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    An update on Rules & Attitude

    The Community
    After getting feedback from community members, we have updated our rules after a few weeks of drafts. We would also want to remind people about behaviour and respect towards other community members.
    We've made the rules a little more straightforward and thus made it a little easier to have a bit of fun, so there's a link at the bottom of this post to the updated rules, woop! These rules have been changed in an effort to be a bit less intimidating to FNG's, make ArmA more enjoyable, and to go hand-in-hand with this reminder about people's general behaviour.
    I will start in stressing that we all play ArmA for fun. Nobody should find it a chore, annoying or generally a game you don't want to play. We're starting to notice feedback from community members that the general gameplay attitude in ArmA has gotten a little too serious for a lot of people and thus is impacting their enjoyment. We ask that everyone keep in mind their attitude in every game they play, we're all here to have fun. Not everyone is a master at ArmA- heck, some people may be playing for their first time ever! That doesn't mean you shun them- talk to them, load them up with the right gear, have a bit of a laugh about how your squad is ultimately going to get obliterated! And generally, don't start yelling at people because they're slow, or missed a shot, or weren't quick enough bandaging you or whatever reasons you have. There will be another game. Another respawn. It's not the end of the world! If everyone's a bit more relaxed, everyone's likely to enjoy our games more, and FK as a community will stay appealing to both the old guard and the new guys (You were new, once!).
    So please don't scream at people. Or yell, or get into arguments. That's not enjoyable, for you, other parties, anyone around you. You wouldn't treat someone like this in real life, so why do it here? The community manager team always has time for things like this. If you want to yell at someone, talk to us about them after a match in our lounge where we can talk it out. Don't yell at them mid game. That's just a dick move.
    So take a step back and remember that a lot of us enjoy the occasional fucking around when the time is right, the funny quips, misfires, shitting yourself and running from a BTR, whatever happened. This is what the community was founded on, and how it should stay.
    At the same time, of course people have issues, if someone is being a dick, or misbehaving, please come tell us and we can take action. We want the game to be fun for everyone. 
    Check out the post here about the revisions.
    And as always, FK loves you all. Let's show the community some love back. 

    This week at FK! Week of 27/02/2017

    Oh boy, look forward to this weekly update that I'll probably get disenfranchised with after 2 days!
    So what have we got coming up these next 7 days? Why, a whole lotta training of course!
    On Thursday, March 2nd Netheral will be teaching you the basics of SL & PltHQ operations! More info here
    On Saturday, March 4th I'll be teaching some of you how to be a do-gooding medical hero! Read my fabulous description here
    And immediately following my training (that's also on Sat, Mar 4) Netheral is hosting more crazy shenannigans at the Great FK Festival Vol. 2! Oh boy!
    And let's not forget our brand new players; Slouchy has you covered on Sunday, March 5th. He's hosting another of his Simple Sessions so you can learn to be a Suave Operator! SuperSlick.
    That's all for this week, check back soon for another glimpse into my broken psyche!
    Sarissa, awaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Changes to the Rank system

    After multiple meetings; the CM's & Admin Team have decided upon some changes to the Rank system; including how we intend the ranks to be treated.
    The rank system is not meant for use in ArmA in any way. It is purely meant to show the rank of someone within our community. To aid with the rank system we are also introducing a Prestige Rank system to the forum. Prestige can be earned via gaining reputation. It can be awarded by Veterans, Community Managers & the Admin Team.
    The new rank to be introduced is the veteran rank, it is a rank intended for long standing and valuable members of our community. As the veterans themselves help choose the veterans we CMs & Admin Team will get the ball rolling by selecting a first group of people.
    Read more on the new rank and the old ones here.
    Over the next few days, we will be announcing the first of the FK Veterans. But before we do feel free to leave feedback and tell us how you feel about this new rank.

    Community design contest!

    So as you've all probably seen we've already had a poll up for a few weeks asking people what types of clothing they'd like to buy in FK style. 
    Now on to the next step- what do we put on them? Find out more here.

    Website & TS3 Integration

    As most of you are aware, I have updated the website over the past few days. The reason we wanted to upgrade was the ability to integrate the website with teamspeak. With the upgrade completed I now have time to explain what this means for you guys.
    What has changed on the website?:
    Not a lot. The theme/skin might look different here and there, but in its core the website has not changed at all from a user point of view. However on the back end there have been a lot of performance and security improvements that you all benefit from.
    Access your teamspeak tags from anywhere:
    The TS integration allow us to link your TS tags to your website rank. This means that if you have your TS uuid configured on the website you will automatically get the corresponding tags on TS. If you have multiple devices you can link all the uuid's on the website to access your tags from anywhere without having to bother a CM or Admin for help.
    Currently we have no way of knowing who belongs to what group, this means that initially when adding your uuid your tag might be reset to fng. To have this fixed contact a CM or Admin so they can add you to the correct group.
    I have manually gone over the list of regulars on TS and given the ones I could find on the forums their regular tag. If you are still missing your tag contact a CM or Admin and give them the username you have used on the website.
    Where can I find the teamspeak settings?:
    The teamspeak settings are located under you account settings page (Click on your username in the top navigation bar top open the menu with the account settings option). The Teamspeak tab will allow you to add several uuid's, it will even explain where to find the uuid in teamspeak.
    Will the teamspeak tags be coming back?:
    Yes and No, we are working on expanding the current tags and ranks. However there are no plans to make the specialist tags return. The new ranks will have clear requirements and expectations that are being finalized as I write this. So expect more news on that sooner rather then later.
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