo Assistant Autorifleman Zeus- Great mission. It was simple and easy to do. Plt- Couldn't hear you guys, so I don't really know what was going on. The mission was pretty much just winging it in terms of a plan from you guys. Squad- @ZentharTheMagician did a great job as Bravo's Squad lead. He kept making sure we had something to do because most of the time we were just sitting around on overwatch. Had fun with you guys. Overall- Mission was great and very simple. The only issue I had was the winging it mind set that platoon had taken when it came to the plan. I'm not sure what was different about today with the amount of desyncs, possibly the aLive mod being used, but there was a shit ton of desyncing in Bravo. None of us lost connection but there was still a lot of scares. And yes guys, I only did 1 mission today. I know it is shocking, but I had to do a lot today.
  14. Mission 1: Bravo Medic Zeus: From infantry point of view it was a pretty cool mission. Squad always had some things to do, multiple compounds to clear, lots of targets for LATs, stinger holder definitely didnt get bored either (@scout2wini bet you were sad that you took only 2 extra rockets with amount of choppers in the air ). 10/10, would play again. PLT: No LR, cant really give too much feedback. It surprised me that we went into FUP without a real plan, and everything was basically improvised as we were already in the move. It turned out okay tho, so no real complaints. Mission went surprisingly smooth, i think we were done with everything under 90 mins? SL/2iC: @ZentharTheMagician delivering as always. Really good control of squad split into few teams, making sure that everyone knows exactly what and when to do at every moment. You basically make squad leading seem very easy, and i like your style a lot. @Chukase you didnt really have chance to shine with how well Zenthar was dealing with everything. Overall it was one of these very enjoyable games as a medic. People getting hit were calling their injuries, nickname and position over the short radio. Resupply of medical supplies in the car between objectives went really smooth aswell (How did you guys like it btw? I havent seen any medic doing it before, but it seemed like a good idea to make sure that everyone gets replacements for their used bandages). In the end Bravo finished the mission with just one poor soul dying.
  15. 2nd Mission: Alpha - Rifleman (LAT) SQL: It was @scout2win, but he was shot in the face early and 2iC took over@Crimsonknight3. I thought he did a solid job. Zeus: I liked the mission's progression. It had a nice ramp from where are those shots to WHAT THE LIVING FUCK. It is hard to shoot an RPG after you get shot in the face. Alive REALLY likes to shoot you in the face. It is really scary when you are shooting at a truck and all of a sudden a completely different one drives inches from your face over your trench.
  16. 2nd Mission Was Charlie squad lead I had some issues with @ThatWalder who was a rifleman in my squad. First off, sorry about losing my cool and yelling at you. To summarise what my issue with your behaviour was: You disobeyed direct orders. I understand that you thought my orders were stupid and possibly endangering you or other squad members. I understand that you did what you did in what you thought was the best interest of the squad. BUT If you're given an order by a superior then you follow that order. After that you may ask if this is really a good idea. If you feel that you can not follow orders for some reason, tell your squad leader instead of ignoring the orders. Copied from the rules: Listen to your superior, no matter what. Superiors are law during missions.
