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  2. OK people lets leave it at this please i do not want this two turn into a fight, on my page, if this got locked because my post turned into a fight i would not be very happy, @Snapjaw it was a joke from @Wattsits so please keep this page clean, unless it holds feedback thank you
  3. I thought about the assault long and hard before choosing a mortar asset. Anyone in the TS room would have heard me pondering over what assets to take. It took both squads almost 2 minutes to kill 5 people. And they used M2's on it when we were trying to be stealthy. I thought it would be a simple task all things considered. Apparently not. It was not marked as hostile and we met no contacts. Don't really see the reason to mention that. I told mortar to set up there as they needed time to set up. I needed mortars ASAP. They has a protection detail as well. Bravo, your squad, apparently missed 2 LAT on said BTR. You can't complain about there being a BTR when you missed it twice within 100m. We waited for over 5 minutes for Mortar to set up. We stayed hidden whilst a QRF was headed our way, knew where we were, so mortars could land first. We were slaughtered by a T-72 and several BTR's. But you wouldn't know that would you. For the ENTIRE TIME we were waiting, I asked multiple time where Bravo was. You cannot say the BTR was a problem, because how the fuck could mortar set up during BTR fire. You were in the same spot the entire time. LISTEN to your Platoon lead. We needed all the forces we could get. We went in at 50% strength thanks to you not showing up. OH, and did I mention the fact that you went the wrong way, after repeatedly telling you to ignore your line and go down Alpha's because we were pushed for time? I was dead at the time, that was Oswald's call. Not mine. We knew the president was dead due to the power of spectator cam. It was blind luck mortar hit the right building (or skill you ask them). However I told the guys to get to the president's body AFAP. There was no way in hell we could push back that QRF considering one squad was not even within 500m of the AO. I never called for the extract chopper. Judgeman said it was there and it was going to leave. We had to run individually. And about half of us got there. So, I know saying Platoon was the only reason we won was a joke. Mortar and Notconnor, for getting to the body of the president, were the real heroes of the day. However if anything's a joke, it's your squad leading.
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  5. Shift is fixing jams, ctrl is checking ammo. Speaking of jams, they are very much disabled on our servers - the Mk 48 shouldn't be going through seven belts back to back without any issues.
  6. Your Name: Richard_Haddock Player Name: DaZe Reason: Fanboying Additional Info: Perma Ban.
  7. By pressing either shift+R or control+R(forgot which one) you can check how much ammo is left in your mag Pressing shift+K shows you the estimated wind direction and speed, usefull for shooting long range without a kestrel.
  8. 1st Mission- Echo SL- "Shit I got everyone through alive... I'll be damned." Zeus- @Katla_Haddock and I believe @LongLiveQuebec. Mission was good and fun. I'd like to point out that we didn't even see that exclamation point when we passed the first time. We also didn't trust the truck not to blow up in our faces. Platoon- @Rezonath Plan was good and executed well. Nothing else much to say on that though everyone in platoon is a bunch of lucky assholes because @Woody wanted to kill you all by crashing. Squad- I am honored to have lead this well oiled machine. We took no casualties and inflicted all of them upon the enemy. Overall- Had fun with the mission 2nd Mission- Alpha SL Zeus- @Argon @Neroxen @Realboy, Our Finnish Zeus team that did a pretty good job despite what people we saying in the death room. I liked the mission. It was fun being the Finnish army. Platoon- Walder, plan was pretty good. Hit and Run tactics work for a guerrilla force which is basically what we were. Squad- Ok this wasn't my best mission at the start and I accept the criticisms about how I lead it at the beginning, but I have a bone to pick with a certain person in the squad. Rouge, I get you are pissed about what happened but that is no excuse to be an asshole and blame me for your death when your body was 100 yards away from the rest of the squad. I will take the blame for my death, @HootiePumpkin's death, and @Sanddude's death, but I will not take responsibility for your's. You do not lone wolf in this game, success relies on squad cohesion, and the ability to work well under your SL. I made a mistake, and that cost 3 of us our lives. You do not shittalk behind peoples back by going into the death room saying stupid ass squad lead. Overall- Wasn't really happy with how it turned out for me. But the mission was a good one.
