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    • NeilZar

      ACE Placeables   16/02/18

      The mod ACE Placeables is now officially banned! Anyone that has it running will be asked to disable it; Anyone seen using it will be banned!
    • Rorkiy

      FK ARMA 3 Unit   19/02/18

      We recently went through the members of FK's ARMA 3 unit and did a little cleanup of the members. People who basically haven't been on in a long time etc were removed from the unit as the number of people in the unit started messing it up to the point where changes weren't being saved. However, some of you may have been wrongfully removed as the system in place is not exactly the best (literally the page wouldn't update sometimes when removing people so it may have removed the wrong person when removing the next person etc), or you may have a different name there to your given name. If you find that you have been removed and think it is in error, just make another application using the password.
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  • greybeardralph

    New Moderators: now live!


    Hello Everyone!

    After a time of exactly soon(tm), the moderator rank is now live on both Teamspeak and the forums!


    The list of moderators (still the same as in the announcement meeting report):

    1. Benji/Winters
    2. Andyt90
    3. Forked
    4. Zenthar
    5. Rezonath
    6. Servok
    7. BigT
    8. TimberHawk
    9. Chuck Yeager
    10. Anden3
    11. Vados

    Hope to see you on the battlefield

    Your friendly neighbourhood staff team.

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