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    We're always looking for feedback on us, members of the community, squad leaders, et cetera. Whilst we all know we don't argue with superiors on the battlefield, that doesn't mean we don't want to hear about them if they've done something wrong after the mission! So we've decided to add a completely anonymous feedback thread for community members to be able to submit to, if they want to tell us something about another member of the community. It's completely anonymous, only you and the community managers are able to see your post, nobody else. (and although we, the CM's, can see your post, this doesn't mean we are exempt from feedback, feel free to provide it to us)
    Feedback can be about general behavior, not following the rules, badmouthing people... but we would also greatly appreciate feedback around our Squadleaders/Platoonleaders and other important roles on the battlefield! These people are largely responsible for the enjoyment of the mission, so if you see someone in a role not performing so well, tell us and we can help him improve on that aspect.
    Of Course you can always use this platform to leave some positive feedback behind as well! We don't only want to be the bringers of bad news... we like some good news as well
    So please, we encourage you to tell us about anyone or anything that's bothering/pleasing you, and we'll pass it on, without mentioning your name. 
    Feedback thread here! Try and create one thread per issue so we can reply to your thread.
    Teamspeak Etiquette:
    Described below are the only reasons you should need to talk in the start room. Please think long and hard before deciding to talk. 
    It has come to our attention the last few days about the way people have behaved, especially in the ARMA start room, pre and post-mission.  We discussed these problems during the latest meeting and wanted to tell the community about the way things are going to be for now on. Whilst not set rules, this general 'etiquette' should be followed or you will be disciplined, possibly even without a warning.
    Everyone should understand that our ARMA start room regularly contains over 50 people. They cannot all talk over each other. 5 people cannot talk over each other. 2 people cannot. One person needs to talk at a time. Whilst you may think that you have something important to say, the other 50 people do also. So unless you are Platoon, Zeus, or a community manager, please do not talk during slotting in to squads. Unless you are part of the very select people mentioned previously, you should not have any reason to talk. Bar the occasional squad lead question, but ask yourself; 
    "Is this really a question I can't have answered once the game has started?" As well, Zeus decides what assets are available for this mission. This doesn't mean asking for you to go in a specific asset slot they didn't already mention, such as Prophet. If Zeus mentions two helicopter assets for example, and they are taken, you slot in to infantry, you can try again next game for an asset slot, or pull aside a community manager if you feel someone has been in a slot too much, etc.
    Next, moving around slots. This is never up to squad leads, squad members, this is solely a decision made by Zeus, Platoon and Community managers. CM's will only involve themselves to ensure squads are balanced and filled correctly, the rest is up to Platoon and Zeus to decide if specific people or squads do specific things.
    Asset squads are similar, that Zeus will declare their assets for the mission, and people will be slotted. You do not need to talk during this process unless you are both in the slot and have a valid question such as 'Is it a two seater jet?'  or  'Is it an armed little bird?'.
    Similarly after the mission, we do not need to hear about your experience. We will very soon have a forum dedicated to glorious stories of battle to rejoice in. Having 50 people describe their experience would take hours. 
    Please have a read of Panda's discussion here and feel free to contribute. This describes well the issues we have behaviours and our thoughts on it. Remember that we spend a lot of our time dealing with the community that we could spend enjoying ARMA, other games, or lord knows what else. Instead we have to deal with the issues people raise, some of which can be easily avoided if people take consideration to other people around them, community managers, and themselves. We don't want to ban you as much as you don't want to be banned yourself. As as always, be respectful of others, especially your Community Managers, and the rules of our community. 
    And to remind everyone, we posses the power to easily remove anyone disrupting the community, for however long we see fit. Don't think you can get away with things, or are 'special' for whatever reason, or that you just plainly 'don't care'. Please respect the rules and other people, and everyone can have the best time here with FK.
    Thank you for reading.
    As promised by me earlier this week I would release a breakdown of server cost and how I calculated them. 
    What do we have:
    First lets start with a breakdown of what we/I own, lets start with the easy stuff. There are currently 3 machines that are dedicated to FK activities, these are:
    A3sync/Repo server - €10,-/month TS3 server - €10,-/month ARMA server - €60,-/month These are easy because these machines are dedicated to FK. The rest of our machines are hosted in combination with some of my other virtual machines, these are:
    Web server - €5,-/month Mail server - €5,-/month Wargame server - €5,-/month Minecraft server - €35,-/month These 4 servers are hosted on 2 dedicated machines I use for testing and some private stuff. Since they are shared I wanted a good way to share the costs between myself and the FK community.
    Breakdown of the costs:
    The 2 servers that I use to host from both have 8 cores, 32GB ram and several TB of storage. Each host costs €70,- making a total of 16 cores and 64GB ram for €140,-/month. I have decided to base the costs on the ram usage, ram is not shared between the different virtual machines so any ram used by FK machines is unavailable for my machines.
    Dividing these makes a cost of €2,19/month per GB, I have rounded this up to €2,50/month for all but the minecraft server (I too enjoy a beer for effort). With these costs now clear we can set a new goal on the donations page.
    New upkeep goal:
    With all these numbers the new monthly server cost will be set to €130,-/month. The new goal will be €150,-/month, this will allow us to build some extra cash to buy among others a teamspeak license.