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  5. BLUFOR Tanks Fire Control Systems By @Vericht & @Cyico for FK community. ARMA version: 1.80.144071 RHS version: 0.4.4 All rights reserved to their respected owners. PDF version: WIP So due to the low amount of BLUFOR tanks in the game, their FCS systems are the easiest ones. This guide covers all the tanks whose origin country is from BLUFOR block. Scopes: Fire Control System (M1A1/M1A2 Abrams series) BLUFOR Vanilla FCS (Merkava Mk.IV series) INDFOR Vanilla FCS (Leopard 2SG) Firing systems: Manual FCS adjusting (M1A1/M1A2 Abrams series) 1. Fire Control System (M1A1/M1A2 Abrams series) This scope is clean as a whistle. Only necessary information. So to fire properly gunner should: 1) Load a shell 2) Press “T” (or any button bound on “Lase target” action) to find range to target 3) Wait until "Ready to fire" box appears on the top left corner of the range digits 4) Point "o" thingy on target 5) Shoot Re-adjust scope every time you switch ammo type. Each shell has its own ballistics, including coax machine gun. Keep in mind that M240 coax has very high trajectory while firing on ranges over 900 meters. 2. BLUFOR Vanilla FCS (Merkava Mk.IV series) This vanilla stuff is pretty much self-explanatory. You have Aiming/Lasing point, the icon with your gun position relative to the hull and commander camera. Also, you will have a target speed if you are targeting a moving target. Cross on the reticle is aim point and a Rangefinder. So to fire properly gunner should: 1) Load a shell 2) Point cross thingy on target 3) Press “T” (or any button bound on “Lase target” action) to find range to target 4) Wait for FCS to calculate corrections and adjust scope - message "RDY" will appear on the right of the range digits. 5) Shoot Re-adjust scope every time you switch ammo type. Each shell has its own ballistics. 3. INDFOR Vanilla FCS (Leopard 2SG) There is no point to explain this scope since it is still vanilla scope with a minor difference. You have Aiming/Lasing point, the icon with your gun position relative to the hull and commander camera. Also, you will have a target speed if you are targeting a moving target. Cross on the reticle is aim point and a Rangefinder. So to fire properly gunner should: 1) Load a shell 2) Point cross thingy on target 3) Press “T” (or any button bound on “Lase target” action) to find range to target 4) Wait for FCS to calculate corrections and adjust scope - message "RDY" will appear on the right of the range digits. 5) Shoot Re-adjust scope every time you switch ammo type. Each shell has its own ballistics. Manual FCS adjusting (M1A1/M1A2 Abrams series) Abrams FCS can be also adjusted manually. You know, for long-range indirect fire, for example, or for the shooting over 3km. To do it gunner should press “B” and he’ll see this: As you can see there is not much going on. In Abrams, this panel adjusts only range. Press "Range" button, enter range with the digital keyboard, press "Enter" Voila. General difference from OPFOR panel - laser rangefinder will override this settings on next target lasing. Use this to range your gun on distances which aren't being reachable with laser.
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  11. Ban Guidelines

    Ban Guidelines The following image shows the most up to date ban guidelines that need to be followed by all staff members. These are only the most general cases; staff members will discuss any other case according to the rules.
  12. ARMA Rules

