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    The Division 2 Clan

    So with the release of The Division 2 and a few of us playing the Game an FK Clan has been created for ease of members getting groups together. So "what are Clans?" you may ask. Here's a quick description.


    Some people have already been asking about it and should have Invites sent to them already, if you are interested in joining there are a few ways to get invite's to can do 1 of the following:

    1. PM MulletShock(Clan Commander) on the Forums or Discord.
    2. Ask in the Division 2 Thread on the Forums Here.
    3. Tag Mullet with your Uplay Name in the Misc Games channel on Discord.
    4. Ask someone already in the Clan for an invite.

    For more information ask Mulletshock, and also here is a more in-depth video as to what the Clan can bring to the game:



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    I wonder if clans are cross platform, cause my PC is absolute dogshite

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    Conga Line of Neckbeards


    Answered in the forums Division 2 section, but apparently no. 

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