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    ESM Arma 3 Tournament

    Electronic Sports Masters is an organisation that plans and creates Tournaments for Arma 3 and other games in the Bohemia library. In October, they are hosting an Open Tournament for 8 Teams. We've been invited to take part in this Open Tournament. This was organised between myself and @Trinoc, so you can really thank him for this opportunity! The four matches are taking place on the 13th and 14th of October and we need your help to finish our team. Each team consists of 6 players, and we want 3 reserve players.
    So far, the team consists of :

    1. Sarissa (Team Manager - Not Playing)
    2. Trinoc (Team Leader)
    3. Neilzar
    4. Vericht
    5. OPEN
    6. OPEN
    7. OPEN


    1. OPEN
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN

    If you want to take part, we need to know by the end of this week. The first match takes place at 19:30 CET. 

    Other teams in the Tournament are

    This is how the match-ups look :


    And yes, this does mean our first match will be against the Bohemia Dev Squad!

    I'd like to close this by reminding everyone that this is a friendly Tournament, and our goal here is to introduce ourselves and basically have a good time. So, if you want to take part then please, comment here! We'll look through all the applicants and announce the team on Sunday.

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    I'd love to take part, if there's any role or help needed I'd be happy to put some time into this. 😸

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    Posted (edited)

    I'd be so down! Count me in!

    Edit: I'm actually so excited for this.

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    I'd really love to take a reserve slot aswell, if it's possible of course.


    Who would have thought that those rumors were real?! So cool! Big thanks to @Trinocand @Sarissa for making this kind of tournament happen.

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    Yeah if theres anything open i'll be up for taking it, thats a saturday and sunday so i have the days off

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    Posted (edited)

    I'm willing to partake but know it'll probably mean nothing in this actual mountain of other requests. 

    Preferred to be on main roster but reserve or not getting a slot at all is k i guess.

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