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Event details

Regs+ only
RSVP is capped at 2 (TWO) due to how much will need to be taught and it's only fair that regulars+ get the priority for this as they've been waiting longer. I will most likely NOT bring in any extras. Leave your name in the comments if you want but do not expect to be brought in unless there is a no-show; I will allow ten minutes past the start time if you're running late before I give a place away to someone else.  It is highly recommended you have at least a basic understanding of how to use the 82mm Rangetable, either through reading the Mortar Guide or going through the paces on your own in the editor/server.

Topics covered:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Basic Long Range Communications & Fire Missions
  • Equipment (Types of mortar and the gear to use one effectively)
  • Operating the mortar (Ranging, Calculating, Understanding)
  • 82mm Rangetable


  1. Theoretical stuff
  2. Take turns as Gunner and LOADER, firing at targets indicated
  3. Work together as Gunner and Assistant to carry out fire missions (Can count as exam if requested, otherwise can schedule one at a later date)

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@Veagance  I'd highly suggest you read the post before clicking accept, namely the stuff in bold. If you would kindly remove yourself from the event.


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