    ARMA Rules General ARMA sessions start at 7 PM local British time. First two missions of the evening are considered “main” missions. Always listen to orders given by superiors, unless that order will result in breaking the rules. No intentional discharge or throwing of throwable items in the spawn area during the briefing. * No intentional team killing. Leaving mid-mission while in an asset, leadership role or as Zeus is prohibited, without appropriate reasoning. All calendar missions are to be made at least three days before the intended mission day. Side chat is not to be used unless it is for technical issues. Meaningless drawings on the map are not allowed. Your in-game name must be the same as your TS name. Slotting Slots are non-reservable. They are first come, first serve. Main missions will be slotted following the tags procedure. Calendar missions can have asset/tag roles as reserved slots. FNGs are not allowed to join the server before being pulled into ARMA start room during main missions. Tags procedure should be taken as follows: Tagholders Regulars+ FNGs. During main missions, a slot may only be taken before it is called when requested by a trainer for evaluation or training. When attaching to a squad, you may only take on the role of a Rifleman. Assets Only Platoon Drone Operator or units designated by Platoon Lead can take drones. The Zeus decides what drone is available. Once you have played an asset for a mission, you will not be allowed to take that asset in the following mission. Assets include: Vehicle Crew Pilots Mortar Prophet NOTE; A tag holder can take a slot if no other tag holder wants it. If you have played the same asset for multiple days in a row, you lose the right of tag holder of that asset for that day. Zeus Zeuses for the two main missions are called out by an assigned member of staff one hour before the sessions start. People willing to Zeus must apply for a mission by: Notifying the assigned member of staff beforehand using FK platforms. Making a calendar event. Calendar events are only for heavy gear-restricted/thematic missions. Abusing calendar events for ensuring Zeus slot is prohibited. Only the following restrictions can be applied by Zeuses for non-calendar events: Medical system Unit tracking No Night Vision Equipment No GPS Ammo limits Zeus decides the side and assets for the platoon. Zeus is allowed to enforce a faction as which the platoon must play. It is prohibited to take a Zeus slot in an ongoing mission without permission from the main Zeus. General squads Stick to your given role. Stick with your squad, unless permission or instructions were given by the Squad Lead to do otherwise. (Lone Wolfing) When the briefing is being given, anyone not giving a briefing should not be heard at the briefing. Unless explicit permission has been given, only the following roles should be at the briefing: Platoon HQ Squad Leads Asset Leads Weapons/Additional Gear ** All players must take side- and role-specific weaponry. ** Weapons must not exceed 7.62mm calibre, except for shotgun and pistol calibres. Bolt action rifles and Anti-Material Rifles are not allowed. Prophet is exempt from this. ** Magazines with a capacity of 42 rounds or more are only to be used by Autorifleman. * Squads are allowed one DM at Squad Lead’s discretion. * Squads are allowed two UGL at Squad Lead’s discretion. Scope limitations are: Regular infantry is allowed up to 4x magnification. The Designated Marksman is allowed to take up to 12x magnification. Prophet can take any magnification. * Thermal vision scopes or goggles are not allowed. * Laser Designators are limited to Leadership roles. Explosive ammo for firearms and doomsday buckshot is not allowed. ** Rocket launchers are limited to Rifleman (LAT) and Rifleman. * The following combinations of rocket launchers are allowed: Up to three LAT-Launchers. (LAT is a single shot launcher) Up to one AA/ MAT/HAT-launcher with up to 1+3 rockets. (MAT is regular reloadable launchers and HAT is lock-on AT) Clothing Platoon decides the camouflage or uniform used by all squads. If Zeus has specified a faction, the platoon must take a camo of that faction. ** Helmets, vests and backpacks have to fit the camo and role. Squad leaders are allowed to enforce types of helmets, vests and backpacks, given they fit the camo. Non-protective headgear may be taken at your own risk. Mission Uploading Missions must be thoroughly tested before being submitted. Missions must be submitted through GitLab. Missions must be thoroughly tested on the testing server by at least two mission testers, before pushing it to the main server. Missions must be tested and approved before a calendar post may be approved. Rules marked with * can be overruled at Zeus’ discretion with the intent of improving the mission. Rules marked with ** can only be relaxed by Zeus.
  13. Minecraft Rules

    Please reference here for the Minecraft rules:
  14. Staff and Ban Rules

    Staff Rules General All staff members are to follow all rules at any time. Every incident has to be viewed objectively. If this is not possible, the staff member should not involve themselves. Abuse of powers will result in dismissal from the staff team. All incidents and bans are to be logged in their appropriate forum sections. Server Administrators Must report all changes made in the appropriate forum sections. Must inform other staff members of any changes that are not of interest to the public. Community Managers Meetings are mandatory and must be attended until the chairperson concludes the meeting. The inability to join a meeting or attend it fully must be communicated before the start of the meeting. If there is no majority presence possible, the meeting must be rescheduled. Forums are to be used for discussions; meetings should only be used to come to conclusions. Have to respond to bans pending review within 24 hours. Moderators May not hand out bans longer than 24 hours. Are to inform Community Managers when a ban requires review for possible extension. Ban Rules All bans must follow the guidelines. Repeat offences increase the ban length. If there is no guideline for an infraction, an agreement on the ban has to be reached by at least three members of staff. Any ban not following the ban report format is invalid. Any ban enforced without trying to talk to all parties involved is invalid. Any attempt to evade a ban, be it by lying or leaving, will worsen the punishment. A ban dispute may only be posted in the ban disputes section. Trying to circumvent a ban will result in a permanent ban. The Strike System Each ban is associated with a temporary or permanent warning point(s) on the forum. When a member has two warning points, they are on their last warning. Getting a third warning point means an immediate permanent ban. Warning points given for a ban that is overturned will be revoked.
  15. Forum, Teamspeak and Discord Rules

