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  • mrrbatty

    Meet Luigi: A robot one of our community members helped to create

    Say hello to Luigi, a robot who our very own @Brelf helped create, and who has now been selected to represent Europe in a world championship! 

    So here's Brelf to talk a bit about it!


    Five other students from my school and I have, at the start of the school year, formed a team to compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). The goal is to create a robot that can complete many different tasks on a playing field. The more, the merrier, because for each task completed our team scores points. Every match consists of two parts: a 30 seconds autonomous period, where we initialize a program and cannot drive the robot ourselves, and a 2 minute driving period, where we use two controllers to drive the robot around the field.

    For the past seven months we have been working hard to create a robot, our estimated count of hours lying above 80 per person already. We build from scratch, so the hardware and software is completely configured by our own hands. Halfway December we received a message from the American FTC organization: we had been chosen to represent Europe in the World Championships. We could not be any prouder. So, in late April we and two other teams from Europe are flying to Detroit, USA, to compete against 144 other teams from all over the world.


    I attached a few pictures of our robot, which we named Lazy Uninformed Information Guidance Intelligence, or for short: LUIGI. (Someone came up with the name and it stuck). It uses a phone to communicate with the controllers and scan pictures, a colour sensor on a short arm, and a lifting system to stack blocks. It’s a lot of work, but it pays off whenever we win another match. The whole process has been an amazing experience already. Our robot is doing incredibly well in all the scrimmages (unofficial matches) we’ve competed in so far, and we are super excited for the World Championships in America.

    If you would like to help support this team in their path to the world championships, drop @Brelf a message on the forums!

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    Posted (edited)

    0/10, doesn't have a severed head on it. 

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    Needs more pointy bits to increase fear and a nice friendly cyberdyne logo instead of "Rev Robotics"

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    We wanted Weegie back, but I guess this'll have to do. 

    Best of luck at the championships @Brelf, that's kick ass! 

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    Which of the letters in FIRST stands for another acronym?

    Also good yob, now get back here and make me Bralfo 2iC again.

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    My brother does this too over here in NA. his regionals are in 2 weeks and his team has a good shot at making it to the world championship too. He's in FRC though instead of FTC. Good luck @Brelf!!

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    @Brelf Is this an FTC bot? My team is going to our next competition this Friday and Saturday.

    @mrrbattyI would love to pimp my teams robot since brelf got to show off her's.

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    Taylor Patton


    Needs two m240s on the sides tbh. 


    In all honesty, really cool, and the best of luck on the championship!

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