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    The Moderator Team Grows

    It's been an eventful few weeks, with the release of the Tonks DLC, our glorious adoption of glorious Mother Russia :^), the "Just ARMA things" of tonk vs Humvee in the UO-FK TvT Joint Op that was fated to crash mid-mission I mean, Neil was on the server, what did you expect?, and the upcoming modset change tomorrow, where we say goodbye to some old faithfuls like Lingor, Abramia, Duala, and say hello to some new (and old) faces in Diyala and Panthera amongst other changes. 
    Throughout these past few weeks though, we've also had something else going on that you might have missed. It wasn't anything important, just Moderator applications. From the moment we opened up the form to apply for Moderator, to when we went "Pls no, NotLikeThis, too many applications" and closed it, we received 50 applications from people who want to step up and help give back to the community. (Well, 51. You'll see what I mean.) Some were extensive, like, very long, and very well written. Others, not so much.

    I mean, look at that. How lazy is that? I should ban this guy. :^)
    Totally wasn't a test submission to make sure the form + thread making worked.
    We in the staff team would like to thank all those who applied and we appreciate their drive and desire to help give back to the community. It wasn't easy coming to a final decision on who we would be adding. There were a lot of good applications and there were good arguments for (and obviously had to have some against) a lot of the people who applied. But in the end, it doesn't even mat- wait no. I mean, in the end, there can be only one... Or six.
    As such, I regret to inform you all that the following six intellectually challenged members have decided to consign their souls and sanity to the depths of FK, to spend the rest of their days growing more and more insane as they try to keep the peace in this special place. But hey, at least they get a cool blue badge on Teamspeak. Going in alphabetical order:
    @Dezree @Dragosphere @gadsada @Silberjojo @Sinderi @TheMinion May we all press F to pay respects.
    Of course, with the promotion of Sinderi, we are also pleased to announce that all new members must pass the rite of passage in the Blood Pool as their initiation, and that the Blood Pool is now an official FK Platform!...Not...Yet. :^)
    That being said, I hope you all join me in welcoming them to the staff team and let's at least give them a month before we all make them reconsider their life choices, shall we? :> If you ever have any problems or issues that need resolving, don't be afraid to approach any of these members or current staff members, we're always around to help. Just don't ask Sarissa for Tech Advice, or Batty for dating advice. You'll probably just end up knowing even less, or getting catfished respectively. :>
    With all that said and done, hope you all have a good day/night/twilight/Nether/End/dimension/whatever random place or time you're at and we'll see you all in places. So area, much web, many connect. Wow.
    & the FK staff team.

    May Military History - Hill 937, "Hamburger Hill", May 1969

    This is going to be a semi-regular topic that will be appearing on the front page in which I will do small write ups of actions in military history. The eagle-eyed among you may have already spotted, this article will be on the infamous battle of Hill 937, more famously known as Hamburger Hill. I'm gonna talk about the historical action, and then give examples and ideas as to how this could be used in Arma.
    The battle was fought as part of Operation Apache Snow during the Vietnam War, between May 10th and May 20th. The objective of Apache Snow was to locate, fix and destroy North Vietnamese Army bases in the remote A Shau Valley. Apache Snow was a large operation, as the A Shau was decidedly owned by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces and provided a corridor for supply and retreat from South Vietnam into Laos - part of the successful Ho Chi Minh Trail.
    To ensure success in sweeping the valley, the Military Assistance Command - Vietnam (overall command centre of Allied and ARVN units) dedicated 2 infantry divisions, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnamese) 1st Infantry Division and the American 101st Airborne Division. The 101st had previous combat experience with the A Shau and considered it to be a "valley of death". When orders were cut for them to return to the A Shau, morale in the 101st plummeted.
    Hill 937 was named as such by the American forces in Vietnam, following the tradition of naming elevated areas after their designated height on topographical maps. 937, dubbed 'Hamburger Hill' by the troops who fought there, is actually called Dong Ap Bia, or Ap Bia Mountain in Vietnamese. Only sitting 1.2 miles (1.9km) from the Laotion border; if fortified the mountain could have disrupted the NVA and VC resupply routes through the A Shau valley dramatically. There was one major obstical blocking the 101st from this goal, the 7th and 8th Battalions of the 29th NVA Regiment, some 800 men.
    The unlucky few sent to secure the hilltop, were the men of the 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne. In later actions, support came from the 3rd Regiment, 1st Infantry ARVN; 3rd Squadron, 5th Cavalry US and the 9th Marine Regiment US.