  17. 2nd mission Foxtrott Rifleman (LAT) Zeus: There was to much armor and helos for my liking, as we only had bradleys to support us. Besides that it was real fun an intense. Platoon: Can't say much. Squad: @Wattsits He got wrong/unclear orders in the beginning and died quickly twice. But he did good in his short life. If i might give you a advice, there is almost no reason for you to be so far in front. Let rifleman like me or others take the bullets. The SL is worth more then a rifleman. 2IC took over and handeld it well. Story: SL didn't really know what the hell we were supposed to bedoing in the begining. So we sat around a bit until we decided to go to the F marker on the map. We then got told to clear the enemy camp there, which was protectd by some EI and a BTR. We missed/pinged off the BTR and SL decided to move forward. He got intantley killed by the BTR. Our brave @Wattsits. 2IC took over and killed the BTR with his GL. After clearing the town we moved on to the second objectiv. The take was relativley easy and we got to restock after it. I took a stinger with some ammo, which was a really good call, as we got enganged by to helos mere minutes after the restock. I took two of them down . After the restock we moved towards the terminal and got under heavy fire by a btr, the previously mentionend helos, a mbt, a bdrm and 3 stationary mgs. We killed everything but the mgs and the bdrm. The bdrm killed all but 3 people with one shot. And so i got to sit out the rest. (Btw. The sneaky mbt was hilarious to watch, because it was what we 100% predicted to happen) @mrrbatty proof of Lennys driving "skills"
  18. Ye, no worries about the rant, open discussion is always good. I get what you mean. However, i was assuming I'd have what we usually have: Loader having a way of looking around. Pretty much makes him a spotter, that is what i've been doing in the past when tasked as loader. With these Abrams versions this was not the case. That is what i was super salty about. You are right, i could've asked for the long comms. That is how i could've done something else, given that i have never seen a knight 1-1 commander give up long range comms. I had a map, a radio and GPS. I actively trying to make something for myself to do, unfortunately there was pretty much nothing to do (i was watching what our tanks commander was watching and pointing out whatever he didnt see). I had no eyes outside other than what commander saw. The whole problem came out of the fact that i simply had no eyes. I couldnt have looked for safe spots for us to pull back to. Unfortunately im not that amazing at tank things yet, still in the learning parts and it didnt even cross my mind that i could be marking what our tank is shooting at, going on squad shortranges, since i've never seen anyone do that (while in loader, mostly because the tank commanders i've rolled with hate someone doing backseat things). Whenever i have been in a tank that has a loader the orders have been the same: look around and try to keep our left flank safeish. I still wanna repeat: There was absolutely no reason for us to not have AI loaders when using those Abrams versions in that kind of enviroment (urban enviroment, sure. Longrange engagements: no) Comparing RTO to loader tho, im going to heavily disagree. I absolutely love doing platoon/RTO/FAC, because the point is that you're "controlling the battle". You signed up to lead the troops from behind. I signed up to be in vic crew (okay, got short end of the stick, loader is usually pretty much useless, that happens, was OK with it). If the Abrams was the one we usually use this problem wouldnt exist. There would've been the basic "loaderthings" to do and i would've done those and kept my mouth shut. Also, the ammo part was mostly a suggestion, just something that would've been logical to have considering what we were facing. Considering how much whine i've heard regarding Badger (not that much about this mission) and then getting shafted by him with the decition of having loaders in that tanktype (Which i heavily think was a mistake from him): I decided to bring the subject up, since it seems no one else was willing. Naturally i cant speak for anyone else so i brought up what i saw and heard. Every zeus makes mistakes. When the mistakes happen, those mistakes must be pointed out so we wont face the same problems in the future. Thats what this forum is made for. From what i heard (yes, i know, hearsay, came from several sources tho i doubt its complete bullshit and for some reason the people who were there are not speaking up openly) Badger went somewhat ballistic on everything everyone else is doing. Just pointing out: He is not perfect, none of us are, everyone makes mistakes, learn from the mistakes and just stop the stupid semianon whining about what other people are doing wrong, talk with the people in question (on the forums or privately, idgaf) and say what you think was wrong. And listen to whatever the other people are saying when they respond to you why they did something. And yea.. If there is a good reason behind what was done: admit it and get on with it. If it was a mistake: whoever did the mistake, dont repeat it. If there was a legit reason for having loaders in those tanks, I'd love to hear it. And i dont find what dan said there to be an explanation for using these tank types when there is an "identical" tank that is normally used. I'd just like to make one more thing clear: I personally have nothing against @Monocled Badger, seems like a top bloke. Everyone gets salty about what others are doing every once in a while (I.E. me 2 hours ago).
