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    • NeilZar

      ACE Placeables   16/02/18

      The mod ACE Placeables is now officially banned! Anyone that has it running will be asked to disable it; Anyone seen using it will be banned!
  • Sarissa

    This week at FK! Week of 06/03/2017

    Whoo-wee guys have we got some exciting this this week!

    On Friday Virus is gitting us gud with his second PVP mission. Lock 'n loadaruu!

    Two individual instances of training this week - Netheral is hosting some more SL/PltHQ training on Thursday 9th. Be a true RTS gamer.

    On Saturday the 11th, Slouchy is taking more FNGs through their paces with his Simple Sessions. Become a bona-fide badass here.

    On top of that, Woody is planning to host some Unsung mod Vietnam missions - we have 1 Zeus template & some scripted missions ready to rock! Grab your Steel Pot & your M16 and get ready to do some Zippo raids!


    We're still holding our FK Merch design competition - get your designs posted up here!

    Starting next week, I will be grabbing some of your awesome posts to feature here too; but for now :

    Sarissa awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Edited by Sarissa

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