    937 was surrounded by a range of ridges, called the Annamite range. The mountain itself is actually unconnected to this raised ground, meaning that the only way to the top is by forcing your way up the steep sides, metre by metre along the thin and snaky ridges and peaks which extend from the peak to the valley floor.
    The terrain on the mountain is nearly inhospitable. Triple-canopy jungle limits landing zones, and once on the mountain itself there are dense thickets of bamboo and thick concentrations of elephant grass, which sometimes "stood taller than an M113".
    Confounding these tricky conditions, the men of the 101st had to deal with a mountain that had connected trenches and bunkers - almost the entire mountain had been fortified by the NVA. Prior to the assault, the US forces were not aware of how deeply entrenched the NVA were in the A Shau, but they expected a fight. As such, the Order of Battle was pretty hefty for an operation in Vietnam.
    Operation Apache Snow had 3 Infantry Battalions of the 101st assigned to it. The 3rd Brigade, commanded by Colonel Joseph Conmy, consisted of the following : 
    3rd Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Weldon Honeycutt 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. Robert German 1st Battalion, 206th Parachute Infantry Regiment, commanded by Lt. Col. John Bowers 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, ARVN 4th Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, ARVN COMNY'S PLAN

    Comny's plan was a fairly simple one, he ordered the supporting 5th Cavalry and 9th Marines to block the valley in South Vietnam and begin pushing towards the Laotian border in an attempt to flush out the NVA. Meanwhile, the 5 Infantry Battalions under his command were airlifted into the Valley on May 10th, attempting to block any escape route into Laos while pushing back towards the 5th Cavalry & 9th Marines. The hope was to trap fleeing NVA forces between the deployments in a classic hammer and anvil strategy.
    The members of the 29th NVA Regiment had other ideas. They instead kept themselves secured within the safety of their fortifications on Hill 937, sending out small probing patrols to keep the US infantry busy.

    I found this on google, it is not me. Photograph shows one of the NVA Bunkers

    Now for the meat of this article, the battle itself.
    The 101st saw limited contact from the day they landed, May 10th, 1969. Sporadic firefights with minute numbers of NVA regulars led the commanders to believe that the plan was working. As such, the men of the 101st pushed onwards towards Hill 937. The men of the 3rd Battalion, 187th led the way onto the Northern slopes of the mountain and began to encounter the first set of defences. Comny decided to surround the Vietnamese by lifting Bravo Company, 2nd Bn, 501 PIR to the Southern slopes of 937. From there, the troops pushed Northwards, encountering a mess of interconnected defensive positions occupied by a stubborn and dedicated foe. With the terrain proving to be more of an enemy than an ally, the men of Bravo Company found themselves alone until the 15th May.
    Meanwhile, the 3rd Bn, 187th, tried to break the deadlock by conducting a multi-company assault to the North on the days of the 14th and 15th. The attempt encurred heavy losses, with the US forces managing to secure a few dozen meters a day and having to withdraw at night. The morale of the men on the ground was being drained rapidly with their base camps becoming full of medical evac cases waiting for Medevac choppers to make it through the withering AA fire to extract them.
    It was around this time that the decision was made to hit the hilltop with Napalm, an effort to strip the NVA of their hiding places. While the devastation was severe, the NVA troops weathered the aerial bombardment in carefully constructed bunkers.
    On May 18th, the order was given for a co-ordinated assault on the hilltop from both sides. Both the 1/506th and the 3/187th pushed against the NVA defenders. Delta Company, 3/187th managed to get within 75 meters of the summit but got bogged down in intense fighting, sometimes with troops engaging each other within 20 meters. Delta took a heavy beating, severe casualties forcing them ultimately to withdraw. The order was eventually given for the 3/187th to be released from the battle and brought back to their basecamp. The 3rd Battalion, 187th suffered 320 killed or wounded, including 2 company commanders and 12 platoon leaders.
    On May 20th, the final assault began. 2 Fresh battalions (2nd, 501st & ARVN 2nd, 3rd Infantry) assaulted the hilltop at 10:00 hours. The attack was proceeded by 2 hours of CAS strikes and 90 minutes of Artillery Bombardment. Despite this heavy "prepping", the NVA defenders managed to defend the hilltop for another 7 hours, finally losing control at 17:00.
    After the battle, a token US force was deployed to hold the hill and block NVA resupply from Laos. This, however, was not to last. On June 5th, Operation Apache Snow concluded, and Hamburger Hill was abandoned. An unconfirmed amount of NVA troops managed to withdraw to Laos, and the 29th Regiment returned shortly after, re-capturing Hill 937. In all, the 10 day battle cost the US 72 KIA and 372 Wounded. It cost the US 19,213 rounds of artillery, 890 tons of bombs and 115 tons of Napalm to take a Hilltop that would ultimately be abandoned.
    Hamburger Hill has a bunch of ideas to be used in Arma, not just assaulting a Hill. If you want to explore possibilities, read up on Operation Apache Snow, but here's one idea for the final assault on May 20th.
    Map: Tanoa
    Objective: The Comms Bravo Outpost
    Hostiles: INDFOR Nationalist Militia

