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  9. #ZentharForGod!!!!
  10. I, for one, welcome our new robotic(?) overlords.
  11. #ZentharForGod
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  13. Hmmm neighborhood B)
  14. Tis a dark day indeed.
  15. Wait, they live in our neighbourhood? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. Hello Everyone! After a time of exactly soon(tm), the moderator rank is now live on both Teamspeak and the forums! The list of moderators (still the same as in the announcement meeting report): Benji/Winters Andyt90 Forked Zenthar Rezonath Servok BigT TimberHawk Chuck Yeager Anden3 Vados Hope to see you on the battlefield Your friendly neighbourhood staff team.
  17. The new website: Over the past few weeks I have been hard at work getting our updated site ready for the masses. Sadly the progress has been hampered by the ammount of new features introduced by Invision in this so called "Minor" Update. These new features sadly broke quiet a few of our add-ons and thus I am relying on the add-on makers to get things compatible with the new version. With the add-ons out of my hands I have focused mainly on the new theme. And as the website developers among us will know debugging CSS is a P.I.T.A. Because of this it is taking longer then I had hoped to get things looking decent. However you can see a sneak peek of the new theme above this post. The old website: Of course the work on the new website does not mean I wont be working on the old one. In reality its actually quiet the opposite. With the add-ons broken on the new site it is actually easier to test and implement them on the old site. This saves me a lot of work when the updated version become available as I can just upgrade them without any side effects (I hope). This week I have introduced two new things. The first is the new front page layout. The new look makes our site feel a little more flashy and a little less "Texty". This same layout will be used on the new website so get used to it A bigger change is the addition of the new Steam profile integration. The integration can be found in your profile under the "Steam Profile" tab: When no profile is linked it will show a guide on how to link one. In short, edit your profile and fill in the Steam ID field, click save when done: Your profile should now look similar to this: Congrats, you have now added your steam profile to the website. Whats coming next: One of the bigger things I am working on are forms, all tho they sound boring they allow us (CM's and Admins) to create predefined forms that can be used to submit a range of templated information. Expect things like the admin white list requests and the ban disputes to be converted to a website form for easier use. Another thing that will come with the new website is a better reputation system, it is now called the reactions system. It allows for more responses then just the positive and negative reputation. Sadly this new reactions system also broke our prestige system, meaning a new way to keep track of our members activity will have to be developed. The CM's are working hard on this and I am sure the new system will be communicated with the rest of you in due time.
  18. Could someone export their .html mod preset file & link it here please I don't trust myself to select the 67 correct mods from a list of 150 within a reasonable time
  19. 67 Mods total jezus
  20. so... in other words... update the mods manually... gg Imagine updating a collection in 2017
  21. This may sound weird, but: The collection will be updated when Katla comes back from college.
  22. is the collection going to be updated or do we have to add these manually?
  23. hey im stupid stop judging
  24. ...
  25. When will these be added to the modpack?
  26. Add Vis pls, hearing people trying to pronounce town names is gonna be a laugh
  27. We already had the hoverboard, it is just being readded. The tactical banana was suggested and we decided to add it because of the small size of the mod and the memes. Did you not expect us to add this?
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