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As the following for star Citizen is quite strong, I want to get a small/medium size fleet op going with a few games iv wanted to try out for ages. 

I plan to start at 17:00 with whoever turns up, 

if its just a hand full of people we will simply fly about together doing missions, 

however, if we get 10+ people the two games I want to try are as follows 

defend the Satelite,
fleet splits into two teams one defense one offense, the objective is simple the defending team has to the stop the attacking team from turning off the comm sat 

attack the station
Again the fleet splits into two teams except this time we are attacking the PVP flagged station rules are simple whoever secures the center of the station after 30 minutes wins.

the games will go on as long as people want to play for     

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I honestly don't really know anything about Star Citizen. I was thinking of buying it for this event but I'm not quite sure...


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Due to my new flat not having working internet I won't be able to run this event. However that is no reason you guys can't pile into crusade together and try the above.

So I look forward to hearing the results and some what up set I can't make it and sorry for letting you guys down sadly I can't make BT show up to fix their screw up


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