    The Comms Bravo area gives you a nice hilltop to allow you to place bunkers and AA (though I reccomend only using ZU or DshKs), and has a nice commanding view of the surrounding Jungle. You can easily place bunkers of units in defensive positions on the approaches to the hilltop, forcing the players to fight their way to the summit. This is the sort of scenario which could be quite easily operated by one zeus and also gives the option for adding jets to the player side - I recommend the A-10 with a full GBU load. 
    I'd reccomend against adding armour into this mission, as in reality it's shitty conditions for any tanks to operate in. If you want to break from history a little, you could throw some M113s in to see how a Mech platoon operates with tracked APCs pushing the hilltop. 

    I hope you enjoyed the article!

    Arma 3 Modset Update

    It has been four months since the last modset update and we need to breathe some new life into it. We have this time chosen to not add any new gear mods, but we focussed on maps and FW mods. The first server will be changed to the new modset on the 7th of May. Until that time, if you are curious about some of the new jets or maps, you are free to check it all out on the second server. NOTE! The second server is already set to the new modset.
    Important note on VCOM and Serverside mods: 
    One big change compared to the previous modset is the use of serverside mods. Serverside mods do not need to be added locally to be functional and will therefore not be included in the collection or the preset document. This also counts for VCOMAI. If you want to Zeus using VCOM AI, you can run it locally. But if you don't want the AI to use VCOM, don't enable VCOM on startup. The AI will only use VCOM if you run it yourself as the Zeus, or they will use another AI mod like bCombat or ASR3 if you got that loaded. VCOM being loaded on the server means that only scripted missions will have VCOM enabled by default. If you make a scripted mission, there are certain things you can do to stop VCOMAI being used in the missions. For more information on that, you can ask in the #arma_editor channel on discord, or check the VCOM AI mod page.
    This is the full changelog:
    ALiVE CLA CLAFGHAN (included in PROMODS) Isla Abramia Isla Duala Lingor+Dingor Island MBG Buildings 3 MBG Celle 2 TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms F16 Fighting Falcon TO BE ADDED
    Deniland Advanced Towing (serverside) Advanced Rappelling (serverside) Advanced Urban Rappelling (serverside) Island Panthera AV-8B Harrier FA-18 Super Hornet Sabs Su-34 Fullback GOS Al-Rayak GOS Gunkizli Diyala Tembelan Island SU35 Flanker PROMODS Vehicle on Fire (serverside) TO BE CHANGED
    VCOMAI (serverside)  

    New hot releases!

