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  3. Conga Line of Neckbeards

    The Division 2 Clan

    Answered in the forums Division 2 section, but apparently no.
  4. EdwardR

    The Division 2 Clan

    I wonder if clans are cross platform, cause my PC is absolute dogshite
  5. mulletshock

    The Division 2 Clan

    So with the release of The Division 2 and a few of us playing the Game an FK Clan has been created for ease of members getting groups together. So "what are Clans?" you may ask. Here's a quick description. Some people have already been asking about it and should have Invites sent to them already, if you are interested in joining there are a few ways to get invite's to can do 1 of the following: PM MulletShock(Clan Commander) on the Forums or Discord. Ask in the Division 2 Thread on the Forums Here. Tag Mullet with your Uplay Name in the Misc Games channel on Discord. Ask someone already in the Clan for an invite. For more information ask Mulletshock, and also here is a more in-depth video as to what the Clan can bring to the game:
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  7. Silver Snow

    Silver Snow

    35°42'14.7"N 139°33'27.8"E

  8. Pitchford


    Completed my first (unofficial) mission with TruezyWoozy as Zeus. Special thanks to veteran Zenthar who showed me the ropes and was friendly and helpful. Will come back for more!

  9. Silver Snow

    Silver Snow

    So I bought microwavable Lasagna that takes 34 mins to make in a microwave...



  10. Sarissa


    This guide is the enforced standard for side and role specific weaponry. To add comments and notes to the original document, click this link. THE IMAGE GRABS OF THE GUIDE HAVE BEEN REMOVED WHILE IT IS UPDATED, PLEASE VIEW THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT
  11. Frankasaurus Rex

    Frankasaurus Rex

    Q: Where am I

    A: Big fuckoff amounts of studies (and replaying RDR2)

  12. dcom210

    • dcom210
    • Maverick

    hey dude :)


  13. dcom210

    • dcom210
    • Trooper

    happy birthday

  14. Chuck Yeager

    Chuck Yeager

  15. erentar


    "Assume good faith" does not work in FK, does it?

  16. Winters

    FK Meetup 2019 in Dorking, UK

    FYI camping has been confirmed as only Friday and Saturday nights at £10 per night per person. Thurs-Tues is not a requirement, just what myself and multiple others will be staying there for. The reasons for these days are that its a lot cheaper for people to travel as they are classed generally as 'off-peak', so hopefully helps non-UK mainland people to keep costs as low as possible and gives us a longer weekend to make travelling more worth it and more time for us all to have a laugh and enjoy each others company IRL for a change! Anyone is free to arrive on an earlier date, leave on a later date, or only come Fri-Sun, etc. what ever suits you most. Just try to make sure you are all booking accommodation and more importantly purchasing travel tickets ASAP as both costs rise by the day the closer we get to the day, travelling costs sometimes increase exponentially!
  17. ThePointForward

    Point's Stream

  18. Sputnik


    I've been gone for far too long.


  19. Silver Snow

    Silver Snow

    A calzone is a pizza sandwich

    1. Nick Aryson

      Nick Aryson


    2. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      As much as you hate it, it is the truth. It's a pizza folded in half. 

  20. Maverick


  21. Frankasaurus Rex

    🎉🎊 Happy Holidays! 🎊🎉

    This is as good an opportunity to thank all of the now 5.900 of you for making FK what it is and making such an amazing game worth playing. All hail the salmon. Stay safe and such
  22. Gditz

    🎉🎊 Happy Holidays! 🎊🎉

    The undead are more than welcome here at FK.
  23. Nick Aryson

    🎉🎊 Happy Holidays! 🎊🎉

    What if I don't have a life tho?
  24. BigT

    FK Meetup 2019 in Dorking, UK

    Dates Thursday 18th July - Tuesday 23rd. Airsoft arranged is for Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st and costs £50 with a £40 deposit needed, which you get back provided you don't break anything, or £25 for walk ons with your own equipment. (this also includes lunch) Camping is available, probably not for the full 5 nights (TBC), hotels available - Travel Lodge is currently £235 for the full 5 nights and caters to 3 people. (£80pp) Closest airports are Gatwick and Heathrow (Heathrow is twice as far away as Gatwick), some people will have cars but check for public transport to avoid any issues. Check out this post for the Discord link and read the thread for more info! -Post has been written by Benji
  25. Silberjojo

    New CMs

    As per the latest Meeting Report we now have 3 new Community Managers and we would like to formally welcome them! The latest additions to the team are: @Alex @Dragosphere @Silberjojo Give them all a warm welcome to the CM Team as in the coming weeks these guys will work themselves into the system.
  26. From all of us staff here at FK to all of you, we want to wish you all Happy Holidays! We hope the season will give you all a break from the normal routine, a chance to relax and spend it in the company of family and friends.
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