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    • Sarissa

      SERVER SHUTDOWNS   17/11/17

      Due to lack of donations & interest, the following servers will be shut down over the coming days.  SPACE ENGINEERS / MINECRAFT / GARRY'S MOD / BLACKWAKE / SQUAD I'd also like to remind everyone that the Arma Servers, Website & TeamSpeak all cost money to host. If we cannot afford to keep them up, then they will eventually be shut down.
  • Mavy

    Squad Weekend

    For the past few weeks I have been pondering about setting up a Squad server for FK and what better excuse than a free weekend on steam.

    The Event:

    The full event is explained on the squad website. In short, starting next Thursday people can play squad for free or buy it at a 50% discount. To test if there is interest within FK to play this game more often I have setup a public server. I will also create 1 or 2 events on the calender so people can show their interest for a specific night. I will also create dedicated TS rooms that people can use while in the game.

    The Server:

    I have setup a server as a trail, it can be found on "squad.fkservers.eu:27165". The server will remain online for at least 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I will review the interest and the costs so we can decide if we keep it.

    Let us know what you think about Squad in the comments and hopefully we will see you in the battlefield!

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    Squad is a good game, basically Arma, but way less setup needed and a bit smoother. However this also means it is way more simplistic, so this might turn some of the tryhards away *Insert joke about milsim here*

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    Squads gunplay is a faster pace, less setup required but solid teamwork is key to squad

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    i cant get arma to work for the death of me so im super down


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    FK Squad server, bring it on!
    This is bound to be amazing, the game is not as complex as Arma or "sandboxy" but it is solid.

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