    Well, today is a great day! Two quite impressive games got released today, both of them are made by very experienced developers teams and totally should get your attention!
    So let's roll with the first one:
    Firstly, let me mention how the developers describe their creation:

    "Frostpunk is a brand-new title from the creators of This War of Mine. It’s a society survival game that asks what people are capable of when pushed to the brink of extinction. In an entirely frozen world, people develop steam-powered technology to oppose the overwhelming cold. The city’s ruler has to manage both the citizens and the infrastructure they live in. The leader’s tactical skills face challenges that will frequently question the morality and the basic foundations of what we consider organized society. Optimization and resource management often clash with empathy and thoughtful decision-making. While city and society management will consume most of the ruler’s time, at some point exploration of the outside world is necessary to understand its history and present state."
    If you were a fan of the tycoon-survival games, like Rimworld or This War of Mine, this "Siberia simulator" should definitely pull some of your strings.
    You can check other info on the Steam-store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/323190/
    Next one is the well-known universe, which probably older than the majority of the community =)
    Next one is the well-known universe, which is older than the majority of this community =D

    From original BATTLETECH/MechWarrior creator Jordan Weisman and the developers of the award-winning Shadowrun Returns series comes the next-generation of turn-based tactical 'Mech combat. 

    The year is 3025 and the galaxy is trapped in a cycle of perpetual war, fought by noble houses with enormous, mechanized combat vehicles called BattleMechs. Take command of your own mercenary outfit of 'Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war. Upgrade your starfaring base of operations, negotiate mercenary contracts with feudal lords, repair and maintain your stable of aging BattleMechs, and execute devastating combat tactics to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.
    So, this is a great turn-based game by the people, who are really know how to make a good turn-based action-RPG, especially with the story, written by the same guy who had written a lot of original Battletech novellas.
    You can check other info on the Steam-store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/637090/

    FK & UO Joint Op - Operation ***

    Fuck Knows has been invited by United Operations to play a couple of TvT missions. Operation *** will consist of two TvT missions where FK and UO will team up in combined platoons and have some fun. This means that each side will consist of both FK and UO members, working together to defeat the other side. 
    Both missions will take place on Chernarus, but they are not related. The first mission has 58 slots reserved for FK; the second mission has 53 slots reserved for FK. These are the slots that are reserved for FK. Anyone that is not able to get a slot reserved for them can still try and get a slot on the day. Any slots open on the day will be divided among the people that show up.
    Tags are enforced for all slots, meaning that anyone asking for those slots without tags will not get the reservation. There is a special privilege for Squad Leaders; they are allowed to form their squad once they have been assigned the role. To reserve slots in your squad for members you want in your squad; you only need to send me a message with the list of people you want and which slot you want them in. If you decide not to use this privilege, I will assign people signing up to your squad.
    Following will be a short overview of the missions, a full briefing will be available on the event day.
    Mission One
    The first mission will have the BLUFOR defending around Berezino against the OPFOR attack.
    The BLUFOR Red Platoon consists of 6 HMMWVs and acts as the platoon leader for the BLUFOR. The Eagle Squads are under direct command of Red Platoon. Falcon and Hammer are under the command of Red Platoon as well. The Hammer Mortar element will have access to the M6 BAF mortars.
    The OPFOR Sokol Company consists of two Platoons. Each element has access to a BTR or a T72B tank. The Company HQ element consists of the Commander and Sergeant, an RTO, two Medics and the BTR Crew. Each Platoon consists of a Platoon HQ element and three identical squads. The Platoon HQ has along with the Leader and Sergeant a Marksman and an AR team. Each vehicle has an AI Driver module that can be used, in case there is no player driver, to drive around.
    Mission Two
    Mission two will have the INDFOR insurgents defending around Chernogorsk against the OPFOR attack. OPFOR has shelled Cherno to hell and OPFOR will have to clear the ruins of the town of the remaining INDFOR hiding in the destroyed city.
    The INDFOR consists of three different groups of 5 maneuver teams. Each group has two AT teams, one Marksman team, and one AR team. Sokol consists of one Company element with two Medic, two Platoon HQ elements with a marksman and an AR, and six squads. Each Platoon element consists of three identical Squads. 
    The OPFOR Anna Company consists of an identical company layout as Mission One. The only difference is the three T72Bs have been replaced by two ZSU23-4 Shilka's.
    Technical details, as well as the sign-up form, are available on the calendar event page.

    Отчет о встрече / Meeting Report April Fools

    This is the April Fools meeting report! For the actual report go here.

