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  • Sarissa

    This week at FK! Week of 27/02/2017

    Oh boy, look forward to this weekly update that I'll probably get disenfranchised with after 2 days!

    So what have we got coming up these next 7 days? Why, a whole lotta training of course!

    On Thursday, March 2nd Netheral will be teaching you the basics of SL & PltHQ operations! More info here

    On Saturday, March 4th I'll be teaching some of you how to be a do-gooding medical hero! Read my fabulous description here

    And immediately following my training (that's also on Sat, Mar 4) Netheral is hosting more crazy shenannigans at the Great FK Festival Vol. 2! Oh boy!

    And let's not forget our brand new players; Slouchy has you covered on Sunday, March 5th. He's hosting another of his Simple Sessions so you can learn to be a Suave Operator! SuperSlick.


    That's all for this week, check back soon for another glimpse into my broken psyche!

    Sarissa, awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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