  9. And here I was thinking it was because the mortar asset, which was only included due to popular demand; took a shot from a position the mortar team itself requested; and by pure chance happened to hit the target. The suggested Open up on the first checkpoint, Drive through the biggest town in map, Leave mortar team behind; next to a BTR, Bumrush the target and fail, Have remaining forces extract for 15m before realising it isn't allowed, Finalised by Have a random trooper by pure chance find the dead body of the president, Barely make it to the extract on time Seems to suggest that pretty much everything but platoon lead was the deciding factor.
  10. CHANGELOG: 28/05/2017 -Topic has been updated with difficulties.
  11. When you win a black mission on the first attempt. Found the reason why.
  12. By holding Ctrl+Space on a door and using the scroll Wheel you can open it at the amount you want. Sadly I think it only works on official maps.
  13. As I stated" semi".
  14. As long as you don't abuse AI or do something the Zeus obviously didn't intend you to do.
  15. Enhanced movement is only semi allowed.
  16. Always been confused by the damm smokes
  17. until

    For this training, where should I be located in the TeamSpeak?
  18. FK ARMA is a big game. Between the mods, the configurations and the hotkeys there are a lot of things to alter and try out. The point of this thread is to bring up small stuff not everyone knows about, and makes you really happy that you found out. It is not to list goddamn everything (there are wikis for that) nor is it to list mundane stuff that people are expected to already know of (like the medical menu). Learning by example is the easiest, so here's info I use on a regular basis, that some people would probably be happy to learn: Rail attachments can contain both laser and flashlight options. Just pick one that has both a flashlight and laser version, change the "Optic Interaction" under "RHS - Game Options" to User Action <number> and then set "User Action <number>" under "Custom Controls" in the "Controls" section. NVG Brightness can be dynamically altered under "ACE3 Equipment" in controls. I can't stress how useful it is. Wirecutters cut through chainlink fences. Bring one. Or better yet, install the "Enhanced Movement" mod and climb past it like god intended . Just be sensible when using it For grenades, always bring the bottom M67 variant and the bottom Smoke grenade variant. The bottom M67 is lighter than the other one, and the bottom smoke grenade (RHS variant) produces smoke that doesn't look objectively terrible. ARMA's latest update broke the possibility to stretch the GPS size (under "Game" > "Layout"). Another option is to just install cTab . It requires you to have the GPS active, and it doesn't show drawn lines. But it does give you a zoomable mini-map.
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    So it seems that the time for this training is off for me? One time said 10pm Sunday morning (+8GMT) but now my home PC is now telling me it's at 5 am Sunday morning? I apologize for this and will be sure to have my MODS and Timing better in place before signing up. Sorry Admin
  20. I do realize that you might just have put the disclaimer here out of habit but he does state that he will most likely be doing them long after prime missions.
  21. Mission Feedback. Remember to tag the people you want to directly adress (eg. your SL/2iC, Zeus) Zeus: Platoon: Squad:
  22. Due to the growing trend in Community Members wishing to run Zeused campaigns a disclaimer is being released. IF YOU WANT TO RUN A CAMPAIGN DURING PRIME TIME MISSIONS YOU HAVE TO CREATE EVENTS AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR - THESE EVENTS WILL BE VETTED BY THE CM TEAM We can't give everyone every mission they want to run a campaign!