    "Коммунизм это лучшая жизнь для человека, а лучшая жизнь это материальные и духовные блага для человека. Поэтому только лишь лучшую жизнь, то что мы, коммунисты, называем коммунистическим обществом, мы можем трудом своим создать. Так давайте, товарищи, всё сделаем, чтобы сегодняшнее наше хорошо... чтобы завтрашнее ещё было лучше. Чтобы верным шагом, уверенной поступью двигаться самим, вести за собой товарищей. Чтобы вся Партия, весь народ под руководством нашей Партии, под знаменем Ленина уверенно двигались в строительстве коммунизма, к победе коммунизма!"
    Мы рады сообщить, что после долгих поисков, команда Коммьюнити менеджеров нашла способ сократить наши операционные расходы, а также улучшить производительность наших игровых серверов. Мы получили предожение от компании в России (которую мы не можем пока что назвать) разместить наши игровые сервера в их дата центре без дополнительных оплат за аренду серверной стойки. Мы получим более быстрое интернет-соединение и лучшую производительность. Нам придется платить только за техническую поддержку серверов, что положительно скажется на требуемую сумму пожертвований.
    Однако, это также означает что Русский язык теперь становится вторым оффициальным языком коммьюнити, так как наш спонсор ожидает, что это позволит привлечь игроков из СНГ и повысить популярность нашего коммьюнити. В связи с этим вскоре мы откроем курсы Русского языка для всех текущих членов сообщества. Также все отчеты о собрании коммьюнити-менеджров будут доступны на обоих языках. Ожидайте, что через пару дней форум изменится, поскольку мы изменим искусство на то, что было согласовано с российской компанией.
    We are pleased to announce that after a long search, the Community Management Team has found a way to reduce our operating costs, as well as improve the performance of our gaming servers. We received an offer from a company in Russia (we are not at liberty to disclose their name as of yet) to place our gaming servers in their data centre without additional fees for renting the server. We will get a faster Internet connection and better performance. We still will have to pay for the technical support of servers,  but it will positively affect the required amount of donations.
    However, it also means that the Russian language is now becoming the second official language of the community, as our sponsor expects that this will attract players from the CIS and increase the popularity of our community. In this regard, we will soon start giving Russian language courses for all current members of the community. Also, all meeting reports will now be available in both languages. Expect the forum to look a bit different in a couple of days as we change the art to something agreed upon with the Russian company.
    Чтобы обеспечить единообразие стила в сообществе, названия ролей персонала будут изменены. Роль Коммьюнити-менеджера теперь будут называться «Генеральный секретарь», а модератора - «Комиссар». Мы также обновим иконки на форуме и TS, чтобы отразить эти изменения. Новые названия никак не скажутся на рабочем процессе, привилегии и обязанности персонала останутся те же.
    To make sure the style is consistent, we will be changing the staff role names. Community managers will from now on be called "General Secretaries" and Moderators will be called "Commissars". We will also be changing the art on TS and the forums to reflect these changes. There will be no changes to the way we operate; we will still carry out the same tasks.
    Мы рады сообщить что мы возвращаем возможность минусовать сообщения других пользователей. Участники сообщества давно просили нас об этом и мы думаем что время для этого наконец настало. Минусование будет работать также как и остальная система кармы, никаких дополнительных действий не потребуется.
    We are happy to announce the return of the Downvote Button! People have asked a long time for it to return, and we thought the investment was the opportune time to reintroduce it. It will work just like the rest of the reaction system; there is no special button.
    Как  часть соглашения с нашим спонсором, все миссии теперь будут теперь ориентированы на оперирование войсками Российской Федерации / стран СНГ. Миссии войск стран НАТО будут разрешены только после обсуждения с коммьюнити-менеджерами. Также мы внесем некоторые изменения в список наших модов, чтобы облегчить эту задачу, но как мы упоминали ранее, все изменения списка модов будут сделаны после выхода обновления "Tanks DLC".
    As part of the agreement, from now on every regular mission will be required to be played on the Russian side. NATO missions will require permission from CM team. We also will be making a couple of changes to the modset to accommodate this, but as mentioned in the previous meeting report, those will wait until after the Tanks DLC.
    Чтобы отметить грядущие изменения, мы запускаем новую линейку сувенирной продукции от FK. Весь старый товар скоро исчезнет из магазина, чтобы освободить место для новых вещей. Поэтому убедитесь, что вы купили что-то из текущих товаров, потому что их больше не появится в продаже! Шапки-ушанки, стилизованные костюмы Adidas с тремя полосками и автоматы Калашникова. Также на данный момент комманда коммьюнити-менеджеров вместе с нашим спонсором ведет переговоры о создании своего бренда водки!
    To mark the coming changes, we are launching a new line of merch from FK. All the old goods will soon disappear from the store to make room for new things. So make sure that you bought something from the current goods because those will no longer be available! FK Ushanka-hats, stylized FK three-stripe Adidas jumpsuits, and FK Kalashnikov assault rifles. Also at the moment, the CM team together with our sponsor are negotiating to create its own brand of vodka! Stay tuned!
    В связи с возросшим количество жалоб на нарушения правил все баны становятся перманентными. Только лучшие из лучших достойны находится в нашем сообществе и мы не будем больше терпеть сознательное нарушение правил. Обжалование бана теперь будет возможно только после прохождения курса психологической коррекции в одном из учреждений ФСБ РФ, находящимся в центральной части Сибири. 
    Due to an increased number of complaints about violations of rules, all bans become permanent. Only the best of the best is worthy of being in our community, and we will no longer tolerate a conscious violation of the rules. Appealing the ban will only be possible after passing a course of psychological correction in one of the institutions of the Federal Security Service of Russia, located in central Syberia.
    Мы надеемся что вам все понравится в новом и улучшенном FK!
    We hope you will all enjoy your time in the new and improved FK!

