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    • NeilZar

      ARMA 3 Mods   11/01/18

      I have noticed a lot of people are still running old or unneeded mods. A lot of people are running Werthles's Headless Modules, which we don't use anymore! A lot of people are also running stuff like CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles, SMA Weapons, and many other mods. Please look at your mod list and unload any that are not in use on the server! Stuff like JSRS, Dynasound, Blastcore and other mods that don't add items/change gameplay are allowed, so no worries there. But things like cheat mods, mods that add weapons/uniforms/vehicles and anything else that affects the gameplay should be unloaded. It will improve your loading time, and you will get fewer people screaming at you.

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    Arma, PUBG, whatever I'm feelin' today.
  8. Dog

  9. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

  10. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088333641 👀
  11. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    Should make a steam "playlist" or something. Helps people not have to go through each one.
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  15. Muhcreedy

    The unofficial tiddy stream supreme of fk
  16. Digby Tatham-Warter

  17. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    I guess Digby will love this
  18. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    Well done, but I miss two points in this; 1) Mention the ace dependencie that isn't necessary 2) for me I had to install the TFAR manually to TS. But I really look forward to the new modset it looks awesome. Great job to all of you who put down your time and effort into making the servers and the community to what it is and what you aim it to be!
  19. Xavierpony

    I May not be on as often as i have been for the next few months due to my final exams coming up in June and I need to get serious when it comes to studying

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  26. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    Two quick question: Did the Workshop Collection get removed? Never mind first question, it just needs to specifically searched in collections Has anyone made an HTML for the current?
  27. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    well the fact they are more than happy to throw nades, i would say yes, they will shoot you
  28. Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    Will they actually move in or throw a grande or just stand like idiots and look towards the voice?
  29. PVT. J. Mohammed

    I fly most of the time.
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