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    • Sarissa

      SERVER SHUTDOWNS   17/11/17

      Due to lack of donations & interest, the following servers will be shut down over the coming days.  SPACE ENGINEERS / MINECRAFT / GARRY'S MOD / BLACKWAKE / SQUAD I'd also like to remind everyone that the Arma Servers, Website & TeamSpeak all cost money to host. If we cannot afford to keep them up, then they will eventually be shut down.
  • NeilZar

    Mod Updates

    Some of the mods we use have been updated, so we are upgrading the ones on our server to their newest versions.


    • Ares Achilles
    • F-18E/F Super Hornet 

    Estimated update size: 91MB

    Note: You will still be able to play on the servers if you don't update these two mods to the latest version.

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