    Meet Luigi: A robot one of our community members helped to create

    Say hello to Luigi, a robot who our very own @Brelf helped create, and who has now been selected to represent Europe in a world championship! 
    So here's Brelf to talk a bit about it!
    If you would like to help support this team in their path to the world championships, drop @Brelf a message on the forums!

    Costs and donations (February 2018)

    Its been 4 months since this last update and an update on our costs and setup was long overdue. Over the past few weeks I have moved a lot of our servers to the cloud, both to reduce the time needed by me to maintain them but more importantly to cut on costs for the community. This was made possible by the introduction of a new cloud environment at our current hoster.
    Goal changes:
    The original plan was to use the goals to determine what servers you wanted to keep alive. However it failed to account for the extra costs introduced in the terms of paypal fees. I will keep the separate goals in place for transparency reasons, however the overall monthly goal will be used to determine if we need to shed ourselves of costly servers.
    What do we have:
    A lot in this section has changed, one of the major changes was the migration to a cloud setup. This means I can now separate the costs for FK and myself as I no longer share hardware between the two.
    So lets do a breakdown of what we have at this moment. We currently own 2 dedicated servers, these are:
    ARMA #1 - €55,-/month (The main arma server) ARMA #2 - €55,-/month (he test/second arma server) The ARMA engine still does not like to be run on virtual hardware, and there for these servers will most likely remain for a while. All our other servers are now cloud servers and they are priced as follows:
    Web server #1 - €6,-/month (The main website) Web server #2 - €6,-/month (Test site and gitlab runner, used for compiling missions/templates) Teamspeak - €6,-/month (TS3 server and music bot) These prices have dropped significantly from our previous costs. Observant people will have noticed there is 2 things missing from this list, the minecraft and mail servers. The reason for that is that I have moved them to specialized hosters as they where costing me to much time to maintain and configure. 
    Mail server - €5,-/month Minecraft server - €23,-/month As you can see the minecraft server has gone up in price significantly. However in return we get more choices in ready to go mod packs as well as an easier to setup server. This will hopefully translate into a faster rotation of mod packs to keep the interest higher.
    License costs:
    Originally we were using an old license for our website. Support on this license had expired and therefore renewal was needed. In total this currently adds another €10,-/month for the website. We also pay for the admin panel for our ArmA servers, this costs €25,-/year. Breaking down to €2,08/month, for sanity reasons I rounded this down to €2,- in the goal.
    Donation methods:
    I know a lot of people have asked for other ways to donate, sadly Paypal is the only viable gateway we can use. This is mostly due to the fact that other gateways do not payout transactions until a certain threshold has been reached.
    Rainy day fund:
    After the last update we got a few large donations, this means that we once again have extra funds. I will bring this up with the CM's to see if we will reinstate the "Rainy day fund" or if we will find some other use for it that benefits the community. To keep our finances as transparent as possible the CM's have access to a spreadsheet with all our payments and income. I will also be looking at ways to give them a real time view into server costs and other expenses.
    Finishing notes:
    Overall our monthly expense went up by 3 euro's. A minimal increase considering the fact that the minecraft server doubled in cost and we added a musicbot for TS. This overview also does not list the temporary cards against humanity server we host while the original version suffers from some technical issues.

