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    Donation Drive

    Well guys, it's time again to ask for a little help with the server upkeep.
    As you all are undoubtedly aware; @greybeardralph works pretty much alone to keep all of our games servers, the TS, the website and the repo up and running so you can get some quality enjoyment out of your spare time with the rest of us. 
    Sadly, as much as I'd love it to be untrue, all of these servers require a fee to keep them operational. Both Mavy and Greybeard have worked out server upkeep costs, and we ask for €350 a month to keep everything working for you.
    Now I hate asking for money, it's just not in my nature. But we have over 2000 members on the forum, and routinely have over 150 on the TS. If all 150 of you donated just €2.30 we'd hit our target in no time. If all of you donated €5; we'd be able to pay for the servers for 2 and a half months.
    Now I know that not everyone can afford to donate every month; as most of you are aware I'm kinda strapped for cash right now. But those of you that can spare a little; please, help us keep FK as glorious a clusterfuck as it is.
    Thanks for your time,

    FKBranded - FK Merchandise

    Today sees the official launch of the FKBranded Merchandise store. This is the culmination of our design contest entries; complete with a few other products you are able to order and have delivered at your leisure.
    To check out the FKBranded store, visit this link.
    There is a possibility of ordering a Hoodie with your own chosen text printed on as well, for an increased price. To do this, head to this thread, tell us what you want on the item and Sarissa will make an order once per month.

    Mod Updates

    Some of the mods we use have been updated, so we are upgrading the ones on our server to their newest versions.
    Ares Achilles F-18E/F Super Hornet  Estimated update size: 91MB
    Note: You will still be able to play on the servers if you don't update these two mods to the latest version.

    REPO UPDATE - 22/05/2017

    This update will be enforced on the server on the 23rd May.
    Map Celle 2 Map Bozcaada ACR NIArsenal Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Rappelling Advanced Towing TF-47 Launchers MNP Updated:
    ACE 3 Alive Ares Achilles CBA Update is 1.1 GB (approximate)
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