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Next session aimed towards the new guys.  Just so people know I will cover the basics of an infantry man, that being said I tend to go in detail on certain jobs if there are people that want to be taught that. I will go over the key binds and how to properly use the mods. The topics are listed below and if there is anything you would like me to go over that is not there please send me a message so I can properly teach you on it.

  • Arsenal 101
  • ACE Medical and how to not die
  • Iron Sight Ranging 
  • Combat Stances
  • Short Range Radio


So with the TS3 move being on the 25th of March.

Any changes?


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From what I have been told there is no changes, however if a change does happen I will let everyone know as soon as I can.


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 Will be attending as regular, feel free to ask me if you want me as demonstrating-assistant during the introduction.

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1 hour ago, Frankasaurus Rex said:

What TS channel do you expect us to be in by the way?

 Pretty sure it's General Training.


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