    Modset Changelog 01/01/18

    Well, call this a belated christmas present or a fresh start of the new year. But on the 1st of January, there will be a few changes to the modset. This post will list all changes that will happen to the main ARMA server on the 1st of January. You can already check these changes on the second server.
    NIArms All-in-One - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1208517358 F-16 Fighting Falcon - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=366423278 Extra RHS Uniform Retextures - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=916062070 (R.I.P. MNP) VCOM AI - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=721359761 TFAR 1.0 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894678801 Approx. download size of new mods: 2943MB
    F-15 Eagle - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=582478120 NIArms Core - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667454606 NIArms AR15 Rifles - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667396202 NIArms AK Rifles - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667352839 NIArms G3 Rifles - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667375637 NIArms G36 Rifles - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=594378620 NIArms P226 Pistols - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091513876 task_force_radio - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620019431 Werthles' Headless Module - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510031102 Size of the mods removed: 1550MB
    FK-ACE3 will update to ACE 3.12. Currently, the second server is running regular ace, not FK-ACE. Along with these changes come a few updates to the scripts, or better said, completely reworked scripts for the Zeus templates. Here is a list of the biggest and most important changes:
    Switch from BI Arsenal to ACE Arsenal. This new arsenal has easier blacklisting of items, so you can't take banned items. It also is more detailed and far superior to the BI arsenal. You access the ACE Arsenal by using your ace interaction key on the crate, instead of the action menu. CBA Settings. Now that ACE and TFAR have switched to using ACE settings, there is a lot that can be done during missions. The Zeus module to change ace medical settings has been removed; the admin can now change the CBA settings to enable and disable features, more than could be done before. Note that because of this, we will be renaming the TFR channels for the main and second server, so that the default TaskForceRadio channel will be for the local host and doesn't require you to change anything. TFAR. With TFAR 1.0, there come a few exciting changes. Most notably vehicle intercoms and radio towers, two additions that will be loved by tank/helicopter crews and platoons respectively. Another fun addition, AI-Hearing. This means that the AI will know when you are talking or receiving radio messages. So when the admin decides to enable this, you are fucked. Oh, and let's not forget that spectators can now hear the players on the ground. (and for the moment also the radios, but that should be fixed soon™) ACE 3.12. ACE arsenal as mentioned above is not the only change. There is now a renewed NVG system that is more realistic. Originally made by Shacktac, this adds more effects and makes NVGs less powerful. The settings for this have already been balanced so that the effects aren't as dramatic, but still present. General performance improvements. The whole structure of the scripts has been overhauled. Scripts are now running at more optimal moments, meaning that loading may be a bit faster for some people and there is less loading time overall. Staff members now also get some tools to see when someone got killed by a friendly, someone has non-whitelisted mods loaded or just to check on server performance. FULL UPDATED MODSET
    3CB BAF Equipment 3CB BAF Vehicles 3CB BAF Weapons ALiVE Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion BackpackOnChest Beards CBA_A3 CLA Clafghan CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - CWA CUP Terrains - Maps FK - ACE3 FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem) Isla Abramia Isla Duala Lingor+Dingor Island MBG Buildings 3 (Arma2 Legacy) MBG Celle 2 (Arma2 Legacy) Project OPFOR RHSAFRF RHSGREF RHSSAF RHSUSAF ShackTac User Interface TRYKs Multi-Play Uniforms NIArms All in One F-16 Fighting Falcon Extra RHS Uniform Retextures VCOM AI TFAR 1.0 Updated Modset size: 33780MB
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