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  2. Thank you for this. It needed to be said.
  3. Soldier Info: [John] | [Curtis] | ["ThePun1shed"] [American] Appearance: Tall, slightly athletic Caucasian man, 6 ft tall, with hazel eyes( if cyborg eyes that works too) with a crew cut and black/brown hair. Age around mid 20's Armor: Light but sturdy, compliment either a full face gas mask or Titanfall pilot helmet. Colors would be proffered black so to blend in at night with appropriate color accents. (Maybe hazmat?) Gear: Gas grenades. [Specialist/Ranger] (Most precision weapon is the standard combat rifle, but can easily be trained in more advanced version of the rifle. ) *Basically want to be a hazardous material guy, dealing with toxins,etc..)
  4. I would have controlled them if I wasn`t given a shit ton of morphine from your squad and went unconscious lmao
  5. When's the fuckin Party?!?!


    1. Toasty




  6. Today
  7. First off, yes I should have done a strawpoll or something for the dates. However when I'm poked by multiple people about 'when this was happening?' I felt rushed. Second, it seems everyone wants to watch or doesn't want to play multiple games at the same time. So no matches will happen at the same time. Third, I expect this tournament to be over by the Third week of August. Mainly due to schedules, school coming up for some, summer ending, etc. Fourth, All matches will be organized with me in mind. If two team want to schedule their matches then that is fine as long as I'm there. If I don't witness the match Live then I won't count it. Fifth, here is the Form for next week's scheduling I should've done earlier:
  8. regular woohoo

  9. I do feel that the failure of last nights first mission has been vastly blown out of proportion and seems too much like a witch hunt... If it was just a regular that had been Plt Lead I can't help but feel that there would have been a little bit of feedback, possibly future questions raised over that person Plt leading again, and a few meme's. It feels that due to @Digby Tatham-Warter's stature and reputation, a lot are jumping at the opportunity to throw comments at him and the situation. I've skimmed through some but not all of the comments made here, and whilst yes I agree it sucked that we went nearly an hour to fail the mission within 2 minutes of engaging combat, hell the helo I was in didn't touch the ground until after we were already a metal ball of fire filled with bodies. But I have been in enough missions where the same Plt Lead has provided a good plan and enjoyed the mission enough to know he didn't mean this to be the shit show it was and is competent enough to return in the same role and do a good job, if he does return from the break he has mentioned he is having from Arma. If he hadn't apologised, explained and agreed as to what happened then yes there would be reason to all express our opinions as has been done, but I think this needs to calm down a bit, give the people at fault a chance to respond before it becomes a personal attack at the individual and if you feel that strongly then have a chat to a CM and ask that it be discussed in the next meeting, trust your community staff. On a plus side, I found the 2nd mission courtesy of @Tomo to be a great and enjoyable mission apart from being targeted constantly (damn you @andyt90! ), @cineafx hopefully we get to try your mission again but with some lessons learnt as it seemed to have potential.
  10. That major panic when @Happyiest Hippo is either driving or flying for you
  11. campaign

    I don't mind driving, unless someone else wants the 2nd spot, otherwise I'm happy to jump into any squad
  12. campaign

    I would like to take UAV Operator.
  13. campaign

    Bravo Squad lead please
  14. campaign

    Would like the other Tank-CMD slot. If that's cool. But if I'm too late, disregard and ty anyways.
  15. Apologies, by "in charge of air" I meant that no-one on the ground can overrule FAC's orders to air. As with Ground assets, the commander of particular asset has final say in go/no-go situations.
  16. Platoon Lead, RTO and FAC are officers operating on the same level. Each has his own task package, but the same level of chain of command is followed as platoon-FAC. So yes, an RTO can mitigate, alter, deny platoon orders given justifiable reasons. Same goes for knight commander, he's boss of his tin can, e.g. he can relay to RTO not to move to a certain position due to various reasons. iirc this was mentioned in cm meeting reports and forum threads in the past, as I vividly recall this structure being active on FK. But i'm sure this mission has made sure a lot of people are refreshed on this now so we can avoid conflicts about this in the future
  17. From what I heard, instead of being dependant on a Zeus every mission, the plan is to create an extensive list of premade missions so people can just join the server and be able to browse the available collection, fitting the amount of players or gameplay type. It is true that the scripted missions will have to be tested beforehand, but as soon as you get experienced with the restrictions or required mission file settings, you can hopefully quickly create multiple missions, either in campaign mode or the same mission type on different maps. And not just for the main missions with 70 people, i'd love to start a mission during off hours with a small bunch of people, being able to select premade well built missions. So get to it, @Servok!
  18. I've got one mission thats almost finished for 2-3 squads but i need someone to test it
  19. Really Interesting read.. My dad was in the Army himself, retired in March after 22 years and he deployed 3 times. He really only talked about using his handgun on the firing range. And the only time I saw him with a rifle was before his 2nd deployment. I do believe it was either an M4 or an M16, I can't be sure, also I can't remember. A great read though, next we must get into sights
  20. IIRC you're not supposed to fire the Carl Gustav more than 4 times in a day because of the recoil. Would suck if your soldiers would go into battle only having fired their AT once in their life.
  21. I always ask my Platoon leader, if the assets are on my disgression. If PLT-Lead says yes, I basically go ahead and do the do. If PLT-Lead says no I relay everything thorugh to her*him, and wait for Greenlight on an Aistrike for example.
  22. What should happen is that the tourny starts Monday, those teams that can make it will play a few games, then those that cant will play another night, then the Semis and Finals will be on the Thursday or Friday or something.
  23. As far as I know, it does.
  24. Aw yiss, Guess who learnt how to fly today... I'll be there, in the air
  25. campaign

    You have 6 hours to ask for any of the open slots! If any of the slots remain open, they'll be following the regular slotting process.
  26. Could this be set as an addendum in the rules? Because honestly I was also not fully aware that Platoon doesnt outrank FAC until recently. Think most of us werent fully aware. Does this btw also apply to RTO in regards to assets?
  27. I don't have a name for it really: That moment you hear LZ is hot, but the helicopter is taking you in anyway.
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