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  • 21 May 2017 14:00 - 21 May 2017 16:00

    This session is aimed towards newer players as I will be going over the basics being a foot solider. Topics are listed below. Keep in mind that for the medic training I will only be going over the very basics and what we have enabled on the server right now. This will change if we start to use advance medical, but until then I will not be going over that material. Anyone is welcomed to join in, but if you do intend to join in this session please RSVP. This is so I can expect how many people will be coming and what I will need to be prepared for. A good example of this is if I get enough people interested in this session, I will look for a Zeus that would be okay with helping me with launcher training as people seem to really enjoy it when I do it. Again if people want me to go over something that I normally do not or want me to go in greater detail on certain topics, please either message me or post below. Also with the number of attendants I will be limiting these sessions to twice a month, unless there is a demand for certain days or certain time zones. Looking forward to another session. 
    Arsenal 101 ACE Medical and how to not die Iron Sight Ranging  Combat Stances Short Range Radio

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