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    • NeilZar

      ARMA 3 Mods   11/01/18

      I have noticed a lot of people are still running old or unneeded mods. A lot of people are running Werthles's Headless Modules, which we don't use anymore! A lot of people are also running stuff like CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles, SMA Weapons, and many other mods. Please look at your mod list and unload any that are not in use on the server! Stuff like JSRS, Dynasound, Blastcore and other mods that don't add items/change gameplay are allowed, so no worries there. But things like cheat mods, mods that add weapons/uniforms/vehicles and anything else that affects the gameplay should be unloaded. It will improve your loading time, and you will get fewer people screaming at you.
  • Mavy

    Repository update 3.0 (rev 23-25)


    • Updated abramia to 1.8
    • Updated ace to 3.9
    • Updated Alive to
    • Updated Ares to 0.0.6
    • Updated CBA to
    • Updated CUP_Terrains_Core to 1.3
    • Updated CUP_Terrains_Maps to 1.3
    • Updated IFA3Lite to v17 - 2017-03-07
    • Updated Isladuala to 3.66
    • Updated lingor to 3.8
    • Updated RHSAFRF to
    • Updated RHSGREF to
    • Updated RHSUSAF to
    • Updated Shacktac to
    • Updated ZADE BOC to 1.1.1
    • Deleted FA18X_Black_Wasp

    This is a 16GB update, be prepared and start it well in advance!

    Edited by Mavy

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