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  • Mavy

    Server admin passwords

    Over the past few days it has come to my attention that there has been a fair amount of abuse from people with the server admin passwords. Of course this is undesirable behavior and in the future I will hold a zero tolerance attitude towards this.

    I have changed the passwords for all the servers and from now on the following rules are in effect for them:

    • From now on the admin passwords will be handed out to a limited amount of people, if you feel you need the password you can contact one of the community managers.
    • Only take an admin slot if asked by one of the community managers, or if the server is empty (for testing missions etc).
    • If asked by a community manager to leave the slot do so without asking questions, you having that password does not give you any right to the admin slot.
    • Do not go afk without leaving the admin slot. You have logged into a slot of ultimate power, act responsible and log out of it before leaving.
    • Do not abuse your powers! Only use your powers when a rule is broken, that means no kicking to settle a grudge.

    Failing to follow these rules will result in an instant ban from admin powers without right for appeal!



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