  19. Mission 1, 6pm GMT/7pm UK, Charlie Rifleman Zeus: Dunno which one of you did it but a bit enthusiastic with the double MRAP rush onto the left flank of Charlie right at the very start of the mission, especially when they seemed to come over the ridge from the coast, didn't make too much sense to have them just randomly at the coast, seems like there was just no place they could've come from. Charlie/Delta's objective seemed to be a bit thin on the E.I. numbers though it might just be that I didn't see them. PLT: @Urist McGLORY Slightly long winded with your LR comms, the part where you talked about "If the squads complete their objectives early, move onto other objs" probably could've been left until later on. Saying it too early there ran the risk of upcoming firefights at objectives essentially pushing that info out of their mind SL: @Wulfe Communicate with your squad more (and I don't mean the banter), there wasn't much in terms of tactical/battlefield info over the SR. As soon as we dismounted, you started running towards the overwatch position without saying anything over the SR, saw a couple guys lag behind as they didn't notice until pretty much most of the squad were already gone. Squad: Too much banter over the SR. Try to keep banter to local voice, especially if you're all in the MRAP together. Multiple cases where Wulfe missed a call out over LR when we weren't doing anything simply because you guys were all talking about random stuff over the SR. Called out the 2 MRAPs that were rushing in from our left flank but it seems nobody actually heard me despite going "Break, break, break" as well as repeating the info of "2x MRAPs on the left, to the West" 2 or 3 times. Call out if you're treating someone and which part of said person you're treating, even if there's nobody else around. Had a case where Partyzombie somehow had 4x Crushed tissue on each body part when we all mounted up and literally no one was calling out which parts they were treating so I saw a couple cases of "User bandaged a patient" in the log but no wounds were treated. In cases like that, when we were all mounted up, when Wulfe mentioned that Partyzombie was heavily injured, you should've taken the initiative to open up the medical menu and started treating him, not just the medic. There was a good 10 second period where it was basically only the medic and I treating him. Yes, you'll use your own medical supplies but you can always get them from the medic (either after dismounting or he can put it in the vehicle), the medic can't pull another squadmate out his backpack. Mission 2, 7:30pm GMT/8:30pm UK, Bravo SL Zeus: @Hekhal Can't remember the other 2, Heard about multiple cases of AI supposedly inside H-barriers and shooting at players from inside where we can't see them. Try to keep an eye out for AI that might be inside and just move them to the other side. It might be that they shoot through them anyway but probably pays to be thorough. Same thing with camo nets, saw a collapsed camo net where the AI is basically hidden when prone inside it and basically cannot be seen by players. Also a couple of floating walls here and there at different objectives, if you have downtime while squads are still travelling etc, take a quick scan of compounds to find issues like these. PLT: @Derpy Markers were probably a bit unclear for the objectives at the start, for example Foxtrot's first camp/objective, you tasked Foxtrot and Charlie to it, except Charlie were also tasked to the same camp Bravo were assaulting, hence Foxtrot asking what to do since Charlie weren't there. Squad: Can't speak for half the mission since Charlie shot me about a minute after I said "Bravo's moving in from the West" Quite impressed by what I saw when I was actually alive, decent job with the bounding when moving between low wall cover across that open field to the airfield. @Popper Keep working on recognizing LR and SR, I did call your name out specifically over the SR multiple times when asking for a SITREP after I respawned and if it was someone from another squad, he would've called for Bravo actual, not for Popper When the rest of you guys attacked that medium outpost before I respawned, saw basically 5 of you clustered within the kill radius of a single grenade, 2 of whom did actually got knocked out by a single grenade. Granted, it was tight quarters and you probably didn't have anywhere to go, but keep in mind you don't always have to be moving up, if you find yourself in a camp like that, taking fire everywhere and there's not much space once you move in, you don't all have to move in at once. Couple guys move in to the nearest cover while clearing corners, if they get pinned, rest of the guys don't move in to the same spot, hang back, use the outside, find another way in or even try to pick off the guys pinning down the guys inside who are pinning your squadmates down while outside.
  20. I had this happen on a late mission the other night. I was hesitant to take Alpha SL because I was on duty but noone else wanted to do it. I have SL before and have even been PLT before. But I had never tried to be SL while also acting as well. Granted it was just 2 squads but we had a mortar and a prophet. During our initital objective I got overwhlemed with all that I had to do as well as managing my own squad. I think everyone was picking up on the fact that I was not doing well. As soon as we had that objective completed I handed off SL to my 2ic and I was able to handle the mission much better then. Being SL and platoon for anymore than 2 squads sucks.
