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    As most of you are aware, the ArmA-Repo we use is currently offline. While Mavy was fixing some issues, we had a community member try and connect to the repo despite being told not to. He ignored our commands, circumvented an IP-ban, searched for a loophole and basicly leaked critical FK-information on a public non-FK channel. This is a very serious breach of privacy, an active defiance of admin/CM orders and completely against everything FK stands for.
    As a result of the leak, we have decided to bring down the repo for the time being to fix the issues caused by these actions. This means the repo will be down the entire weekend and no official ArmA-sessions will be played until further notice. For his defiance of the admin/CM team and the leaking of critical information on a public NON-FK channel, the instigator called 'Pretmaker' has been banned from any and all FK-related services.
    We take the privacy and security of all FK members very seriously. People trying to circumvent this safety will not be tolerated.
    We want to thank Linnet for reporting this grave issue to us. We encourage people who experience similar situations that (could) bring damage to FK to report this as soon as possible to a CM/Admin.
    You can read Linnet's explanation in this thread.
    We want to take this opportunity to tell People they SHOULD NOT feel like they will be shunned if they were to "snitch" so to speak, because, quite frankly, they're doing the rest of the community a favour. If you are one of those people who start shunning others for openly reporting persons for stuff they shouldn't be doing, then you're honestly no better than the people who are being dickheads and/or breaking/circumventing rules. It shouldn't matter if said person is your friend. If you keep quiet about this, the community as a whole will become stagnant as little things build up and eventually collapse under the combined weight of these issues. If you see someone else has reported your friend for being a dickhead, don't be a dickhead yourself and start shunning that person and/or getting others to shun them.
    To wrap it up, don't be afraid to openly report any infractions to the CMs/Admins or even Vets to get them to pass it up to us. The Anonymous Feedback system is still there if you feel afraid of backlash from the community, or at least from a small group of people, but we would much prefer if this became a community where the community itself is not afraid to report people for things that they shouldn't be doing. If we find out that anyone is being a dickhead or shunning people for "snitching", they will be dealt with harshly! We want people to be able to bring their issues out in public where we can have a civil discussion about it. Remember though, if you post an issue, make sure to provide valid points supporting your claims! 

    By Mavy, in Server news,

    Just wanted to give you guys an update on the repo status.
    I have pushed the new repo to our servers, yes servers!, the new update is about 7GB due to an issue called RHS. To help deal with the larger amounts of players I have added a second server to "balance" the load between the 2. Note how balance is in quotes, this is because it does not actually balance the load. A server gets picked at random everytime you connect to the repo.
    The reason the update is once again several gigabytes is because RHS decided to include an update script in their latest version. Sadly however the servers that contain the updates did not actually get updated. As a result our repo now contained an older version of RHS then before. We never ran into this issue because RHS used to upload their mods to several other sites. However as of 4.2.1 they started using the workshop. Instead I opted to use said script with this disastrous result.
    I am still having some difficulty with the new repo, however as soon as those are resolved I will bring the repo back online.
    As we feared, we've run into a few snags with the launch of the 64-bit client. As such,
    We will resume regular gameplay once we have our fixes ready. This will mean another repo update, but it will hopefully remain a small one.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Updated abramia to 1.8 Updated ace to 3.9 Updated Alive to Updated Ares to 0.0.6 Updated CBA to Updated CUP_Terrains_Core to 1.3 Updated CUP_Terrains_Maps to 1.3 Updated IFA3Lite to v17 - 2017-03-07 Updated Isladuala to 3.66 Updated lingor to 3.8 Updated RHSAFRF to Updated RHSGREF to Updated RHSUSAF to Updated Shacktac to Updated ZADE BOC to 1.1.1 Deleted FA18X_Black_Wasp This is a 16GB update, be prepared and start it well in advance!
    Whoo-wee guys have we got some exciting this this week!
    On Friday Virus is gitting us gud with his second PVP mission. Lock 'n loadaruu!
    Two individual instances of training this week - Netheral is hosting some more SL/PltHQ training on Thursday 9th. Be a true RTS gamer.
    On Saturday the 11th, Slouchy is taking more FNGs through their paces with his Simple Sessions. Become a bona-fide badass here.
    On top of that, Woody is planning to host some Unsung mod Vietnam missions - we have 1 Zeus template & some scripted missions ready to rock! Grab your Steel Pot & your M16 and get ready to do some Zippo raids!
    We're still holding our FK Merch design competition - get your designs posted up here!
    Starting next week, I will be grabbing some of your awesome posts to feature here too; but for now :
    Sarissa awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
    Earlier this week we introduced a new rank for our community, the veteran rank. Today we are announcing the first list of people we, the CM & Admin teams, would like to promote to this rank.
    We stated at the introduction that Veterans are people who have gone above & beyond the call of a regular. And with the amount of regulars we have it was a tough choice to make a first selection. After much deliberation we have come to an agreement that the first veterans will be, in no particular order:
    Callistano Slouchy Orc SM- lemuel1 TobiWan anden3 Spartacus Congratulations chaps, we hope you will do the rank honour and our community proud!
    Of course we don't want to leave anyone out, but even we don't know everything that goes on in our community, for this reason we have set up a section on the forums where you guys & girls can suggest veterans we might have forgotten. We will then put his or her name on the list to be discussed during our weekly meetings.
    The Community
    After getting feedback from community members, we have updated our rules after a few weeks of drafts. We would also want to remind people about behaviour and respect towards other community members.
    We've made the rules a little more straightforward and thus made it a little easier to have a bit of fun, so there's a link at the bottom of this post to the updated rules, woop! These rules have been changed in an effort to be a bit less intimidating to FNG's, make ArmA more enjoyable, and to go hand-in-hand with this reminder about people's general behaviour.
    I will start in stressing that we all play ArmA for fun. Nobody should find it a chore, annoying or generally a game you don't want to play. We're starting to notice feedback from community members that the general gameplay attitude in ArmA has gotten a little too serious for a lot of people and thus is impacting their enjoyment. We ask that everyone keep in mind their attitude in every game they play, we're all here to have fun. Not everyone is a master at ArmA- heck, some people may be playing for their first time ever! That doesn't mean you shun them- talk to them, load them up with the right gear, have a bit of a laugh about how your squad is ultimately going to get obliterated! And generally, don't start yelling at people because they're slow, or missed a shot, or weren't quick enough bandaging you or whatever reasons you have. There will be another game. Another respawn. It's not the end of the world! If everyone's a bit more relaxed, everyone's likely to enjoy our games more, and FK as a community will stay appealing to both the old guard and the new guys (You were new, once!).
    So please don't scream at people. Or yell, or get into arguments. That's not enjoyable, for you, other parties, anyone around you. You wouldn't treat someone like this in real life, so why do it here? The community manager team always has time for things like this. If you want to yell at someone, talk to us about them after a match in our lounge where we can talk it out. Don't yell at them mid game. That's just a dick move.
    So take a step back and remember that a lot of us enjoy the occasional fucking around when the time is right, the funny quips, misfires, shitting yourself and running from a BTR, whatever happened. This is what the community was founded on, and how it should stay.
    At the same time, of course people have issues, if someone is being a dick, or misbehaving, please come tell us and we can take action. We want the game to be fun for everyone. 
    Check out the post here about the revisions.
    And as always, FK loves you all. Let's show the community some love back.