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    REPO UPDATE - 22/05/2017

    This update will be enforced on the server on the 23rd May.
    Map Celle 2 Map Bozcaada ACR NIArsenal Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Rappelling Advanced Towing TF-47 Launchers MNP Updated:
    ACE 3 Alive Ares Achilles CBA Update is 1.1 GB (approximate)

    Training Guides are now Live!

    In preparation for the upcoming Tag system, our new Trainers have created a series of simple guides to give you some basic information you should read before any and all training takes place.
    You can read the guides via our new Guides button, or click the link here.
    This is not a start to tags and training - this is preparation only.

    On Lenny's demotion

    As you may have noticed in the meeting report Lenny has been demoted. I'd like to give a bit of information as to why this happened.

    When mavy chose to step down, I said my main priority was to stabilise what we have, and the transfer, and then regain focus on our ongoing projects. Parts of this transfer can be seen in the addition of the think-tank, as well as the upcoming new CM's.

    Another part of this stabilising was telling the community managers what I believed to be person specific problems for each, given I'd seen enough of their actions and behaviour to make a constructive claim. The plan with this was to allow them to either defend these problems, convincing the CM team that it is either not the case or will be improved.

    There was no lack of effort to attempt this from Lenny, and I informed him this meeting that I originally wanted to demote him today, but wanted to give him until next Saturday for fairness. I also informed him that that his points up until now were not in the right direction.

    Upon hearing this, Lenny requested to be demoted today instead.
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