  24. Never did one of those, might as well give it a try. Second Mission: Alpha Rifleman Zeus: @Neroxen @Realboy @Argon Liked what you did with the place, no place (that I saw) that was stupendously cramped with enemies, yet still enough to cause trouble and punish us for our mistakes. Which also does wonders for people that have FPS issues (like me). Liked it very much. Platoon: @ThatWalder Didn't have any direct interaction, but I stated a few times through that mission that I liked the plan on the map, the "leap frog" as others called it. It worked since each half of the platoon that wasn't clearing a specific town had a way to go around it without being exposed to fire and without attracting attention. It also allowed our squad (after everything went to shit on the first engagement) to carry on going while on a BMP scare; basically there was a BMP spotted around us which we hadn't seen, and we had conflicting calls on whether or not it was destroyed. So normally moving on would have caused us to be fucked from behind, however we knew we were advancing with the other squads on the way, so we could run there for support. Squad: Squad Lead: @Nugget30 As others have stated, that first engagement might have been a bit exaggerated (instant death put us on our asses, safe to say). BUT, when you returned and we engaged the second town, you did learn your lesson, as we stopped a safe distance away from the town in a forest. We did still take some fire, but it was more manageable. So good work on that, everyone makes mistakes but the good players change and adapt. I've also been under your command in a squad before, so I know that was a one off. 2ic: @Sanddude Good job on keeping the squad organized while ic was handling comms, assisting drivers with our lack of GPS, keeping morale up , basically keeping the troops organized and ready to fight, what a good 2ic should do. Also when our squad lead went down you took over command quick and did what was necessary, unfortunately that was short lived due to a commercial break starring a technical. In the second town we went to, you did the same things I mentioned, and led us to the last town where it was already mission end. Love having you in my squad as per usual. On an unrelated note, WHEN THE HELL WILL YOU GET REGULAR. Seriously, it's about time. @Bobblehead Very good job on taking over the squad when even more shit hit the fan, we went in very organized, dealt with the remaining enemy forces and didn't lose a single soldier! The rest of you lot @thePier @Torofad @HootiePumpkin @Rogue @Lyecer (and the mentioned above) had a blast having you in my squad, that was great fun.
  25. Okay folks, following a successful mission tonight I've decided too continue where we left off last night with a campaign that will take place with multiple missions in the coming week. I will try to schedule these the best I can if you all are interested in continuing. Notes: - We will be playing as the The Armed Forces of Ukraine. -This will be taking place in the map of Chernarus. -Missions will more than likely be taking place much later after the main missions as I'm from America and I generally work later into the night than most. -Fighting will be as intense and immersive as possible. -Medical system used will depend on the amount of players. Equipment: Uniform: MNP: Ukrainian TTSkO Uniform Vest: MNP: Ukrainian TTSkOCombat Vest (2nd Vest on the list) Backpack: KitBag (Green) SL/2IC : Take a LR that's aesthetically pleasing. Helmet: MNP: Ukrainian TTSkO PAGST Weaponry: AK74's, AKS-74u's, SVD's. Makarov PM side arm. Autoriflemen will take the PKM. Recon/SF Squads will be taking the TAR-21. First Mission Briefing: During the night an unknown enemy force attacked and cut off friendly recon forces, an emergency transmission was put out over the radio and since then we've heard nothing. As we're the closest forces in area, we've been tasked with responding to this attack. Novorossiya is suspected to be the perpetrator of this attack however we cannot be certain. Objective(s): Investigate last known position of our friendly reconnaissance force. Determine who or what is responsible for this attack. Recover information from our reconnaissance forces. Await further orders. First Mission Debrief: We've now determined the Novorossyian's to be responsible for this attack as expected, unfortunately our brave comrades we lost contact with were killed in the fighting or forced to surrender during the surprise attack the night before. However, following a swift assault by our forces, we discovered to our dismay and horror multiple war crimes and atrocities perpetrated by our enemies. Three of our men made it out alive out of sixteen prisoners taken. We will not stand for this. Intel from the survivors reported enemy forces in the town of Myshkino, recon of the town confirmed hostile presence. However these forces turned out to be regulars of the Russian Army! Our forces not only have to deal with the murderous Novorossyan's, but with the whole Russian Army as well. Armed with this intel, command is currently planning an attack upon the town of Myshkino and that of the surrounding area. Casualties were high for our attacking force during the mission, a quarter of our force was lost however we were able to secure an enemy BRDM and transport for use in further operations. Furthermore, the surivors of the recon force have been inducted into our unit as a result. We'll call this one a success. Great job boys. (2nd Mission briefing will be up Soon™. The date will be added if possible and a in depth map of the area as you all recon and push through the AO, we're in hostile territory now) Let me know if any of you are interested in either helping set these up or attending below. FOR CRIMEA!!! FOR A GREATER UKRAINE!!!
  26. Damn dude, i'm just glad we survived. Thanks though!!
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