  21. 1st Mission Was Platoon RTO Zues: @Monocled Badger A+ really enjoyed the mission, a lot of objectives to manage at once was really fun from the RTO's perspective. My only complaint has nothing to do with your mission at all, but just the way military operations go in general. When multiple objectives a being cleared at once, it is almost inevitable that some element finish their tasking before other do, and are left to play the hurry up and wait game. It is something everyone needs to keep in mind, that just because your didn't get much to shoot, or anything else, remember to keep the bigger picture in mind, and that there is a whole other platoon that need to be managed. Platoon: @Urist McGLORY Good work, really solid plans, did good. Sorry @Chefla, but incoming rant. What do you think I did that entire mission? Sat in the back of the battle bus, or set up a Radio Shack with the rest of the platoon and coordinated people. I was staring at my map about 99% of the time, getting creative with assets and drones, trying to keep people informed and alive. If you are sitting in one of the most heavily armored and mobile asset we have in the field and cant possible think of something to do to keep yourself useful other than throw shade at Zeus and complain, that seems like a you problem. Did you bring a radio, GPS and a map? If so, take some weight off you commander's shoulders and become the radio operator in the tank. Tap into a nearby squads short range comms and coordinate with them. Assess the map, keep an eye on possible egress routes if shit hits the fan. Call up the RTO and see if you could get the drone tasked to your location for more accurate spotting. Mark on the map where your gunner and loader have eyed targets, keeping everyone else informed on the situation. On the ammo note, consider that giving the tank the perfect load-out for the mission was intentional. Maybe you didn't have time to get all the he you needed, or there wasn't any available. Also, Assuming that the tank cannon hitting the arty only damaged the wheels is incredibly presumptive. I guarantee you that you also wrecked the hull, destroyed the gun on them, an rendered them useless. Long story short, please think outside the box, rather than making it other people priority for your own fun.
  22. Echo was a bit late to the final assault. Oh, why you ask? Lenny's a fucking shit driver, that's why.
  23. 1st mission. Was loader for Broadsword 1-1 Zeus: @Monocled Badger After i heard from multiple sources how he was complaining about everything regarding the server, including what zeuses are doing it is a tad underwhelming of you to do a mediocre job at best on the zeus slot. Ofcourse this is just from tank crewmans pov, so im talking just about that aspect, might've been good for infantry. So, first problem: you told that we absolutely need 4 people tank as in we need loaders. It would be nice of you to give us the version of abrams that allows the loader to do atleast something, the version you gave had this funny little quality that when a loader is turned in: he cannot control anything. He is just looking at what commander sees. So i highly doubt there was a need for a non-AI loader in this mission. I would've gotten it if we we're running in towns and there would've been an actual need to watch the left flank of the tanks. But in a mission like this loader is completely useless, it is just a guy sitting on a metal box for 1,5 h which personally makes me very annoyed. Second problem: Could've been a good idea to give the tanks HE/canister because there were ALOT of infantry/air/HE targets, i'd almost say mostly those. (canister is amazing against helos). We were told to destroy the vehicles on the last airfield, which gets a tad hard with mpat/AP which do jack shit in the end. Sure, we took out the tires off artyguns. Wee. I do want to repeat that my view of the mission is a tad saltied with the fact that i did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the whole time. I was pretty much a bot. So if you're running a mission like this with those versions of abrams: do not use human loaders because you're just ruining peoples days. Platoon: @Urist McGLORY Was a tank crew so had no comms with him @RocketManDan1 RTO, did splendid job with the comms. Squad: Squad was nice, if my squad wasnt as nice as it was i would've been alot more angry with the whole thing. So thanks @Metaork2 @Netheral and driver was someone whos name i cant remember, sorry dude! Overall 2/10 for a loader. Would've been 1 if not for my crewmates.
  24. I have no idea. The Black Wasp is just an air asset, the others are all disabled as should be. Try verifying the integrity off your game cahce
  25. @ravstar52 bro I swear to god armor piercing was just straight bouncing off that shit. I had to switch to HET just to take out the turrets on those things lol
  26. Sah, my dude.
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  28. Sah, my dude. @Sinderi Where you at? Being beaten to the first comment?
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