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  3. Silberjojo

    Andy's charity stream

    Today at midday UK Time there will be a charity stream hosted by @andyt90. The money will go to an organisation to help people deal with Motor Neurone Disease. This is the link to the charity. You can find Andy's stream here.
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  5. LoneWinter

    New Minecraft Server

    Hell yeah time to blast "mining away" and scream at creepers
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  7. Fred

    New Minecraft Server

    As an avid user on this server. I can confirm it is good
  8. Silberjojo

    The old money issue

    Good day to you all. The CM Team has had a look into our safe. To our great displeasure we have found, that (as it currently stands) we do not have enough money to carry us into September. The money from donations goes towards paying for our servers that we use to play, talk and have fun. So if you enjoy your time here, we would like to ask each and everyone of you to open your wallets and leave a donation to keep this place running. Please also do so once a goal has been reached already. The excess money will be stored in our "rainy day fund". This is the money we use to pay for the servers when we do not reach our goals for a month. Even 1 or 2 Euros will help. Every bit counts. You can find the donation page here. Thank you all for reading (and hopefully leaving a donation )
  9. Silberjojo

    New Minecraft Server

    After some time we are now running a Minecraft Server again. The modpack is "Sevtech Ages". You start out as a cave man and have to work your way through the ages. There is a whitelist to which you wil lhave to apply. All the needed information can be found here.
  10. Patri0t


    Hey Guys! :D


    FK Meetup 2019 in Dorking, UK

    ahh okay never mind then thanks any way @andyt90
  12. andyt90

    FK Meetup 2019 in Dorking, UK

    Panda the chance for you to attend this has long past deposits have already been paid and vesper has already sorted things out with the site 😧

    FK Meetup 2019 in Dorking, UK

    the £50 whats that for? and i have all my own stuff but do they have restrictions on what you can use IE guns masks and stuff?
  14. Carlito


    My studies are finally done and I can have a great time with you guys :)

  15. Frankasaurus Rex

    Frankasaurus Rex

    School's out for a while. Got loads more time now. See me around!

  16. dutchwar2


    Just did my 4th Main OP 1th Lib main op (Been playing lib server for months tho..)

  17. Patri0t


    New guy..... 

  18. Silver Snow

    Silver Snow

    Oh yeah, today marks my 2nd year with FK lmao

    1. Nick Aryson

      Nick Aryson

      You have reached level 7 in the survival skill, congratulation!

  19. Servok


    Let give this shit a go
  20. JSpence

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    "UK3CB_BAF_Units_MTP" Looks like I had 3CB BAF Units loaded still, I tend to use that for mission making. Does Ace 3 Extension conflict at all with the new modset?
  21. Nova

    Nova's Stream

  22. NeilZar

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    It is in the preset.
  23. andyt90

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    Please all make sure you have the RKSL scope mod too in your sets i dont know if thats in the preset.
  24. NeilZar

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    Did you check in the chat to see what errors it showed?
  25. JSpence

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    So I tried playing today, but I got an ace mismatch when I joined, which doesn't make any sense since I'm using FK-ace. Any ideas on what to do?
  26. Chuck Yeager

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    If you haven't fixed it already: one of the versions of this HTML preset didn't contain one of the new FK - ACE dependencies: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1661066023
  27. NeilZar

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC

    Third-Party DLC was announced back in October 2017, at which time they were looking for people interested in releasing premium DLC. Now one and a half years later, we are still none the wiser what the new DLC's will be. In that time I have heard a lot of comments about the Third-Party DLC, but no one knew for certain what it is supposed to be. I have done some research and hope to explain to you what the new Third-Party DLC's mean. WHO MAKES IT? The most common misconception is about who makes the DLC's because this is not the first time there has been a Third-Party working on Premium DLC for Arma 3. The Jets DLC was the first and so far only Premium DLC made by a Third-Party, Bravo Zero One Studios. They were also responsible for the Encore Update, a free update that introduced the destroyer, USS Liberty. Bravo Zero One Studios was explicitly formed to create the Jets DLC, headed by the creator of the F/A-18X Black Wasp addon which won third place in the Make Arma Not War competition. So will make the next Third-Party DLC? We can't say for sure yet, but there is some information available. In October of 2018, there was an Arma 3 Creator Bootcamp where 18 community creators were present, most of whom work on potential Third-Party DLC's. Some of the people attending were IceBreakr, maker of Lingor, Panthera, Isla Duala and many more maps, and LAxemann, creator of Dynasound, Enhanced Soundscape, several other mods and also the sound designer for some of RHS. All the Third-Party DLC's will be created by community creators, but what they make is not what they have already made before. WHAT WILL BE MADE? We don't know yet what will be made because the list of creators and what they will make has not been announced yet. But there are some certainties; the new DLC's will be unique content. Bohemia Interactive has said that they do not want the Third-Party DLC's to be something that was previously free. So we can only really speculate what could be made, could be something similar to IFA or RHS, or it could be smaller things like individual Firewill jets or maps. Who knows, maybe we will see a functional ship rather than the static ones we currently have, although I doubt it. There is one big difference between all previous DLC's and the upcoming Third-Party Premium DLC's. The upcoming DLC's are optional installations! What this means is that the content is not downloaded to your computer until you buy the DLC, so if you don't own the DLC it will not show up anywhere in the launcher or the editor. Whether the DLC's will be used in our missions remains to be seen, at this point the complete functionality is unknown. Expect content that is up to Vanilla Arma quality, though. All the content creators working on Premium DLC have access to the guidelines for technical and quality requirement, get support with the Quality Assurance process and get support from BI for promotion. Bohemia themselves won't be sitting still, however; they will continue working on improving already existing content, bring new content that builds on what already exists, and their Amsterdam office is working on something experimental that builds on Arma. In the future, we can probably expect more updates like Warlords and the NATO Pacific vehicle retextures but don't expect content that will drastically change how elements of the game work. WHEN CAN WE EXPECT IT? Simple answer, we don't know. There has been no information other than the original announcement and the updates of the Creator Bootcamp. We know that we can expect a few per year so that it won't be a very rare occurrence. When the DLC's stop coming is unknown, but the best guess is when Arma 4 is announced or is close to release; It is still unknown when that is though. I'm going to make some guesses here though; the first DLC will come later in the year, probably end Q3/start Q4, and I think Arma 4 will be announced in 2022 with a release in 2023, which will coincide with the 10th anniversary of Arma 3. Again, all of this is speculation based on information already provided by Bohemia Interactive. I just hope this clears up some stuff for people.
  28. LoneWinter

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    Don't know why but I am getting ace mismatches when loading the HTML preset.
  29. Chuck Yeager

    Modset Update 08/04/19

    This looks like an excellent update to the modset, thanks!
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