    Forum Rules Posting adult content is forbidden. Having multiple accounts is forbidden. Explicit content in your avatar or profile picture is forbidden. Overly large fonts or walls of repeating characters are considered spam. Excessive usage of @mentions is considered spam. Posting malicious links is forbidden. Make sure there are no existing posts on the subject you want to be answered before making a post. Any Think Tank member that talks to a non-Think Tank member about Think Tank topics will be removed from the Think Tank. Teamspeak Rules All Forum rules apply to Teamspeak. All members should have working microphones. Mic spam, mass pokes and constantly switching rooms is forbidden. Soundboards and music may be played if no one in the room opposes it. Advertising streams is forbidden in the ARMA area. Don’t use inappropriate names. Don’t use the usernames of other members without consent. Discord Rules All Forum and Teamspeak rules apply to Discord.
  16. General Rules

    General Rules All these rules apply to all official FK platforms, servers and events. A new member of the community must be 16 years or older. English is the official language for all FK platforms. While playing on any FK server, presence on the Teamspeak is required. Any form of spam is not allowed. Don’t openly argue with other members in a destructive manner. Show respect to all members of FK. Members are not allowed to “Backseat Admin” — Please report or contact a member of staff. Reports without any clear evidence or without a rule being broken may not entail consequences. Witch-hunting or provoking is seen as toxic behaviour. Don’t post personal information, share private communication or make jokes at someone’s expense without consent. Any personal information or private communication shared with staff members will not be shared further without consent. Do not share any of the FK Server IPs or Passwords outside of our community, and do not say them aloud - Many people here stream our games. Advertising another gaming community is forbidden without consent from the CM team. Cheating or otherwise “gaming the system” to gain an advantage over others or to make mischief is forbidden.
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  18. Its been 4 months since this last update and an update on our costs and setup was long overdue. Over the past few weeks I have moved a lot of our servers to the cloud, both to reduce the time needed by me to maintain them but more importantly to cut on costs for the community. This was made possible by the introduction of a new cloud environment at our current hoster. Goal changes: The original plan was to use the goals to determine what servers you wanted to keep alive. However it failed to account for the extra costs introduced in the terms of paypal fees. I will keep the separate goals in place for transparency reasons, however the overall monthly goal will be used to determine if we need to shed ourselves of costly servers. What do we have: A lot in this section has changed, one of the major changes was the migration to a cloud setup. This means I can now separate the costs for FK and myself as I no longer share hardware between the two. So lets do a breakdown of what we have at this moment. We currently own 2 dedicated servers, these are: ARMA #1 - €55,-/month (The main arma server) ARMA #2 - €55,-/month (he test/second arma server) The ARMA engine still does not like to be run on virtual hardware, and there for these servers will most likely remain for a while. All our other servers are now cloud servers and they are priced as follows: Web server #1 - €6,-/month (The main website) Web server #2 - €6,-/month (Test site and gitlab runner, used for compiling missions/templates) Teamspeak - €6,-/month (TS3 server and music bot) These prices have dropped significantly from our previous costs. Observant people will have noticed there is 2 things missing from this list, the minecraft and mail servers. The reason for that is that I have moved them to specialized hosters as they where costing me to much time to maintain and configure. Mail server - €5,-/month Minecraft server - €23,-/month As you can see the minecraft server has gone up in price significantly. However in return we get more choices in ready to go mod packs as well as an easier to setup server. This will hopefully translate into a faster rotation of mod packs to keep the interest higher. License costs: Originally we were using an old license for our website. Support on this license had expired and therefore renewal was needed. In total this currently adds another €10,-/month for the website. We also pay for the admin panel for our ArmA servers, this costs €25,-/year. Breaking down to €2,08/month, for sanity reasons I rounded this down to €2,- in the goal. Donation methods: I know a lot of people have asked for other ways to donate, sadly Paypal is the only viable gateway we can use. This is mostly due to the fact that other gateways do not payout transactions until a certain threshold has been reached. Rainy day fund: After the last update we got a few large donations, this means that we once again have extra funds. I will bring this up with the CM's to see if we will reinstate the "Rainy day fund" or if we will find some other use for it that benefits the community. To keep our finances as transparent as possible the CM's have access to a spreadsheet with all our payments and income. I will also be looking at ways to give them a real time view into server costs and other expenses. Finishing notes: Overall our monthly expense went up by 3 euro's. A minimal increase considering the fact that the minecraft server doubled in cost and we added a musicbot for TS. This overview also does not list the temporary cards against humanity server we host while the original version suffers from some technical issues.
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